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Case Studies > Denise's mummy makeover experience

My Mummy Makeover Experience

Patient Case Study


LIVES: Manchester

AGE: 33

Denise’s Mummy Makeover Answers

Why did you have this cosmetic surgery?

eg how did you feel about your body before your cosmetic surgery and did this affect your confidence? My body changed massively after having three children. Excess skin, stretch marks and my breasts were never as they used to be. Ultimately, this affected my confidence for years. I would feel uncomfortable in particular outfits or getting dressed/undressed in front of my husband. I have not worn a bikini in 13 years, with my overall body confidence feeling uncomfortable.

What research did you do prior to booking?

I researched Reflect Clinic’s services for the last 13 years, looking at clinics and plastic surgeons online. I have explored the good and bad stories online, away from Reflect Clinic. Accessing the Reflect Clinic YouTube page allowed me to see the company and its work, whilst observing hundreds of before and after pictures on the website.

How did you feel after booking your consultation?

I was very excited to be consulted and wanted the Mummy Makeover appointment to come sooner! Jayne (Clinic Manager) was very friendly and informative and put me at ease – I knew I wanted to proceed with the procedure after this friendly service!

What questions did you have at your consultation?

My questions for Reflect Clinic was mainly about the anaesthetic and the amount of time I would be asleep during the procedure. I had other questions about the size of the breast implants I wanted and what would be more suitable for my frame. Mr Lambe uses superior technology where you can see what you will look like after the procedure, which massively helped.

How did you feel after your consultation?

After the consultation with Mr Lambe, I felt excited and could not wait to get the appointment date for the procedure. Mr Lambe is very knowledgeable, but most importantly, he puts your mind at ease and made me feel like I was in safe hands.

Any tips for anyone thinking of having mummy makeover surgery?

I would ensure that you follow all the aftercare instructions. I was nowhere near as bad as what I expected post-operation. My Mummy Makeover recovery was quick, and I did not have a massive amount of pain. I understand everyone heals and recovers differently, but I would say it is not as bad as what you think it will be. If I had known this years ago, I would have gone ahead with the procedure.

How was your recovery? What did you expect, and how was it different?

My Mummy Makeover recovery could not have gone any better. It is uncomfortable standing and sleeping for weeks, but it is not constant, excruciating pain. I was shocked at how well I felt afterwards. My quick Mummy Makeover recovery meant I was off pain medication by the second week.

How was your after care experience? What helped?

The aftercare experience could not be any better. Jayne is kind enough to ring and message to check-in, and there is always an instant response if I have any questions.

What do you think of your results? 

I am currently nine weeks post-operation, and I could not be happier with the results. My boobs look natural and are perfect for my body shape and size. My tummy is flat, and I have fewer stretch marks with an overall fantastic look. It is not perfect yet, but it does take time for everything to settle; I am at a point where I can wear fitted clothing, shorter tops and feel comfortable in underwear.

How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

I am a much happier and more confident person in my appearance. It is the best decision I have ever made.   To see our range of services, including our Mummy Makeover results, visit our procedures page or call us on 07434 572794!

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