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VR Boob Goggles

Mr Lambe talks about 3D Virtual Reality Software

Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality Boob Goggles – See “yourself” in virtual reality with enhanced breasts before surgery

At Reflect Clinic we’ve found over many years of experience that our patients are really keen to know how they will look after surgery and they find it very difficult to envisage themselves with their choice of “new breasts” when picking the size and shape of their breast implants.  We are often asked about how the results with look on each patient’s body type and what size breast implants they should have.

You decide in your own time

Gerard Lambe, Principal Plastic Surgeon can now work with you to create a before and virtual reality after image of your cosmetic surgery results.

We simply need to take some photos of you and with use of this “state of the art” software we can show you how you could look with a range of different sized implants, within minutes and before any actual surgery takes place. We can discuss if you like what you are see and make any adjustments to our planned procedure to create A More Beautiful You.

You can even have your options emailed to you to discuss with your family, friends or partner, so that you can be sure that you have discussed your surgery options fully, in your  own time and in a relaxed and supportive environment so that you can make the best choice of implants for you.

Why not see your “new self” as if looking in the mirror, from all angles?

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