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Labiaplasty Reviews

To help you with your research on this intimate subject, I thought it would be useful and timesaving if I put some of our latest reviews from labiaplasty surgery in Cheshire and Manchester in a blog. These have been gathered from

over the past few weeks as we have returned to cosmetic surgery procedures after Lockdown No 1 and Mr Lambe has been working Saturdays and Sundays so that our backlog of patients who were postponed can go on to have their operations.

Now that their plastic surgery has been done, and the journey has been completed we are absolutely delighted to hear from our patients and here is one from a lovely lady who has spared her time to write these glowing words.  It might be useful to read if you are a potential patient who would like labiaplasty surgery and hopefully will take away any fears or concerns you may have so that you can book in and recover in order to go on and enjoy a happy life to the the full.

The Coronavirus crisis seems to have reset a lot of people’s priorities and getting a longed for surgery be it an eyelift or a labiplasty has thankfully been completed as we prepare for life after lockdown!

I don’t know about you, but we will certainly be making up for lost time! Can’t wait to see family, go out and party to make up for our enforced isolation. We’ve learned that at the end of the day it’s your friends, family, health, wellness and happiness that matter!

Labiaplasty Review

Labiaplasty is something I’ve thought long and hard about. It’s something I’ve considered having done for many years…

I finally decided to go for it, the reflect clinic was the first thing that came up when I typed the procedure into google, Mr Lambe had posted a short video explaining a little about the procedure on the website and he just seemed so genuine & trustworthy.

I decided to ring up and make an appointment Jayne answered you could just hear her smile down the phone, I was made to feel at ease immediately I felt like I was speaking to a friend, she arranged an appointment for me to meet with Mr Lambe for a consultation.

When I met the main man himself I felt instantly comfortable in his company, it’s such a sensitive subject and I thought I’d feel embarrassed but he made me feel so at ease, he explained the procedure in full detail and the type of technique he used, he kept reassuring me that I’m totally normal and everyone is different, they come in all shapes & sizes but I’d already decided I wanted the procedure, so I booked in to have the procedure done.

The day of the operation arrived I was more excited than nervous, all the staff at the Wilmslow Hospital were lovely, Mr Lambe popped in to see me prior to my op, he again went over everything making sure I was happy to go ahead, we signed the consent forms. The nurse then got me prepped for theatre, I was given a numbing cream to apply to the area about an hour before the procedure.

I was taken to theatre, with only minimal staff in the theatre it was very relaxed with the radio on! The 2 theatre nurses & Mr Lambe were chatty which put me at ease, I got myself comfy on the theatre table I was asked to get myself in a position similar to having a smear, I was fully covered from the waist down, Mr Lambe again went through the procedure he then injected the area with local anaesthetic (which didn’t hurt slight stinging only ) it went really fast maybe 30 mins, The nurse then helped me put on disposable knickers & a pad, I was also provided with some pads & dressings to take home with me, I was then taken back to my room, I had a bite to eat and a drink Mr Lambe came in to see me & check I was ok, told me it all went well he was really happy with the outcome and that he’d see me in the clinic in 12 days time for a follow-up appointment.

An hour after the op I walked out feeling fine. I expected to be in agony and unable to walk but nope! It was slightly uncomfortable for the first 2-3 days although no pain, I just took paracetamol & ibuprofen for those first few days, I was really surprised at how painless the whole procedure was! I was back at work a week later! I do recommend the next size up underwear just because it’s looser around the area also wear pads as bleeding & discharge is quite normal for the first week or two! I also had a water spray bottle as it can sting slightly when passing urine and I used baby shower gel on the area for the first couple of weeks as it’s more gentle whilst the area is healing.

Don’t be alarmed if stitches start to fall out – it’s quite normal – my first one fell out at day 8 and after that the odd one fell out over the following weeks, also do what Mr Lambe says and DON’T look because it won’t look anything like the final result as it’s red, swollen, ugly, stitches on show etc.

My follow up appointment went well Mr Lambe and myself were both really happy with the outcome I’m now 7 weeks post op and I am over the moon with the result!  I have one last appointment for a final check, in 4 weeks, I can’t thank Mr Lambe enough he’s amazing he’s given me so much more confidence, also big shout out to Jayne who also is fab she was in contact with me before and after my procedure making sure I was ok OK, nothing was too much trouble these two are definitely the A team?

Best Plastic Surgeon in Manchester

It is reviews like this that have helped secure Mr Lambe’s title of Best Plastic Surgeon in Manchester.

Mr Lambe and Jayne were so delighted to read this review as it makes their job of making women happier so rewarding.

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the kind lady who shared her Labiaplasty journey with us. Take care! x

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