BBC Cosmetic Surgery Key Trends

BBC Key Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Having performed most of his cosmetic surgery in Northern England, and Spokesperson for BAAPS, Mr Lambe was invited to the BBC Manchester studio in Salford Quays in February 2017 to talk about cosmetic surgery key trends and also safety in his profession, not just in Manchester but UK wide.


Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

Lots of people now have cosmetic fillers and Botox as facial maintenance rather like a trip to the dentist. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as botox, fillers and chemical peels are very popular and this trend in continuing to rise due to the impact of social media such as Instagram and meeting apps such as Zoom.

However, in 2016, the number of people having cosmetic surgery procedures dipped and based on these findings, Louise Minchin asked Mr Lambe “What do you put it down to?” This is never something you should do lightly and you should always do thorough research before any cosmetic surgery procedure.  Mr Lambe attempted to explain why procedures have slightly dipped from the previous year which was mostly due to the uncertainty in the economy and people being reluctant to invest and spend their money on themselves.

However, there are still many people who elect to have cosmetic surgery across the country, be it Leeds, Liverpool or London and the price of a breast enlargement or a labiaplasty is not the most important factor in your decision to go ahead with plastic surgery, it could be that you want to have a celebrity plastic surgeon operate on you, who is known as the best plastic surgeon in Cheshire, Chester and Manchester.

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Mr Lambe appeared as spokesperson for BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAAPS believe that due to there being uncertainty in the world with the threats of terrorist attacks that people don’t feel as confident in making big decisions in life and investing in themselves and going ahead with it.

Figures show that there has been a 47.8% drop in male cosmetic surgery. Men take up a small percentage of people undergoing procedures, the vast majority are women.  Men are still having abdomioplasty surgery such as tummy tucks and where there is no alternative, they will research their options and still go down that line.


When times are booming and people are feeling positive then people feel much more confident in investing and making these decisions. They need to feel confident.

Dan asked “Are you concerned about lack of regulation in the industry, is it safe?” to which Gerard replied.
The association is very concerned about a lack of regulation and we have pushed for regulation. We know there are people out there who are not as well trained as they could be and that there are good cosmetic doctors out there but there are also people working in salons who are injecting people, who are not as well trained and are not regulated and the association is very keen to have regulation.

Cosmetic Surgery Advice

Mr Lambe’s advice to anybody who is considering aesthetic treatment is:-

  • Do your research of the procedure
  • Think carefully about the pros and cons
  • Take your time and speak to family or friends
  • Do not be pressured by salespeople
  • For the best cosmetic surgery, see a reputable surgeon via BAAPS

So you can be confident that you will be in safe hands should the unexpected happen. Practitioners in salons may get good results but they may not have the experience or skills to correct any issues should the treatments not turn out as expected.

Botox and Fillers

During his time as a practising surgeon, Mr Lambe has corrected many fillers in lips from ladies who have not liked the results, so he has quickly dissolved them so that they return to their former size. He has also had to re-do cosmetic surgery operations performed by good surgeons but they just haven’t liked the results of their breast augmentation surgery, the breast enlargement may have been too much of an increase from their former shape or in most cases, the breast enlargement surgery or breast implants have not been as big as they would like.

As he has said, you can be one of the best breast surgeon’s in the world but if someone wants a breast enlargement in Liverpool, Manchester or Cheshire, it is ultimately their choice of what breast implants to choose. The price of a breast enlargement is just one of the many factors in choosing the best cosmetic surgeon who can deliver the results you would like and keep you safe, first and foremost.

For any treatment, he says that you should always have a thorough consultation before any procedure so that you can ask the right questions and have a realistic goal in mind. Sometimes, two or three consultations may occur so that the patient’s questions and concerns can be answered fully and also you need to be aware of what can and cannot be achieved through cosmetic surgery.

It’s good to know that people are taking steps to feel better about themselves but what we want is that people who are considering these options see a reputable cosmetic doctor”.


Full Interview

If you would like to hear more about best practice before having surgical or non-surgical procedures, then see the full interview here on YouTube.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Manchestergerard lambe bbc breakfast

Mr Gerard Lambe has trained to be a medical doctor and later as a cosmetic surgeon. He has been practising cosmetic surgery procedures in and around Cheshire, Chester, Manchester and the North West for many years.

He is registered with the GMC. Registered No 4217987 and is a regular spokesperson for BAAPS. He is a member of both BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons). He has travelled the world honing his cosmetic surgery skills whilst reconstructing faces from trauma, cancer and constructing aesthetically pleasing faces due to birth abnormalities such as cleft lips.

He is known for his surgical skills, empathic approach and for excellent patient care before, during and post surgery.

He has continued his passion for the aesthetic side of surgery by practising at The Reflect Clinic where he operates in Spire Manchester Hospital, The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire, Aset Hospital in Liverpool and occasional pop up events at DD Clinical in Chester.

If you would like to arrange your own individual consultation, then please contact our Clinic Manager, Jayne on 07434 572794.