Breast Implants In Manchester

What are breast implants?

Breast implants are medical devices that are surgically inserted under breast tissues or chest muscles to increase the size, change the shape, or alter the texture of the breasts.

They’re commonly used in breast augmentation surgeries to enhance the physical appearance of breasts or in reconstructive surgeries, such as after mastectomy for breast cancer.

  1. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. If these implants leak, the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.
  2. Silicone gel implants are filled with silicone gel. If these implants leak, the gel may either stay in the shell or escape into the breast implant pocket. Silicone gel-filled implants are known for feeling more like natural breast tissue compared to saline ones.

How much does a boob job cost in Manchester?

At Reflect Clinic, a boob job comes with no hidden costs as we always look to provide full transparency with our costs of cosmetic surgery.

The cost is inclusive of all material costs, hospital fees, anaesthetist’s fees, medications/bandages and folow-up appointments with our Aftercare.

Reflect Clinic has the best surgeons who provide quality cosmetic surgery that gives our patients the results they desire.

Procedure Overview – What to Expect

  • Treatment Time

    2 – 2.5 hours

  • Hospital Stay

    One night

  • Walking

    Day one

  • Time off work

    2 weeks for sedentary roles

  • Driving

    3 weeks

  • Exercising

    8 weeks

  • Bathing

    Showers after 3 days, no bathing until healed

  • Aftercare

    Sports bra for 6 – 8 weeks

What should I do before getting Breast Implants?

  1. Research breast implant surgery online.
  2. Ask trusted friends and family about their opinions on cosmetic surgery and if it might be right for you.
  3. If they’ve had breast augmentation surgery, ask them would they recommend their Surgeon and if so find out who and their contact details to find out more about them.
  4. Do further research on the Cosmetic Surgeon you have shortlisted, either online or asking previous patients.
  5. Ring the clinic to ask any further questions and to arrange a convenient Consultation time, date and hospital to suit you.
  6. If you are thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery then ask them if they do 3D Virtual Reality imaging where you can be scanned and see “yourself” in virtual reality with different shapes, sizes and projections of breast implants.
  7. Print out any photos of the “look” you are trying to achieve.
  8. Write out some questions for your Surgeon and take them with you along with your photos.
  9. If you feel nervous, it might be good to bring along a trusted friend or relative.
  10. Arrive at your Consultation leaving yourself enough time to spare in case of heavy traffic, finding a parking space, finding reception and arriving at your Consultation room so that you are relaxed when you discuss your cosmetic surgery.

What Factors are involved when deciding my Breast Implants in Manchester?

At Reflect Clinic, our experienced cosmetic surgeon, Mr Gerard Lambe, will guide you through the process so we can make the right choice for you! The shape of an implant is dependent on a number of factors:

Body Frame

If you have a larger body frame, then you would typically need larger implants (with a greater width). Patients with a small frame (ie a small chest width such as 30 inches) will see a more obvious change with a smaller implant.


Your breast implants would need to be longer to be in proportion to your height, ie if you have a long torso, then your implants would need to be longer to be in proportion to your natural shape.


If you had a large cup size in the past and are hoping to regain your previous cup size (before pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding) then a broader width would be more suitable for you. If you have always had a small cup size then the width of the implant would give you a top-heavy look.

Breast Tissue

If your skin is loose (you can test this by pinching the skin – if there is a lot of excess skin then your skin can be described as loose) you could a hold a larger implant either shaped or round. However, if your skin is thin (and quite translucent) then perhaps a smaller shaped implant would be more suitable for you.


Do you want a Natural looking breast enlargement, or do you want to achieve a more noticeable outcome? Do you want to have a prominent cleavage which is more obvious?

What shape of Breast Implants should I have?

Implants come in round or shaped varieties (also called anatomical or teardrop). It’s crucial to understand that both can create a natural appearance. However, the outcome is influenced by the aesthetic you desire and the initial amount of breast tissue you possess.

Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants are the most popular choice of breast implants used for breast enlargements. They look like a perfectly symmetrical sphere that has been cut in half, with the curved part facing outwards from the chest wall.

Round implants are able to rotate without causing any problems as they look the same at the top, sides, and bottom, so they hold the breast shape.

They can look as natural as teardrop-shaped implants as the filling settles on the lower part of the implant due to gravity.

Breast Implants look more natural when lying down as the filler evenly disperses outwards as it would with natural breasts.

The cost of round breast implants is typically less than shaped breast implants.

Shaped (or Teardrop) Breast Implants

Shaped breast implants are designed to replicate the natural contours of breasts, featuring higher volume at the base that tapers upwards towards the neck.

These implants typically contain a firmer silicone gel compared to round implants, maintaining a teardrop shape.

Mr Lambe predominantly utilises textured, shaped implants that conform to the chest wall, ensuring symmetrical positioning and preventing rotation that could lead to asymmetry.

Particularly, older women undergoing breast reconstruction after cancer treatment prefer this shape for its resemblance to their natural breasts. The advantages of shaped breast implants include suitability for slimmer patients seeking projection while desiring a natural look.

They are also favoured for subtle breast enhancements. On the other hand, risks associated with shaped implants include potential rotation, necessitating replacement with round implants to correct any distortion.

What size breast implants should I have?

Size and weight of the implant placed under your skin. This is one of the factors to be decided on, along with projection, shape and texture of outer shell.


This is important to determine the right size for your body shape which takes into account the width of your natural breasts. A large difference between the natural width of your breasts and the breast implant will result in unnaturally shaped breasts.


Round breast implants are always the same height and width. Shaped breast implants are available in low, medium and tall heights and are chosen to take into account your own body frame, height and natural breast tissue as well as your breast enlargement goals.

What Projection Of Breast Implants in Manchester Should I Choose?

This is the term for the amount the breast implant sticks out from the chest wall. It is sometimes called the breast implant profile or depth. A Low | B Moderate | C High

A – Low

This type of breast implant can result in a more natural appearance so are typically used on patients who would like to achieve a subtle enhancement to achieve a natural look.

B – Moderate Profile Breast Implants

Moderate and high profile breast implants are the most popular choices as they give a noticeable but natural result however very good results that look natural can be obtained with low height and moderate height implants also depending on the individual patient.


C – High Profile Breast Implants

This type of implant results in a more dramatic result so is typically reserved for patients who want a very noticeable change or who have hollowed breasts after breastfeeding or perhaps weight loss or for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

Where Should I Have My Breast Implant Placed?

Under the Chest Wall (Under the Muscle)

This technique involves positioning the breast implant beneath the chest muscles, known as sub-muscular or sub-pectoral placement.

The pectoralis major muscle group covers the implant partially, leading to a more natural appearance.

  • Reduces risk of capsular contracture
  • Longer recovery time
  • More painful as the muscles have to be manipulated during your surgery
  • Increased swelling
  • This placement gives a natural looking breast enlargement.

B On top of the Chest Wall (Over the Muscle)

The breast implant is typically placed over the chest muscle and beneath the breast tissue, known as sub-glandular placement. This area includes the mammary gland.

This placement option is the least complex and offers a faster recovery time, but it’s only recommended if there is at least 2cm of tissue available on the upper part of the breast.

  • Quick recovery
  • Less complications
  • Athletic women who want their chest muscles to be prominent and separate to the breast implant
  • Easier to see the breast implant as only the skin and mammary gland in front of it
  • Slightly increased chance of capsular contracture (see below) leading to rippling
  • It gives a very natural appearance if the patient has enough of her own breast tissue and does not choose a large implant.

Multi-plane Placement

Multi-plane Placement offers the best of both worlds by covering the implant in the upper part of the breast for a natural appearance in the cleavage and upper breast while allowing the implant to provide fullness and shape to the lower breast.

This helps achieve a balanced look that might be compromised if more muscle covers the implant. Similar to the “under the muscle” technique, there is still a risk of implant movement when muscles are activated, but positioning the implant not too high allows for quicker settling compared to purely under-the-muscle placement.

We predominantly perform breast implant surgeries using this method since most of my patients are slender.

Reflect Clinic have found that this approach strikes a remarkable balance between natural shape and minimal risk, leading to a smoother recovery process.

Breast Implant Materials

All implants consist of an outer shell and an inner filling.

The shell, typically made of silicone, can feature a smooth or textured surface. Similarly, the filling we utilise in my practice is silicone-based, offering a choice between a soft or firm gel depending on your desired post-surgery breast feel.

You might question how both the shell and gel can be silicone when one requires robustness to prevent leakage, while the other aims for a soft touch.

The distinction lies in the length of the silicone molecule chains: longer chains result in a firmer shell, whereas shorter chains produce a softer gel for a more natural appearance and feel.

Breast Implant Inner Filling?

What is the inside material made from and why?

Breast implants are typically made from either Silicone or Saline. The saline implants can then be topped up with a further incision. Silicone breast implants have a thicker filling which is made to feel more like an actual breast.

What are Diagon Gel Breast Implants?

Diagon gel implants allow natural movement with a soft, breast-like feel. The implant has two components: firmer gel at the base for stability and softer gel at the front for a natural touch. Their unique shape positions the most projecting part lower than traditional teardrop implants, subtly lifting the nipple without additional scarring when placed correctly. To check suitability, raise your arms in front of a mirror; if both the nipple and breast tissue are lifted above the fold of the breast, this implant type may be suitable for correction.

The fold of the breast, where breast tissue meets the chest wall at the base, is the typical site for a scar in breast enlargement surgery. Diagon implants combine two gel consistencies for natural movement and a desirable shape, balancing firmness and projection for an optimal outcome.

Breast Implant Outer Surface

Tear drop shaped implants come in a variety of textures which helps the implant adhere to the chest and reduce the risk of them rotating behind the skin which would not matter in a round breast implant as all sides look the same (it’s circular). Anatomical or teardrop shaped breast implants would not look right if they moved out of position as they are unevenly shaped.


For the surface material I will usually use a textured surface implant as this helps to reduce the risk of tightening of the normal scar that forms around the breast implant (capsular contracture).

Smooth implants are more often used in the USA and have a higher rate of capsular contracture.


Another surface that we use is called polyurethane and this is a special coating of a “furry” material on the surface of the implant that reduces capsular contracture further (see below) and helps the implant to stay in place.

There are times when this is the best choice, for example, with a patient who has large implants and this outer material plus the polyurethane will help to prevent the implant from dropping over time.

Micro Textured Implants

What is micro-textured?

This is a texture that is not rough enough to be felt by hand but it has a textured appearance under a microscope.


The Microthane coating is like a polyurethane that minimises capsular contracture as it integrates with your own tissues and so does not make a firm capsule.

It also has the ability to stick firmly in position and this makes it useful for revisional surgery or in patients who have lax skin that will not be able to support the weight of the implant over time.

When combined with the Diagon gel shape, it also able to achieve a lift to the nipple as the breast can be made to stick to the implant.

The Benefits of this type of breast Implant

  • They have a low rate of Capsular Contracture
  • They are stable and stay in position once inserted, therefore the position Mr Lambe puts them in is where they will stay
  • If you have suffered from Capsular Contracture in the past and want your breast implants replaced, then a textured implant will be recommended.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular Contracture is the name for tightening of the normal scar that forms around breast implants when they are inserted into the breast. It is the growth of hardened scar tissue that can feel rigid and sometimes painful to the touch.

Patients who have suffered from capsular contracture in the past are recommended to have them replaced with a more textured type of breast implant that will enable the breast tissue to adhere to the breast implant and not form this type of hard scar around it. The rate of developing this complication is low and by using textured breast implants this risk is even lower which is why Mr Lambe uses textured styles when he is performing breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Implant Warranty

For breast surgery, it’s crucial to choose high-quality implants from a reputable manufacturer that offers a warranty.

Mr Lambe opts for Polytech implants, which come with a lifetime warranty covering failures or severe capsular contracture. This type of contracture, characterised by a tight scar around the implant, can lead to discomfort or changes in breast shape.

Mr Lambe chooses Polytech implants not only for their warranty but also for their origin in Germany, which is known for stringent quality control standards and the use of precise, safe techniques that minimise risks for patients.

Breast Implant Safety

Breast implant surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries certain risks and complications, but it is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Short-term risks include infection, bleeding, and scarring, but our expert team will talk you through them during the consultation.

Breast Implant Register

Lastly, it is important that you receive the details about your breast implants and keep them safe. In response to the problems surrounding PIP you can also register your breast implants on the government database for breast implants for peace of mind. Click here. We hope this explains the many choices available and please call us if you need any further information on any of the above points. For Breast Implant FAQs InfoSheetBreastImplants

  • Patient Review

    ” I don’t even know where to begin. After previously having a bad BA by a different surgeon, I’d lost not only confidence in myself, but in having them redone. I visited a few surgeons, Mr Lambe was recommended to me, and he stood out by far! He listened to my concerns, was so sympathetic to how I felt, and made suggestions on how he could help me, no pressure. My first consultation was at the HCA Wilmslow, I had a second at The Spire Manchester to go over everything, and my surgery at Aset in Liverpool, which was an outstanding place, felt more like a hotel, I didn’t want to leave!rnBoth Mr Lambe and Mr Apostolos together, have given me my self confidence back. I never thought I’d look at my breasts and love how they look, but I do 🤩rnThe cherry on top was Jayne, the clinic manager. She was there for me every step of they way. She felt more like a friend by the end of the process, (and even now if I have any concerns) I couldn’t be more grateful to you all 🥹 💕rnSo, if you’re looking for a kind, caring, understanding, amazing surgeon, look no further, Mr Lambe is your man!! ”

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