Breast Implants Talk in London

Now that we are back to “normal” in terms of travel, it reminded me of a talk that Mr Lambe did in London back in 2018 about breast implant exchanges and how he had learned so much at those visits. Here’s a flashback to 2018 in London!

Teaching in London

I was honoured to be asked to attend a Masterclass in Breast surgery this week by Polytech and Q Medical where I was part of the faculty of esteemed Master Surgeons who were passing on their vast knowledge and experience by teaching a team of specialist Breast Surgeons and general Plastic Surgeons about the latest techniques and innovations in breast surgery.

The faculty consisted of Patrick Mallucci from South Kensington, London, Roy de Vita from Rome, Italy, Jonathan Staiano from Birmingham, UK, Jayeram Srinivasan from Preston, Lancashire and myself Gerard Lambe from South Manchester, UK.

Pictured here are Roy de Vita (Rome Surgeon), Patrick Malluci, Gerard Lambe, Kim Sherrington from Polytech, Jeyaram Srinivasan, Ivan from Q Medical

International Breast Surgeons

The gentlemen above are very well respected in the realm of breast surgery and are regarded as experts in their field.  They can reconstruct breasts from trauma such as in accidents or after a breast cancer diagnosis as well as helping women’s confidence to either improve or return their bodies to how they used to be before pregnancy and breastfeeding with a combination of a breast enlargement, breast uplift or even a breast reduction.

The conference was held at the Amba Hotel in Charing Cross, London and was exceptionally well run.

Patrick Mallucci is highly regarded and was talking about his principles for improving breast augmentation outcomes using his patented ICE technique and 55/45% ratio which after research, is purported to be the ideal proportions for women’s breasts.

Mr Srinivasan is a well recognised plastic surgery trainer and educator and works in Preston. I consider myself very fortunate to have been trained by him as part of my own surgical training and he is also passionate about all aspects of education as well as Breast surgery. I am fortunate to count him as both a Mentor and also a friend as he is my old Boss!

John Staiano runs a well respected clinic in the Midlands and was discussing the basics of marketing and polyurethane breast implants.

Roy de Vita has huge experience and runs a clinic in Rome that I have been fortunate enough to visit. He presented amazing results for patients who have risk-reducing mastectomies for breast cancer and how they can be safely reconstructed in one stage using Polyurethane implants in front of the muscle. This is a great technique as it maintains the normal anatomy of the breasts and supplements this method with a little fat grafting from other areas of the woman’s body to improve the overall natural result.

Textured Breast Implants

I was talking about the latest research into textured breast implants and this is a topic that is very much in and out a recurrent topic in the media with the recent Panorama investigation into medical breast implant devices but the subject is much more complicated than you would read in the media. All breast implants are different in how textures are used and how rough they are, all of which affect their properties in the body.

My second talk was on the complexities in breast surgery including providing second opinions and dealing with breast surgery that has gone wrong due to poor decision making by other breast surgeons either in the UK or abroad. 

Patients going abroad to have their surgery is becoming increasingly more common due to the low-cost option of having breast surgery in countries such as Turkey (popular with Instagram influencers) and has since been called cosmetic surgery tourism.

However, in general, the low cost of breast surgery (saving £300-£3000) is generally outweighed by the high risk of having cosmetic surgery abroad where the patient does not speak the language, there is no option of one or two consultations over time before the surgery and the patient typically meets their cosmetic surgeon on the day of their surgery to discuss what they would like in terms of results when the pressure is high to make a decision there and then, which I think you must agree, is not the ideal circumstances to make a life-changing decision about you and your body.

What also concerns me is the question of where any aftercare will be given to the patient should and when she needs it.  This has since become a political debate as increasing women (and men) go abroad, have botched surgery and then ask the NHS to correct these sometimes life-threatening or indeed life-changing procedures by foreign cosmetic surgeons who are often unaccountable for their mistakes!

Latest Breast Implants

Another important development discussed at the conference was the new and extended range of breast implants now becoming available.

A lot of my patients come to me for a breast implant exchange from other plastic surgeons who have placed breast implants that are too large and heavy for them.  I am happy to exchange their breast implants for them and the procedure is relatively straightforward in most patients.  You should have your breast implants placed either under the muscle, over the muscle or a combination of both, which I find is most pleasing to the eye and has the benefit of both types of placement, depending on your body shape, skin type and BMI. (See main image for details of sub-glandular, sub-pectoral and dual-plane placement).

If this sounds like you then, I would need to see you personally to assess your previous breast surgery and breast implants you have in and discuss how you would like to improve your breasts and provide you with full information on what surgery you would need, the breast enlargement price and what results you can expect.

Breast Surgery Complications

I was also discussing dealing with complications at the event. This is something that I am passionate about – educating junior plastic surgeons about the best techniques for reconstructions – as it can really help a cosmetic surgeon to grow by dealing with his own complications and when one is tasked with solving problems created by others. This is where plastic surgery was born and is where we are going back to!

The Q medical team are the distributors for Polytech breast implants which I use daily and they had a First Class team hosting the event. They are also very supportive of Professional Education events for Cosmetic Surgeons.

I met with their CEO Charlie Pillans afterwards and found out we have a shared love of live music as well as interests in achieving the very best in breast Implant surgery.

Apart from teaching at the event, I also learned a lot from the course as well, with much talk about the latest information on ALCL which is very very rare tumour that is associated with very roughly textured implants.

Through these specialist breast surgery events, we are able to keep everyone up to date on the very safest and best techniques in great breast surgery and I work to continually keep myself “abreast” (ahem) of the safest, best and most up to date techniques so that I can use these skills to give my patients the very best results in my practice!

Gerard Lambe
Plastic Surgeon
GMC No:4217987

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