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Dr Bum Bum & BBL Cosmetic Surgery Talk at CCR Exhibition 2018

Brazilian Bum Lift Surgery – The famous Dr Bum Bum

gerard lambe discussing dr bum bum
Gerard Lambe at the CCR Expo

I was delighted to be invited to speak at last week’s CCR Expo 2018 (which stands for Clinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Exhibition). This is an exhibition which is held at Olympia in London each October to showcase the very best procedures, training and talks in non-surgical cosmetic techniques.

Dr Bum Bum

The talk was entitled Dr Bum Bum – What we can learn from this case and I was scheduled to talk at 1.30pm. My listing went something like this…

Senior Consultant Surgeon Mr Gerard Lambe, considered one of the leading voices in ethics and regulations in the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery industry, will talk attendees through the case of Dr Bum Bum in Brazil which has escalated to a murder charge. The story has made headlines throughout the globe and has highlighted the issue of regulation and also of crisis management for practitioners and clinics.  Mr Lambe will give his top advice on professionally managing a complex clinic incident or one that might attract a lot of media interest.  He is a respected media-trained Spokesperson for BAAPS and is often the first choice among the media as a trusted commentator on the industry. He has appeared in over 80 titles including The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar, The Mail on Sunday, Hello! and The Guardian as well as Sky News, The BBC and many other influential media outlets.

Following the talk I had a chance to look round the exhibition where there were many exhibitors who were showing new machinery that can help to improve the shape of the body and face using laser techniques and energy devices such as the picture below which shows a lady having her bottom improved.

I think she was very brave to show her bottom at such an event!

dr bum bum

The treatment above is an alternative to the much publicized (and quoted) high-risk Brazilian Bum Lift where patients have their own fat reserves sucked out of their stomach, waist and thigh areas then it is washed and re-inserted into their bottom to give the derriere a more rounded and lifted appearance.  This procedure has been touted by many instagram models and influencers and the trend, of course, was made famous by Kim Kardashian after her astonishing appearance at the MTV awards in 2015.


More recently I have been on This Morning with Ruth Langsford and Eamon Holmes to talk about the dangers of Brazilian Bum Lift surgery and have even been quoted by Philip Schofield when he interviewed a young Swedish lady about her own cosmetic surgery procedures which included lip fillers, a breast enlargement and the far riskier Brazilian Bum Lift. If you’d like to see full details of the patient and the videos you can see our previous blog and videos on Instagram and Facebook pages.

In general, these devices are not a replacement for surgery, however, and are only suitable for people who have minor changes to make but the benefit is that they can help to hold off the time when you may need to have more invasive cosmetic surgery such as a mummy makeover or facelift surgery.

The Mummy Makeover is a big procedure but in patients who have had major changes in their body following childbirth it can be the very best way for a woman to regain her confidence as she sees her body changed back or transformed into an even better shape than her pre-baby body!

BAAPS Meeting

In conjunction with the CCR Expo, the annual meeting of The British Association of Plastic Surgeons (known as BAAPS) is held nearby to increase surgical knowledge and share the latest techniques with the Plastic Surgery community both in the UK and Internationally. Here I am with Nikki from BAAPS Media. Also there was a Top Surgeon from France called Jean Francois Pascal, who performs the largest number of body lift procedures, was showing how he gets the very best results. This is by no means a simple surgery and he was able to demonstrate safe techniques that were easily reproduced in the hands of a highly trained professional plastic surgeon. His talk was very well received by the surgeons who attended.

Experts from around the world gathered at the British Association of Plastic Surgeons and discussed the different ways of producing safe results in facelift surgery. There were presentations of difficult cases and particularly there was discussion around how it is possible to use both face-lifting and fat transfer with non-surgical techniques like Botox and filler to produce a perfect result for a difficult patient. There was a whole section devoted to neck lifts also as this an area that really requires surgery to produce long-lasting benefits and the techniques are improving all the time.

Boob Goggles

Crisalix software was also exhibiting at the show and they were showing the latest developments in their augmented reality software. Their latest state of the art software now allows you to see how you would look with your new breast implants where you can now either record a picture of yourself and project your chosen breast implants on to you or you can view the breast implants and your enlarged breasts onto the TV screen!

This up to the minute technology really is the next best thing to actually having a breast enlargement operation without having the downtime and gives patients a good picture of how their breasts would look with their chosen breast implants. Since introducing Crisalix into my practice for Breast Enlargements I have seen the huge benefit this has had for my many patients. It really empowers the patient to make a decision that is best for them when they can see and discuss the breast implants that looks the best on them and that is why I am pleased to be working with a Company that continues to innovate and provide excellent customer service.

More details about Crisalix can be found here.

Botox, Fillers and Breast Implants

Many advances in the non-surgical arena were demonstrated through the very best in the business displaying up-to-the-minute techniques using Botox and fillers to achieve improvement hand-in-hand with what cosmetic surgery can achieve with a mix of subtle and harmonious rejuvenations of the face. This is, of course, no replacement for a full facelift once ageing changes have fully taken hold and there was much to beat in the latest techniques in face-lifting.

Many breast implant companies were also exhibiting and they were sharing information on all the new and improved shapes of the new breast implants that they are providing in their catalogues. I am now working closely with Polytech Breast Implants company (under the umbrella of Q Medical) as they are an innovative company and very responsive to the needs of the consumer. They now have a full range of micro-textured and macro-textured implants in a range of sizes and shapes that suit all of my patients. They also provide the polyurethane coated implants which are very useful when I have patients who come with problems after having breast implants in for a long period of time and they have issues like capsular contracture or breast implant rupture.

Alice Hart-Davies

I also had the pleasure of bumping into the fabulous Alice Hart-Davis who is both well known and hugely respected throughout the journalistic world for her knowledge and passion for finding THE very latest beauty trends and techniques THAT REALLY WORK and she was kind enough to give us a mention on her Instagram page. Alice has worked for Vogue, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and the London Evening Standard and did a fabulous article recently on Superdrug offering Botox and Fillers in the High Street for those over 25 years. She has also written many beauty books including two with her daughters entitled “Be Beautiful: Every Girl’s Guide to Hair, Skin and Make-up” and “Be Beautiful: Every Girl’s Guide to Hair, Skin and Make-up”

In Conclusion

Overall it was an excellent meeting and I was delighted to be able to be involved and to talk at such an important issue of regulation in plastic surgery regarding patient safety and the dangers of the Brazilian butt lift.

Mr Gerard Lambe  MD, FRCS (Plast)
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon
Clinical Lead for Plastic Surgery

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