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Kelo-Cote® Healing Scar Gel

Patient Aftercare with Reflect Clinic

Cosmetic surgery may leave you feeling great, but if you’re concerned about any remaining scar, there are some things you can do during the healing process to help improve their appearance, but please note that we all heal at different rates and this will take some time.

Tips to help heal scars

  • Massage your scar as advised by your Nurse. (Remember to do a ‘dry massage’ before applying your moisturiser or any silicone gel).
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun. Scar tissue is very sensitive so this makes it very easy for scars to get sunburnt.
  • Avoid extremes of temperature which can make itchy scars worse, particularly the heat, so avoid very hot baths or showers.
  • Apply a silicone gel such as Kelo-Cote® to aid healing.

At Reflect Clinic, we recommend the Kelo-Cote® silicone gel to help our patients with scarring.

We recommend Kelo-Cote® for the following reasons:

  • Softens and flattens raised scars
  • It is clinically proven
  • Helps to reduce redness, itching and discomfort

Apply a very small amount to the skin (pea-size) and massage into the skin, allowing to dry for 5 minutes.

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Best chance of healing scars

Remember to apply a silicone gel to a healed scar will help flatten, soften and smooth any raised scars.

We recommend you use Kelo-Cote®.

Please click HERE to do the short quiz to see which scar cream is best for YOU.

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FAQS about scar healing

If you have any more questions on healing of scars, please click HERE for the Kelo-Cote® guide.

KELO-COTE®Guide to healing scars

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