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One of THE BEST Cosmetic Surgeons in Manchester

Mr Lambe and the team at Reflect Clinic are proud to have had so much positive feedback over the years and pleased to have so many delighted patients. As cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Cheshire and Manchester, whether they have had blepharoplasty, breast enlargement or a complete overhaul with a Mummy Makeover, it’s important that our patients love the work that we have done for them.

Please take a look at the cosmetic procedure you are interested in and read the information sheet and FAQs carefully before you make a decision on any surgery and then your Cosmetic Surgeon, as it is not something that you should rush into. If however, your decision has been made to improve your face or figure with cosmetic surgery, then please contact us and let us help you on the road to A More Beautiful YOU! (#AMoreBeautifulYou on social media)


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What Our Wonderful Patients Have To Say…

We are proud to have had so much positive feedback over the years and pleased to have so many delighted patients. So let us help you on the road to a more beautiful YOU!

Mummy Makeover

Meeting my Plastic Surgeon was the most pleasant experience I have had ever.  Extremely thorough and comforting to talk to.  A very lovely man doing amazing things to help women be more positive about their bodies.  Cannot thank him enough!


Professional and very approachable. Answered all questions and ensured I understood the procedure and what I wanted from it. Was honest about treatment required and did not do more than needed. Made sure to tell me to contact him if any issues or problems.

Frankie - 50 and wanting a lift

Dr Lambe was so nice and helpful, he put my mind at ease and was very professional and answered all my questions. He made me feel really relaxed about the whole operation and I would definitely go back to him and recommend him to everyone who wants breast surgery. Thank you for everything.

Bethany - Breast Enlargement Surgery

I just want to thank you sincerely for your surgery on my face on the morning of March 8th. Since Monday I have been out and about without a plaster dressing and the reaction of all my friends is ‘Oh what a beautiful job. I would hardly have noticed. Thank you so much!

Fay - Mini Face Lift

To Mr G Lambe and all Ancillary staff concerned in my treatment I have been receiving. ​My family and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful care and attention given to me since I first came to the hospital. Everyone dealing with me has been so kind, considerate and courteous. Thank you so very much.

William - Breast Reduction

Mr Lambe has a very calming manner and made me feel at ease as I was very nervous initially as my lips are very sensitive. He made a few jokes too which melted the ice so I would highly recommend him. He listened to me so that I got the result I wanted and made sure I was completely happy with a follow up call.

Dawn - Lip Fillers

This letter is to highlight how lucky I feel to have been treated by Mr Lambe. From the first consultation he made me feel comfortable and confident of the journey that I’d be taking and putting my health into his hands. I do suffer with bad anxiety, having Mr Lambe as support and knowing I could contact him at any time before the operation has made the experience a lot easier. On the day of the operation he came to see me; I have already mentioned that I do suffer from anxiety and I believe this visit helped me as I did not require any anti-anxiety tablets. I also asked if I could see him whilst being anaesthetised because this was something I was worried about, when I arrived in the anaesthetist’s room he was already there which also put me at ease. When he was finished in theatre he went out of his way to find my husband in the canteen to tell him all had gone well which I am very grateful for. The operation was a good few weeks ago and the after care has also been excellent. Sometimes I forget I have even had it done because everything has been smooth!

Lucy - Mummy Makeover

Removal of Hooded Eyes

From my late 20s/early 30s my “hooded” eyes have bothered me. They run in the family and now at 52 they became worse. After a recommendation from my beautician who is a qualified nurse and had seen the work of Mr Lambe I went for it. Within 4 weeks of booking I had been operated on and was healing. The result is natural and I am having lots of comments about new makeup or skin treatment as this has been a secret. So obviously I am looking better and people don’t know why. I love the result and the professional treatment I had from Mr Lambe.  Such a happy lady and glad I have had it done!

Izzy - Upper Blepharoplasty

From my first consultation with Mr Lambe I knew I had chosen the right surgeon.

From my first consultation for breast augmentation surgery with Mr Lambe I knew I had chosen the right surgeon. I was never rushed and no question was ever a silly one. It was really helpful to see the computer generated images of myself with different size/shaped implants. On the day of the surgery Mr Lambe and his team at Spire Manchester helped calm my nerves and made me feel at ease. I was particularly sickly post op due to the anaesthetic. Mr Lambe and the anaesthetist came to check on me a number of times and the nurses were amazing with me. I had an overnight stay and could not have wished for better care. The results of my surgery have far exceeded my expectations! I am 8 months post op, and the aftercare I have received from Mr Lambe has been exceptional. I would highly recommend Mr Lambe and indeed I have to a number of people.

Rebecca Hall

The very best of the best

I can’t recommend Mr Lambe highly enough. Surgery isn’t something that should be undertaken lightly. It’s a journey that you take with your surgeon.
Shared trust, respect and care being central to reaching the ultimate goal, an improved you!
The surgeon you choose doesn’t need just exception surgical skills, they need the ability to communicate effectively, set realistic expectations and put their patients front and centre. What most patients won’t consider is, as well as all these qualities, your surgeon needs to posses artistic flair, passion to achieve as close to perfection as the human body is capable of and surround themselves with like minded medics . I am a patient, my care has been second to none, Mr Lambe isn’t afraid to say no when a request is not in the patients best interest. He takes such exceptional care of not just your body but your mind and therefore ultimately your soul. He sets realistic expectations and gets to know you as a whole person so that he can truly understand what drives your motivation to explore surgery. Mr Lambe is an amazing human being who is meticulous, talented but more importantly he understands his patients desires. Thank you Mr Lambe for restoring my confidence and femininity.


I have not been happy with my vaginal area for quite a few years. I researched and found labiaplasty was an option however I had to be 18 in order to have the surgery. As soon as I was 18 I made an appointment with a private hospital in Cheshire, they then went on to refer me to Mr Lambe who they said was one of the best. I then went on and booked an appointment with Mr Lambe at Spire Hospital in Manchester. He was lovely, made me feel very comfortable, told me more about the surgery and answered all of my questions. I was very nervous to go in to surgery due to the fact you are awake, however I could not feel a thing and it did not take long! Mr Lambe also made sure all the staff were women and they were all fantastic. They talked to me throughout the surgery and I was made to feel very comfortable and safe. I would highly recommend Mr Lambe and his team as they did an amazing job for me and I am extremely happy with the results!


deserves 5 stars

deserves 5 stars .
From my first consultation I knew I had chosen the best , everything was explained to me , and answered all my questions.
Procedure went well and the aftercare was well beyond the call of duty , and each visit (many) the care was outstanding making me feel so comfortable .
Thankyou again..

Lynda Callaghan - Breast Reduction

So pleased with all aspects of the…

So pleased with all aspects of the reflect clinic from admin to reception staff porters nurses food was fantastic and not forgetting my amazing surgeon dr Lambe I won’t be going any where else again and Reccomend him to everyone.
Also from a big foodie hospital meals were fab

Tanya Mack

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To make a personal appointment at a convenient date and time of your choice in Manchester, please contact us

via telephone on 07434572794 (in office hours)

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Our clinics and theatres are located at The Spire Manchester Hospital in Didsbury, Manchester and we care for many patients around the UK and abroad. If you live further afield, then speak to Jayne and we can look after you further by helping with your transport and accommodation at a fabulous hotel nearby for your convenience and comfort.

The Spire Manchester hospital is a recently built, £65m "state of the art" hospital located at 170 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 2AF. We have specifically chosen this hospital as, in our experience, the Spire hospital group provides the very best quality of care for our patients.

If you would like to discuss improvements to your face or body, and find out what can be achieved with cosmetic surgery, then come and see one of The Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon's in Manchester (and Cheshire!) and discuss your options in a gentle and understanding environment with Mr Lambe.

Mr Lambe is regularly asked to give his expert opinion on cosmetic surgery procedures in the media.  You've most likely seen him on either BBC Breakfast, The Real Housewives of Cheshire or This Morning TV programmes, as well as in a host of national and local newspapers including The Mail and many women's magazines such as Vogue.

If you'd like to take advantage of seeing one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Manchester, then call our Clinic Manager, Jayne on 07434572794 who will discuss the cosmetic surgery procedure you are interested in, the options available to you and schedule your Consultation.

You will then receive an information pack including Frequently Asked Questions, a Consent Form and a written price for the cosmetic surgery you have chosen to go ahead with. As you can understand, each procedure is unique to you, with some cases being more complex than others, so we do not provide quotes over the telephone.

You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under Reflect Clinic.

We look forward to seeing you soon as you start your journey to "A More Beautiful You"

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