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Best Transformational Cosmetic Surgery

We attended the Safety in Beauty Awards this month at The Intercontinental Hotel in Park Lane, London. Unfortunately, we didn’t win on this occasion, but we were so honoured and delighted to be nominated again this year and in the same category as some of the most esteemed plastic surgeons in the country for the Best Transformational Cosmetic Surgery 2022.

The annual awards are held in London every year in December, and the event is always fun and full of the most glamorous, talented and beautiful people on the planet.

And who wouldn’t be with the most technologically advanced products, service providers and plastic surgeons in the country, if not the world!?!

Safety in Beauty Awards 2022

Antonia Mariconda started the awards nine years ago with a mission to improve the standards in the beauty industry and recognise the surgeons and clinicians who provide the safest and best treatment in their fields.

Founder Antonia says:

The Safety In Beauty Diamond Awards are the only awards in the cosmetic interventions industry that focus and celebrate the two most fundamental and crucial aspects of a positive consumer experience, Safety and Excellence.

The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards are the proving ground and a nationally recognised benchmark award for a professional or a brand that has undertaken an immensely serious proactive approach to high standards, good practice, and excellent outcomes.

So you can see why it is such an honour to be nominated in this category!!

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)

We shared a table with top plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom, including Marc Pacifico, President of BAAPS, Nick Miedzianowski-Sinclair, his wife, Vivek Sivarajan and his surgeon wife, CJ, who is also a breast surgeon.

Mr Lambe is a fully accredited BAAPS Surgeon and member of the association, highly regarded among surgeons.

Their ethos is to put safety and knowledge at the forefront of your cosmetic surgery journey so that you can make the most informed choice for yourself.

Therefore, they say:

To be safe and sure it is important to choose a cosmetic (sic) surgeon with the appropriate training, skills and experience.

All BAAPS Surgeons have the highest level of training and qualifications, are all on the GMC Specialist register are committed to excellence in Aesthetic Surgery.

They also offer a search tool so that you can search for a BAAPS surgeon in your local area who specialises in the particular cosmetic surgery you are interested in to give you extra peace of mind before contemplating any surgery or booking your consultation.

We have done a search for specialist care in Breast Surgery in Manchester here 

We shared a table and a bottle of fizz with the Sivarajans, so thank you very much!

CJ Tollan Sivarajan, Gerard, Joanna and Vivek Sivarajan who are based in Glasgow

Gerard, Saira Khan and Joanna

We took time out to catch up with Saira Khan, TV Personality, speaker and runner-up of The Apprentice 2015 (my, how the time has flown!!), who did a great job of controlling the vivacious crowd.

We bumped into her later that evening, and we can vouch that she is exactly as she appeared on TV, very friendly and down to earth!

We also bumped into Seema Malhotra (owner of Forever Unique) with her crew, including Mark, who has an animal sanctuary and green goddess.

And here’s Joanna and Gerard with Khatra of KP Aesthetics in Cheshire,

Unfortunately, the light wasn’t great, but the sequin dresses were!

Joanna’s dress was from Matthew Williamson, and her shoes were by Jimmy Choo, didn’t get a chance to ask Khatra where hers was from, but it was gorgeous!

And finally…

Apologies for the lighting in our photos, but it really helped the atmosphere on the night; not so great for photos!! Much love, and we truly hope you have a safe and special Christmas with your family!

Joanna and Gerard Lambe xx

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