Breast Surgery Training at Cronos Med Bucharest



Here at Reflect Clinic we are constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.  Gerard Lambe is constantly abreast (ahem!) of the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery and is very focused on breast surgery and new products such as the latest and best implants for our valued patients. Part of this is regular communication with the best international surgeons to swap tips and learn from each other about the best practices and best care for our patients.

Internationally Recognised Breast Surgeon

To this end, he enrolled on a masterclass of breast surgery in Bucharest, Romania, with Dr Constatin Stan who is an internationally recognised Surgeon and has designed his own unique type of breast implants in conjunction with Polytech (breast implant manufacturers).

It is the very first implant of it’s kind to use two types of gel and has a unique shape in order to create the most natural feel to the breast and to achieve an uplift (mastopexy) without the use of scars in selected cases. The two gels are arranged in a diagonal shape and there is a softer gel at the back of the implant to allow for the most natural movement of the breast on the chest wall. Then in the front of the breast implant there is a firmer gel that helps to create projection (ie to point the breast forward) and give a good shape to each breast, as well as to lift the nipple. The implant is part of the polyurethane range and these implants have a number of benefits.

Benefits of the New Breast Implants

They have a very low rate of capsular contracture when compared with any other type of implant. They also do not rotate or move so they, therefore, create a very stable long term shape to the breast. Because the tissue adheres to the surface of the breast implant it also allows drooping breast tissue to be lifted on to the implant.


State of the Art Clinic

Dr Constantin Stan has an amazing clinic with all of the latest technology allowing him to provide a first class service to his patients. The clinic is decorated in white and has a number of unique and interesting art works which all help to make the place look very aesthetically pleasing and feel very state of the art. He has two theatres that are equipped with the very latest audio visual equipment and allow him to broadcast the operations in detail and take questions from delegates while operating. I was able to observe 6 different types of breast surgery and also to join him in theatre. He showed his technique of internal breast uplifts using a combination of the diagon gel and sutures to hold the breast tissue up on to the implant.

New Techniques

He also has a meticulous technique and a very scientific and logical approach to the problems all Surgeons see when operating in the field of breast surgery and this helped to communicate his ideas clearly to an international audience of Surgeons from Greece, Czech Republic, France, Turkey and of course the UK. He also demonstrated the best way to use the implant introduction bag. This helps to introduce the implant seamlessly into the breast area as the surface makes it quite sticky and it also allows the implant position to be adjusted so that it is in the optimal position before removing the outer bag safely.

A shared problem of all Breast Surgeons is determining if a patient who has droopy breasts can be treated with shaped breast implants alone or if a mastopexy (uplift) and associated scars are going to be needed. Dr Constantin Stan demonstrated a test to work out which patients require a mastopexy and which can be treated with a breast implant alone.

The test is simple and can be done at home. If when you raise your arms above your head the nipple and the gland all raise above the fold of the breast then you can be treated with a breast implant alone but if either the nipple or gland are below the breast fold a breast lift (mastopexy) will be required. The fold is the area under the breast that your underwired bra would sit on if you wear one, ie the area that joins the breast to the chest.

Inspiring Breast Surgery

Mr Gerard Lambe really enjoyed his trip to Romania and on returning to the UK  he said of Dr Constantin Stan

It was an honour to meet such a great Surgeon and one who is a true innovator in the field of breast surgery. I have come back both regenerated and inspired!


As a result of the course, we are now offering the full range of Polytech implants including the Diagon gel range which we believe provide the best results for our patients.

If you are interested, then please get in touch by calling Jayne on 01613933993 (office hours) or via our contact form (any time).

More information about Dr Constantin Stan can be found here.