Mole & Lesion Removal

Are you searching for Mole Removal in Manchester from an industry-leading cosmetic surgery clinic with a world-renowned surgical team?

Find out more about moles and all the various lumps and bumps that can appear on your face and skin over time.

We are happy to take a look at your concern here at Reflect Clinic and a referral from your doctor is no longer required so we can address your concerns quickly and easily.

Minor Cosmetic Skin Surgery at Reflect Clinic

In the last few years, we have noticed demand for minor cosmetic skin surgeries or mole removal in Manchester has increased, not solely in the North West but across the UK. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS decided to no longer support or provide the removal of “lumps and bumps”, re-classifying these minor skin surgical procedures as cosmetic surgery.

As a clinic with families of our own, we appreciate that discovering a new skin development on either  yourself or a family member can cause concern and distress. Moles, skin tags and cysts, for example, can not only affect your appearance and knock your confidence but also cause fears regarding your health and the possibility of skin cancer.

Here at Reflect Clinic, we want to allay these fears quickly and easily and provide you with minor cosmetic skin surgery and mole removal in Manchester that is stress-free so you feeling The Most Beautiful You again!

Changing Mole? Get it checked

Alongside expert cosmetic procedures, we provide surgical treatments for a wide range of skin concerns and conditions, including mole removal Manchester.

Mr Lambe and Mr Apostolos have worked for years at the Christie Hospital, dealing with complex skin diagnoses, melanomas and challenging facial and body reconstructions.

As a result, they have gained tremendous experience and are highly skilled in managing any known “lumps and bumps”.

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  • Will I need anaesthetic for Minor Cosmetic Skin Surgery?

    All minor cosmetic surgery takes place under a local anaesthestic, with the procedure lasting anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

    Once completed, your surgeon and aftercare team will go through some minor post-op checks and then discuss your aftercare plan with you.

    We’ll provide all you need in a handy aftercare pack, but should you have further questions post-op, we are only a phone call away!

  • What happens if my skin condition needs further investigation?

    Any suspicious lesion(s) removed from your face or body will be sent for further investigation to the laboratory for thorough testing, know as a Histology test.

    This histology report helps us to exclude any form of skin cancer to put our minds at rest.

  • What skin conditions need Minor Cosmetic Skin Surgery?

    The most commonly operated skin conditions are:

    Mole Removal Manchester

    Benign moles of any size and shape can appear anywhere on the face or body. Depending on their clinical picture, these can be removed either by a full excision or by a shaved excision.

    Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCC)

    BCC’s are the most common skin cancers worldwide and Reflect Clinic have vast experience in these type of removal procedures. We can also proceed with subsequent reconstructive surgery, if necessary.

    Cysts and Lipomas

    These skin conditions can increase in size, making you uncomfortable and affecting your self-confidence.

    Keloid management

    Keloid management procedures include steroid injections or surgical removal from certain areas (such as ear keloids).

    Other benign lesions

    Conditions such as skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, cherry angiomas and intra-dermal nevi can all be removed safely and efficiently under a local anaesthetic.

    Tattoo scar excision

    This procedure can be performed if the shape and size of the tattoo scar allow for surgical removal. This will be discussed thoroughly at your initial consultation.

  • Do I need an NHS Referral?

    Since NHS budgets are limited you do not need any form of GP referral now as you would be having the procedure privately.

    The NHS waiting list is typically fairly long, but now you do not need to wait and can be more in control of the process.

    During your initial consultation with a member of our surgical team, they will assess your skin and discuss the best plan and procedure for you.

Procedure Overview – What to Expect

  • Treatment Time

    30-60 mins

  • Hospital Stay


  • Walking

    On the face, then straight after surgery

  • Time off work

    None necessary unless you do a physical job or would like to keep your op private

  • Driving

    It is recommended you always have a driver for at least 24 hours after any operation

  • Exercising

    At least a week, depending on where it is. Discuss with your surgeon post-op

  • Bathing

    OK but keep the area dry until fully healed

  • Aftercare

    Please attend post-op appts for wound care advice

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We look forward to seeing you soon on your journey to becoming “The Most Beautiful You”.

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