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More Breast Enlargement Reviews

Now that Summer is well and truly here and people are talking about the countdown to getting their bodies “beach ready” and looking good in their bikinis, I thought I would update you on our breast enlargement with breast implants reviews.

We regularly receive great cosmetic surgery reviews from patients who are happy to go public and in the background we also receive fantastic feedback from patients who would like to remain anonymous, which is totally fine and understandable.

One of the other comments we hear time and time again is that they wished they had had their operation sooner! 😉

A big thank you to all those patients who have written and published a great review on Trustpilot – we read each and every one of them and pass them around the team as they really make our jobs worthwhile!! ;))

5 star breast enlargement review

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Lambe

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Lambe and his fantastic team. From the first consultation I was put at ease and was confident Dr Lambe was the right surgeon for me. On the day of surgery and post surgery care from the hospital has been fantastic. Special mention to Jayne who has given amazing support throughout. I am 6 weeks post surgery and I absolutely love my new boobs! I should have done it years ago. Thank you Dr Lambe, Jayne and the whole team.

Patient: Ruby

Date of Review: 11 May 2023

5 star breast enlargement review

I can’t rate Reflect Clinic & the staff highly enough

Thank you so much for sending the email and for all you did for me in the lead up to my surgery. You made me feel it was all going to work out well for me which really helped me make a decision, provide the reassurance and confidence to go ahead!

I will always be so grateful to you for my life changing treatment. I already feel much better about myself, it so far it is beyond all my expectations. I feel very emotional and so totally happy, I think it’s going to transform my life.

Patient: Denise

Date of Review: March 2022

5 star breast enlargement review

Could not have asked for more !

If I were able to give Mr.Lambe and his team, 6 stars I most definitely would. Every single stage of my journey from the consultancy, the surgery itself and the post op results and aftercare has been brilliant . Jayne is the most genuinely caring and efficient PA to Mr.Lambe and from day one I just knew I was in the best hands with him as my surgeon .I never felt pressured and I always felt fully informed by the team at Reflect so I went into surgery with complete confidence and I am now just buzzing with the results. I don’t normally do reviews but felt I had to share my totally positive experience and yes 6 STARS from me !

Patient: Jennifer Powell

Date of experience: 10 October 2022


5 star breast enlargement review

Brilliant Results.. Even two years later 🙂

I waited this long to write this review as I wanted to give future patients a long-term review of my BA.

I had my BA in January 2021 at Wilmslow Hospital. Prior to the operation, I had a meeting with Mr Lambe, to discuss my suitability for surgery and possible options. I also had a follow-up online facetime to double-check check I wanted to go through with it. Jayne, his assistant, is wonderful and provided me support from the day I enquired right through to a few months after my operation.

Being a young person with a puberty disorder, I wanted implants that were natural that fitted my body well. Mr Lambe did this beautifully. My implants are natural, feel like my own and have boosted my confidence immensely.

I definitely recommend Mr Lambe and his team at Reflect Clinic if you are looking for high-quality, natural results.

Patient: Liberty

Date of experience: 11 January 2023


boob job review

Highly recommended – recent breast enlargement review!

Thank you so much for sending the email and for all you did for me in the lead up to my surgery. You made me feel it was all going to work out well for me which really helped me make a decision, provide the reassurance and confidence to go ahead!

I will always be so grateful to you for my life changing treatment. I already feel much better about myself, it so far it is beyond all my expectations.

I feel very emotional and so totally happy, I think it’s going to transform my life.


boob job review

Out with the old breast implants, in with the new…

Having always been an A cup, I had always wanted bigger boobs.  I started seriously thinking about breast enlargement a couple of years ago.  I would constantly talk myself in and out of it. I have friends with boob jobs and they are all absolutely fine, but I worried I would be the one with complications.  I also worried about going under the knife for vanity being a mum.

I decided on Dr Lambe quite early on.  I did a lot of research and knew a couple of people that had worked with him.  I wanted to make sure that, if I decided to do it, it would be done by one of the best.

I booked the op for March 2020 and then chickened out and talked myself out of it.  After Christmas 2021, I started thinking about it again.  I didn’t want to go through another year of sweaty boobs because of giant gel bras and clothes not fitting me properly.  A friend of mine, who had expressed the same concerns as me, had hers done down south with no issues.  That pushed me to book my consultation with Dr Lambe and it was then that I decided to take the plunge.

I didn’t want big boobs.  I just wanted boobs.  I decided to go for Motiva 285cc.  I wore rice in socks for a couple of weeks.  Even to work (thank God I wasn’t in an accident).

The day of the procedure came quickly.  I was so nervous on the way to the hospital that I couldn’t speak.  When I got there, the nurses made me feel comfortable.  When I was wheeled down to theatre, I know Pat must’ve seen that I was nervous but he did a great job of talking nonsense and keeping me distracted.

When I came round I was sightly uncomfortable but not in pain.  I didn’t even feel woozy.  I went home a few of hours later and stayed in bed for the weekend. 

There was pain but I wasn’t in agony like I thought I would be.  I slept, slightly elevated, on a pregnancy pillow and I don’t think I missed a wink.  Every day it got easier and easier.  I had a week off work but was only in bed for the first couple of days.  I am now 2 weeks post op and feel great.  My boobs are mini torpedos but I know I am going to love them when the settle.  They take a month or so to drop into place. It isn’t noticeable when I’m wearing clothes though.

I’m already looking forward to buying new underwear and wearing a bikini.  The beauty of being small is that I very much doubt anyone is even going to notice.  They certainly haven’t so far.  I just now have boobs that suit my frame.

Thank you so much to Jayne for putting up with my to’ing and fro’ing and my ‘but but BUT’ moments.  She is so lovely and really put my mind at rest.  Dr Gerard Lambe is top of his game and a really nice person.  He puts you at ease and doesn’t push you into anything. 

I now realise I probably should’ve done this years ago and will be going back to Dr Lambe for my eyelids when the time is right.

I built this up into such a big deal in my head.  The whole experience was so much easier than I ever expected.  I was really panicking about telling my mum and then when I told her and showed her, post op, she said ‘Oh yes, they look better don’t they’.  I now realise I spent a lot of time worrying over nothing!

I feel much more confident and in proportion to my frame now, going from a small C to a full E cup. It wasn’t a totally straightforward out/in job for Mr Lambe as I also needed a pocket reduction on one side. He did say it wouldn’t be a perfect repair but would look much better but honestly the results are just marvellous, no longer do I have a breast implant trying to disappear under my armpit, nor any pain when turning over in bed!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Reflect Clinic, thank you so much Mr Lambe and Jayne!

Patient: Diane

Date of Review: March 2022


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