Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in UK

We are often asked, how much does a breast enlargement cost? And what about the cost of eyelift surgery or a tummy tuck?

If you are currently researching plastic surgery procedures, you may have noticed that information about the price is often missing from most plastic surgery websites.

The reason for this is there is a tremendous amount of variability in every patient we see. To explain, we all have a different body shape, skin tone or skin texture. We may have tighter or looser skin, we may have bigger muscles, a larger or smaller frame, less fat in one area and more fat in another area (which gives women their curvy shapes).  We are all different ages and our bodies may look younger or older depending on our lifestyles or through genetics which are parents have passed on to us.

Added to this, we all have our own individual aims and goals in life and aspire to different body and face shapes and these are all unique to you. These body goals are also affected by trends in what is perceived as beautiful at the time eg the ideal shape! Please be assured that no matter how many variables there are, Mr Lambe will work with you to discuss what look you would like to achieve.

Your initial consultation is very important, with lots of discussion taking place as well as you being able to show the particular problem you have now and how you would like it to be improved. This takes time and shouldn’t be rushed.  If you do feel rushed or under pressure to make a decision when you have a cosmetic surgery consultation, then this should act as a warning that you are not being treated as an individual, so please make your excuses and leave.

You are unique and if you would feel more comfortable to have a friend or family member with you at your consultation to listen and/or ask questions for you that may be otherwise forgotten, then please bring them with you. Mr Lambe specialises in women’s surgery and is known for his calm manner, empathy and sense of humour and has seen thousands of patients over the years, so please be confident that he will take the best care of YOU.

Our ultimate aim is to give you the results that YOU desire.

As you can understand, it’s very difficult to give an exact cost of your cosmetic surgery without seeing you in person, but at Reflect Clinic we think it’s probably beneficial to give you an idea of our prices for each particular operation.

It is by no means a definitive guide as newer procedures and new techniques are always evolving as we keep abreast (ahem) of state of the art medical technology for example our virtual reality “Boob Goggles” which patients report have really helped them make the right decision for them, when deciding on what type of breast implants, including shape, size and volume, to achieve the look they desire.

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Reflect Clinic’s Prices for Cosmetic Surgery

Below we have compiled a list of popular procedures we offer and both the starting price per cosmetic surgery and the maximum cost you can expect to pay.

Please note that due to hospitals increasing their prices, these costs are under review in Nov 2021.

We are often asked “How much is a breast enlargement? Or “What is the cost of an eyelift or tummy tuck?”

When you research plastic surgery, prices are often missing on plastic surgery websites. We all have different body shapes, skin tones, textures, tighter or looser skin, bigger muscles, a larger or smaller frame and more or less fat in certain areas.  We are different ages and our bodies may look younger or older depending on lifestyle or genetics. We all aspire to different faces and bodies – we are all unique, therefore each operation is totally unique to you! Therefore, we cannot give a cost until we have seen you.

Reflect Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Prices

However, to give you a general idea of the cost, below is our price list (incl minimum and maximum price per cosmetic surgery).

Please note that due to hospitals increasing their prices, these costs are under review (Nov 2021).

What are you paying for?

The total cost of your procedure is composed of a variety of elements including:

* Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s fees
* Material costs (eg breast implants)
* Hospital fees (to use the hospital’s dedicated spaces and medical equipment)
* Anaesthetist’s fees (for your general anaesthetic if “going asleep” in op)
* Any medications or post-surgical bandages
* Your follow up appointments

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Quality Surgery

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is life-changing. Whilst understandably the cost of surgery is an important factor to consider, it is also vital to consider that you will live with the results of your procedure for the rest of your life.

The biggest priority should always be the individual Cosmetic Surgeon that you choose, rather than the price.

Here you can see reviews and case studies based on previous cosmetic surgery performed by Gerard Lambe at Reflect Clinic.

Arranging your consultation

Please research the operation you are interested in, the pros and cons, the cost and the results (incl before and after photos) before your consultation. You could do a search on Google and ask your friends or family who they trust to do their surgery.


  • Arrange a consultation at a time, day and hospital to suit you
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to navigate, deal with traffic and park so you arrive relaxed and in good time
  • Bring a friend or relative for practical or emotional support
  • Write down and bring any questions you may have
  • Bring a photo of what you would like to achieve
  • Discuss your procedure in detail
  • Discuss the recovery times with your surgeon
  • Check that your cosmetic surgeon uses quality equipment and products which have been proven as safe


Walk away if

  • You do not trust your surgeon 100%
  • You are put under any pressure to sign right away!
  • Your surgeon is not a member of these highly regulated professional bodies:-
  • The price quoted is significantly lower than national averages, specifically if this is a ‘special offer’ or ‘seasonal promotion’. Cosmetic surgery is a serious business and should never be cut-price
  • The quoted price you receive doesn’t include all expenses (ie on further probing there are hidden fees)

Safety Advice

Our advice is to stay in the UK for your operation where you meet the surgeon who will be operating on you, you both speak the same language and where you have a support structure around you whilst you recover.

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Financing your cosmetic surgery

We do not offer financing options but Spire Manchester hospital do have a partner called Zebra Health who can offer 0% finance over 10 months or low rate loans over a longer time.