Liposuction is where fat is removed from specific and stubborn areas of the body which do not respond to low calorie diets or exercise

This treatment is suitable for anyone with stubborn fatty areas that won’t budge. You must be a stable weight and medically fit.

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Frequently asked questions
Key Points

Treatment time

One hour per area

Hospital Stay

Usually done as a day case


As soon as possible


After 24hrs


Low impact after one week


Wearing a compression garment day and night post op really helps to get the best result. You will be fitted with this pre op


Results are best in areas where the skin is tight and can therefore spring back into shape for example the outer thighs and saddlebag areas

Treated areas usually result in a better fit to clothing.

Our Success Stories

“Thank you so much for your wonderful care and support. It really is appreciated.”

Glenys, Warrington