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How Cosmetic Surgery Can Boost Your Self Esteem

Increase your Self Confidence

In the past cosmetic surgery seemed out of reach for most people. It was something that only seemed available to those who were rich and famous, or those who needed it for their modelling careers. If the idea was considered by anyone else then there would be questions like “why would you spend money on such a thing? Was it risky? Why did you do it? Were you not happy with how you were before?” However,  our bodies are our own and what we do with them is OUR decision. For some people, cosmetic surgery can give them the self-esteem boost they need to succeed in other areas of life, be it career or love life.

Why choose Cosmetic Surgery?

There are many different reasons why a person would choose cosmetic surgery. Many cases stem from body confidence, we all want to be more comfortable in our own skin and to feel attractive in our own way. Lives are complicated and many of us do our best to eat well, work hard and exercise to the best of our ability, but the simple fact is there are some things we cannot change without help.
We may love who we are and how we look but sometimes it’s nice to feel extra special and that is why many people seek to change their imperfections. It’s tough to look in a mirror and see something about yourself you don’t like. For some it may even be a case of wanting to wear different forms of clothing that previously seemed unsuitable or unrealistic. For others they may have been made fun of their whole life and are looking for a way to improve their self-confidence after it’s been pushed down so far.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men and Women

There are also more men than ever looking into cosmetic surgery than ever before. What was something that was once considered just for women is now available to everyone. Like women, men can sometimes suffer from low self-esteem related to body confidence. Ever felt like you work somewhere where nearly everyone is a fitness fanatic but you? It’s easy to be ground down by unrealistic expectations. Not all of us can look like Greek Gods or have the hairline of Leonardo DiCaprio. Where cosmetic surgery is not a replacement for good diet and exercise it doesn’t try to be. Cosmetic surgery exists to give us a little step up in an area of our lives that may be keeping us down. Hair treatments have become popular with men in recent years but they are not the only treatment.

Call to Action

In 2017 we are doing more than ever before to look after our fitness and mental health but there are some aspects of our bodies that we may wish to change and sometimes it’s about having the bravery to pick up the phone. Life events such as child rearing and illness can have an effect on our bodies. For some weight loss and weight gain (even when they are desired) can leave us feeling out of sorts and like a stranger in our own skin. Certain cosmetic surgeries can remedy this and help bring pride back to someone’s life to help them feel good as new.

Before, During and Aftercare

Fully qualified surgeons like Mr Gerard Lambe of Reflect Clinic has a wealth of experience with cosmetic surgery and have many former patient success stories after performing cosmetic surgeries. Most companies who offer treatments also offer various aftercare and recovery programs, many of them over the course of several weeks after the surgery has taken place. Their aim is to keep in touch with the patient, to make sure they are happy with their decision and to help the patient in the unlikely case any complications should arise. Most surgeries performed often come with a warranty. This offers peace of mind to anybody who may be unsure.

Individual Patient Care

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone and most would-be patients have different things that are important to them. Every case is treated individually and no two cases are the same.  The purpose of this is to take the time to get to know the patient and what is important to them. Why are they looking into it? What is sensible for them? Which treatment would be of most benefit? As well as many more questions.  This consultation will help the patient understand what is involved and help them to reach an educated decision whether or not to continue. It also allows the expert to give the patient some advice in order to make sure their expectations are realistic. There are different types of cosmetic surgery. Where breast enlargement is a popular surgery in the West there are several others that are frequently asked for including facelifts and tummy tucks are among some of the most popular.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery

The price of these treatments depends on your individual case and the work that is required.The consultation should help give potential patients a good idea of the costs involved and hopefully provide them with an accurate quote by the end. All cases are likely to come with 0% finance options at Spire Hospitals for those who may not be able to pay immediately. This alone has opened the door for many people who felt like such surgeries may have been financially out of reach before.

Decision Time

Every form of cosmetic surgery is a very big decision for anyone and time and effort should be taken before venturing down this path. It’s a very exciting time for the patient who will finally be able to envision how they will feel by taking this important step towards fulfilment.
Make an appointment with Mr Lambe and get the facts for yourself, then get ready to look forward to the new and improved version of yourself.

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