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Case Studies > Anna's breast implant exchange

My Breast Implant Exchange

Patient Case Study

OCCUPATION: Interior Designer

LIVES: Prestbury

HOBBIES: Walking, socialising

AGE: 69

COSMETIC SURGERY: Breast reduction with breast implant exchange

Patient Answers

1 Why did you have this surgery?

eg How did you feel about your body before the surgery and did this affect your confidence? I felt that my breasts were too big and had too much droop.

2 What research did you do prior to booking?

I phoned three other clinics who did not have the same level of interest as Jayne.

3 How did you feel after booking your consultation with Jayne?

I felt confident that I would have a brilliant service from start to finish.

4 What questions did you have at your consultation?

Just questioned in detail the finished shape and size.

5 How did you feel after your consultation with Mr Lambe?

Felt 100% confident I had found the perfect cosmetic surgeon, easy to talk to and inspiring confidence.

6 Any tips for anyone thinking of having this surgery?

Yes, look no further and call Jayne.

7 How was your recovery? What did you expect and how was it different?

Recovery was very quick and no problems.

8 How was your aftercare experience? What really helped?

Jayne communicated on a daily basis initially and weekly after the first couple of weeks.

9 What do you think of your results?

Brilliant, scars are minimal, virtually non-existent and the shape is perfect.

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