Cosmetic Surgery and the Zoom Boom! – Zoom Virtual Consulations

Lockdown has seen the emergence of the ‘Zoom boom’ as now, more than ever, patients are looking at themselves more closely as they now have the time to do so, as we take stock of our lives and contemplate what we really want and what we would really like to improve in order to make the most out of our life. For us it’s seen a hige increase in Virtual Consultaions instead of our traditional face to face meetings.

The realisation of the freedom we once had, and how it has been taken away from us, albeit temporarily, as well as our belief that in the near future we will no longer be able to travel as freely as we once did and fly to those destinations, either near in Europe for a city break or far to an exotic beach resort, has meant that now and in the future, we will no longer take our yearly holiday budgeting and holiday scheduling for granted. Moans in the playground about the cost of holidays at half term or in the summer holidays are a long forgot memory. All of that has come to an abrupt halt. With no clear idea of when this will all end.

Your New Life Post-Corona

Life in the post-Covid World has put us on a roller coaster of emotions and affected us in practically every way. Here at Reflect Clinic, we noticed that initially we were all at a sharp stop, going from a top speed of 100mph to a 0mph emergency stop. just like that.

However, after the first 2-3 weeks, many people (us included), have had extra time to think about their life and some of us have had extra time to think about what we don’t like about ourselves. And more importantly have the time and resources to do something about it.

6-8 weeks in, we are adjusting and re-organising our homes and lives in Cheshire, Manchester, UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

We’ve also had to pivot to a new way of working where the usual face to face meetings have changed to Zoom digital meetings where we have attended meetings online and seen friends and colleagues purely on video. Some of us who have worked for ourselves have had to learn and push themselves into the public arena by doing videos of sessions like personal training, counselling and even exercise classes.  All these factors have led to more of us seeking to change our appearance.

According to leading aesthetic doctors, the increase in usage of social video platforms has left people more aware of, and seemingly dissatisfied with, their appearance – dictating an increasing trend towards having a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Harpers Bazaar

Mr Lambe was interviewed and quoted about this trend, where we have seen patient’s calls more than treble in the past month

Gerard Lambe, an influential cosmetic surgeon and spokesperson for industry body British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says, “The ‘Zoom factor’, with people using cameras more than ever and their visual appearance being scrutinised on apps, has certainly boosted enquiries for cosmetic tweaks and procedures. Many people are also aware they are likely to be working from home long-term and want to now start planning their dream procedures”.

Subsequently, at his Reflect Clinic in Manchester, he’s seen requests for ‘virtual cosmetic surgery’ (consultations which simulate 3D plastic surgery) treble during the coronavirus pandemic.


Cost of Cosmetic Surgery

A lot of patients are now reporting that they have had a new opportunity in paying for their cosmetic surgery, without having to get out a loan.  The reason being that they have put money aside for their holidays, or have even booked it and been refunded the cost, so that they are now thinking that they can have their longed for surgery with the unexpected windfall.

This, along with the necessity of staying home and indoors, means that our cosmetic surgery patients are thinking this is doubly useful. They can now afford the surgery sooner than they expected, as they re-allocate their annual holiday money and spends and they also have the time to do their research thoroughly at home and be confident in their decision of what surgery and deciding on what surgeon to do it.

And thirdly, they can even have a remote consultation with us.

Lastly, they can book their Virtual Reality Boob Goggles Consultation with us.

Virtual Reality Breast Enlargement

We first got hold of this amazing, state of the art, technology a couple of years ago, and since then it has improved. First seen on TV on Real Housewives of Cheshire, featuring Darby Ward, Taylor Ward and Dawn Ward,

Never did we imagine, that it would be of so much more use, fill a new need in society and enable women to progress one of their desires so that they could move forward in extreme times!

Remote Consultations

This has led to many patients contacting to book an online consultation.  Obviously this is not as good as a face to face consultation but in these times of self-isolation it really is the next best thing!

If you would like to book your remote consultation,  in the comfort of their own home, simply click here, and we will contact you shortly.

If you would like to have a chat with our Clinic Manager, Jayne, call her direct on 07434572794.


Mr Lambe is also quoted on Yahoo’s Style channel, as part of this new and emerging digital trend.

As we all adapt to our new situation and have to find new ways of connecting and being seen, it seems that Social Media and Digital Communications, for all their criticism in the past have been a saving grace for our mental health, our physical health with our need for stimulation and communication with other people continuing in forever adapting forms.

Whether ‘virtual reality surgery’ appeals via a consultation or not, it’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone in feeling more dissatisfied with your appearance at the moment, and that, as usual, it’s all down to perspective – just visible via another platform.

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