What is a Labiaplasty?

This procedure is for ladies who are unhappy with the appearance of their genitalia.

A number of ladies have an excess or asymmetry of the outer lips of the vulva (labia minora). Labial reduction is a way of addressing these concerns surgically.

You can expect a more neat and symmetrical appearance to the vulva, less embarrassment with underwear and sportswear.

We realise this can be a sensitive subject so come and see us for a consultation where Mr Lambe will answer all your questions.

The Results

“The team looked after my concerns before, during and after treatment. I was surprised and amazed at the results.”

– Claire, Didsbury

Patient review

“Fantastic, honest and truly lovely to have been treated by such a caring bunch of people. Since the age of 13 I had felt that something wasn’t right with my vaginal area. I had looked into labiaplasty for a number of years through the NHS and had always thought it would be too expensive to go private. I decided to book an appointment with Mr Lambe, by sending an enquiry form. A lovely lady named Jayne gave me a call and got me booked in. It’s always nerve racking but you were made to feel welcome, Jayne was in an office when I arrived and made herself known to me as well as making me feel comfortable and having a general chat!

After the first consultation, I think we all know that’s when you are able to tell if you can trust the surgeon who will be doing the procedure. Mr Lambe makes you feel comfortable, explains everything to you and in detail if needed. Then it’s time to book in. I was really happy with the initial meeting I had had and then just wanted to get on with it. Jayne had seen that they had had a cancellation so I booked in for the end of the month. When arriving on the day all the staff were lovely. I was taken down to another area of the hospital. The staff were amazing and i couldn’t believe how quickly it felt the operation had gone. Even though awake for the whole procedure i couldn’t feel a thing and felt safe with Mr Lambe and the team In the theatre. Mr Lambe had gone out of his way to make sure that everything was OK. Even if you panic etc after when you are home and recovering the team and Mr Lambe and Jayne have been there every step of the way. It took me years to do but i am glad that I had waited to find the right Surgeon and team.

If anyone is looking to have a labiaplasty done, please look at this team as they give you over and above the care you would expect.”

  • How much is labiaplasty surgery in the UK?

    All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you as we all have different types of skin, unique shapes and our own individual aspirations.

    However, we are pleased to offer a set price for your labiaplasty surgery.  Please click here to find out the cost of your labiaplasty surgery which is a relatively simple day case procedure.

    Click book a consultation to find out what Mr Gerard Lambe, the best cosmetic surgeon in the UK can do for you.

    You will then receive an exact price for your labiaplasty which is clear and transparent so that you can make arrangements for finance (0% finance is available via Spire Manchester) or pay in full to begin the next step of your cosmetic surgery journey to The Most Beautiful You.

  • You should not have this procedure if

    You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.
  • What is labiaplasty surgery?

    This is a procedure that reduces the Labia Minora. These are the flaps of skin around the vagina which can sometimes protrude or just not look as neat as a lady would like to have them.
  • Am I suitable?

    As long as you are in good health you should be fine to proceed. If you are taking any medication, please consult your GP before surgery to check that you can go ahead.
  • What happens after Labiaplasty surgery?

    It is important that you are able to rest after the surgery to allow things to heal so arrange to have some help at home if you have young children for the first week.

  • What happens during the operation?

    The Labiaplasty in Manchester procedure can be done under Local Anaesthetic (LA) and we appreciate this is a sensitive and personal area so to make it easier I use a combination of a numbing cream applied to the area and then a small injection. You do not have to put your legs into uncomfortable stirrups like when having a smear as I prefer you to be comfortable and so you will lie on the table in a frog leg position with your heels drawn up to your bottom and knees apart.

  • How long does the labiaplasty surgery take?

    The surgery takes less than an hour in total.
  • What types of stitches do you use?

    We use dissolving stitches for labiaplasty in Manchester so that you do not have to go through the discomfort of stitch removal.
  • What should I do after labiaplasty surgery?

    You should rest for the first 48hrs. You can go to the toilet as normal but be careful when wiping as you may disturb small clots and cause some bleeding. I recommend that you wear sanitary pads after surgery, just in case there is any small bleeding.

    You can shower the area after 48hrs but do not have a bath as this can dissolve the stitches. You should use very gentle (baby) soap and pat the area dry after.

  • What shouldn’t I do after surgery?

    You should avoid intercourse for 4 weeks and be careful when resuming sexual activity to take things slowly and use lubrication if necessary. It can take months for all scars to get to their best and so don’t be overly concerned as improvements can continue for up to 18 months with all scarring.

  • What are the possible complications?

    The most common complication is bleeding afterwards but I am very careful in stopping all bleeding at the time of surgery.
  • When will I be seen after the operation?

    I like to review my Patients at 1 and 2 weeks post op to check that all is healing well and then usually I do a final check after 3 months.
  • What techniques do you use?

    I tailor the technique to the needs of my patients but am able to perform edge excision and wedge excision. The main differences are in the size of reduction required and how concerned you are about maintaining pigmentation of the edge of the labia. These choices will be discussed at your Consultation.
  • How do I book?

    You will need a private consultation to discuss your personal requirements as everyone is different.

    For a confidential, informal chat

    please call Jayne on:


Procedure Overview – What to Expect

  • Treatment Time

    1 – 2 hours

  • Hospital Stay

    Overnight or daycase

  • Walking

    From day one

  • Time off work

    One week

  • Driving

    Rest for one week

  • Exercising

    Gentle walking from day 5

  • Bathing

    Showers from day one

  • Aftercare

    One week

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