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Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery

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What is Lower Blepharoplasty?

Lower eyelift surgery (or Lower Blepharoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which skin and fat are removed and or replaced around the lower eye area to create a more youthful appearance.

The Results

Lower Blepheroplasty (or Lower Bleph) patients report that they look refreshed, more youthful and like they have had more sleep without the bags under their eyes that they had previously.

As you can see above, here are some before and after images of Lower Eyelift surgery that Gerard Lambe has performed.

Patient Review

” Here at Reflect Clinic we are focussed on YOU. We want YOU to have the best experience in your cosmetic surgery journey. We hope you find this cosmetic surgery procedure page useful when making your decision about what procedure, which hospital and which cosmetic surgeon to choose. Having plastic surgery is a big decision and you should ensure that you are fully informed about your surgery, the surgeon, the cost, the pros and the cons as well as seeing before and after photos and finally the answers to specific questions you might have. Here are some sheets that you can read through as you start your journey. We hope they answer some of your general questions so that you have a good basis for when you come in for a consultation and have your own specific questions answered, on your journey to becoming THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU! ”

Written by private patient

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All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you.

To find out a price for your lower blepharoplasty surgery please book a consultation with Jayne so that Mr Lambe can see you, discuss your needs and ascertain if you are a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Once you have had your Consultation, we will be happy to give you a clear and transparent price for your surgery as part of your overall research on your procedure, your Surgeon and your wishes.

If you would like a payment plan, then Spire hospitals do a 0% interest rate for cosmetic surgery. Please click here for more details.

This is the medical term used by Surgeons to describe the cosmetic surgery operation to remove excess skin from around the eye area. It can usually be done under a local anaesthetic (LA) and will take about 45 minutes.

The wounds are very carefully stitched with a running stitch and this is removed in the clinic at your post operative appointment by Mr Lambe about 7 days after your operation.

No. It is very important at your Consultation to assess the position of the eyebrow. The heavy appearance can sometimes be due to the brow having slipped down and not excess skin in the eyelid.

A Blepharoplasty is the wrong operation for a low brow as it will not correct the problem and could cause a very odd look.

A brow lift would then be the correct operation and this is something that can be achieved in many different ways. Botox can be used to lift the brow temporarily but must be repeated. Other solutions include making incisions in the brow or forehead to achieve a lift or it can form part of a facelift.

All cosmetic surgery carries a degree of risk. Bleeding and bruising are the main issues and a rare risk is damage to the muscle that opens the eye.

You can have the operation done under General Anaesthetic (GA) but this is more expensive and involves you having to also recover from the GA.

This is therefore usually only done when it is being performed in conjunction with other procedures

  • You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32
  • smoke, vape or use nicotine products
  • are in bad health or
  • are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.

There is nearly always some bruising and swelling on the eyes as they are so very delicate but the good news is that this does tend to settle pretty quickly and most ladies find that they can cover the worst of it with makeup after about 7 days.

For men it means wearing sun glasses to cover up over the recovery time.

The scars from a Blepharoplasty are very well concealed in the natural lid crease that we all have and then it is placed into crows feet lines on the outside of the eye.

Generally all wounds are well healed after about 10 days.

No. removal of too much fat will produce a hollowed and sunken eye that is not attractive. It also increases the danger of bleeding behind the eye, which is the most serious complication. Small amounts of fat in the corner of the eye can be safely removed and can enhance the overall result.

Procedure Overview – What to Expect

Treatment Time

2 – 2.5 Hours

Hospital Stay

One Night


Day One

Time off work

2 weeks for sedentary roles


3 weeks


8 Weeks


Showers after 3 days, no bathing until healed


Icepacks and painkillers

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