Reviews of Breast Enlargements with Breast Implants

Hurrah, we are on track to getting out of covid restrictions so to continue on the good news front I thought I’d share a selection of some fantastic boob job reviews. See below.

Boob job patient
A-Class review

My breast surgery with Dr Lambe was faultless, after considering breast augmentation for over 10 years I did lots of research, Dr Lambe and Jayne were amazing from start to finish and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

The day of the procedure was A class, in a 1pm and home after tea time.

My only regret is not seeing you sooner!!!

Laura, Patient

Top Surgeon in the North West

Another patient booked in for a breast enlargement and added a mini tummy tuck after speaking with Mr Lambe and the team!

100% recommend Mr Lambe – surgery and post-op has been flawless

100% would recommend Mr Lambe, Jayne, Reflect Clinic and the staff at Wilmslow hospital.  The whole process from first enquiry (Jayne), consultation (Mr Lambe), review of procedures – which resulted in me adding a mini tummy tuck to the breast augmentation, hospital and surgery and post-op has been flawless.

I cannot compliment the service, advice, time to consider, and efficiency of the day of surgery enough. I came across Mr Lambe by searching for top surgeons in the North West.

His PA Jayne is friendly, efficient and in contact at regular but appropriate intervals and following procedure too. I saw Mr Lambe at my consultation, prior to procedure and 10 days following, each occasion I found him to be approachable, consistent, a good listener and cared about his work. I also felt like it was me who had to convince him I wanted the surgery and was questioned about what I wanted and why directly before surgery to give me the opportunity to reconsider without judgement.

I am glad I didn’t – I love the results of both procedures and am back at work and most normal routines 14 days post surgery. 100% recommend Reflect Clinic. Thank you Jayne & Mr Lambe!

Complicated breast enlargement with breast implant exchange

I had lived for years with breasts that needed repairing after a previous breast augmentation elsewhere. Due to this I was anxious about finding another surgeon but then I found Mr Lambe, it was apparent after my first consultation that this was complex, and he gave me realistic expectations of my results showing astounding empathy in such a delicate subject. I have to stress that it’s easy to find pics on the net of ‘simple’ breast augmentations, however what makes the best surgeons are those who can deal with challenging cases.

My results are beyond my expectations. This man is a master in what he does and my words to him were ‘you’re a magician!’ Jayne his Clinic Manager was a huge part of my journey prior and after surgery. It really is about the journey and the array of emotions you go through – Jayne is amazing and will support any need / query and welcome you to contact her about anything/anytime. We had many laughs that just made my day!

Aftercare has been outstanding, and it’s just as important as the consultations prior. Reflect Clinic has restored my faith that there are some genuine, skilled and humane surgeons out there! Relieved that I have these outstanding results, and can finally move on from another surgeon’s work that knocked my confidence and limited relationships.

Research is key and I can confidently advise you Mr Lambe and his team will give you the best advice and results achievable! Thank you doesn’t seem to suffice ! Life changing! X

More breast enlargement in Manchester questions

We also get asked many other questions around price, such as what is your breast enlargement price, on a regular basis. We do need to see you beforehand for a consultation as everyone is different in their body to start with and aspirations going forward.

How much is a breast enlargement?

Please see our price range page to find out the potential cost of your breast surgery, as everyone is different.

We are happy to provide you with a definite breast enlargement (boob job) price once we have seen you either at a remote consultation, or at an in person consultation at our hospitals in Spire Manchester, The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire or at our consultation pop-up @DDClinical in Chester city centre.  All with free, on-site parking.

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See yourself with a breast enlargement in Virtual Reality

Simply Upload your 3 photos here so that you can see for yourself how you could look after your boob job!

The famous rice test

If you are considering having a breast enlargement and are not sure what size breast implants you would need, watch our handy video so that you can “test” each size beforehand. You will need just a pair of tights and some rice!

Simply click here to watch our Rice Test video.

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