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Case Studies > Tanya's tummy tuck experience

My Tummy Tuck Experience

1 Why did you have this Tummy Tuck surgery?

I had this Tummy Tuck surgery as I hated my stomach after having two C-sections. After this, I had an overhang, my skin had become very saggy, and I had some fat above my hips like a roll.

2 What research did you do before booking?

I had been looking at people’s operations for years, watching television and other media outlets. I found out someone I knew had the process from Reflect Clinic, and they showed me the results, which were so impressive that I went with Dr Lambe.

3 How did you feel after booking your consultation with Jayne?

I was very excited as I was finally making the step to fixing something about myself that I had hated for over ten years. Jayne was very supportive, and we discussed what would be covered in the consultation. Her knowledge of how to cope after the surgery was very helpful in helping me with the procedure.

4 What questions did you have at your consultation?

I asked the following questions:
  • What would work for me?
  • What scarring would I have?
  • What results could I expect?

5 How did you feel after your consultation with Mr Lambe?

I felt excited and knew that Dr Lambe would be able to achieve a result that I would be happy with. I knew I would go ahead with the surgery as soon as I met him.

6 Any tips for anyone thinking of having this surgery?

I would explore the surgery option and what it could do for you and not wait for years as I did. I advise anyone interested to make a list of questions and ensure you have family around to support you during the process.

7 How was your recovery? What did you expect, and how was it different?

Recovery was quicker than I expected. I spoke to Jayne and followed the letter and the advice I was given. This has meant I have recovered quicker than expected, and the scarring has been whiter than anticipated.

8 How was your aftercare experience? What helped?

When going through my aftercare experience. I found the following very helpful:
  • Jayne is available for questions.
  • Seeing Dr Lambe after surgery.
  • Building up slowly to going back to every day/reality.

9 What do you think of your results?

I love the results, and I am only eight weeks post-op and pretty much back to normal. The scarring has been less than expected, and my belly button looks better than before! I know the scarring will continue to approve, and I love that my muscles are repaired. I cannot wait to return to training and doing sit-ups to get better results

10 How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

I feel confident about my body more. I cannot wait to wear a bikini and underwear where my flat stomach can be seen! To see our range of services, including our Tummy Tuck services, visit our procedures page or call us on 07434 572794!

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