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Rodial Beauty & Fashion Event at John Lewis Cheadle, Cheshire

As we are all winding down for the Summer, I’ve had a think of who and what we have done post lockdown and we have really tried to make up for lost time post Covid!!

Two years’ being locked up made us yearn for the simple pleasures of going out and meeting up with friends and family, if you are an extrovert then you would have found being alone particularly difficult…

To counteract the many days of boredom (although don’t tell my Nana, as she used to say “only boring people get bored! lol) but if you rely on travel, going out, meeting people and seeing new things then you would have had to dig deep into your inner resources to stay positive and motivated and if you or your family members have been ill then it has been even more difficult. You can be so proud of yourself that you made it through intact.

In a bid to return to “normal” again, I grabbed the chance to meet up with some old friends and to meet some new ones at a networking event in Cheadle in Cheshire.

Beauty Advice

As fashions have come and gone over lockdown, we wondered what is even “in” any more in terms of fashion so when I attended the fashion, beauty and networking evening organised by Joanna Scott-Aspray of Cheshire Socialites, I was delighted to hear that there would be a talk by the marvellous Marcia Grose from Rodial on skincare and makeup.

Marcia has many years’ experience in skin care and beauty as I have known her a long time now and she really is a lovely lady.  She is an expert and gave an overview of skincare including the importance of using a high SPF in your skincare and/or makeup as a matter of routine.

I had been chatting with our own resident skincare expert, Dr Apostolos Vlachogiorgos the same week about how people often neglect their skin when it comes to protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays whether it is UVA (I call them ageing rays) and UVB (I call them burning rays to make them more memorable!). It is the largest organ in our body and is so important to protect especially over time when the results of poor lifestyle choices, such as spending too much time in the sun or not protecting our skin enough becomes apparent year’s later with sometimes brown age spots appearing or a leathery appearance to the skin due to being overexposed long term),

These issues can be so easily avoided if like the song says “wear sunscreen”.

Dr Apostolos demonstrated what to look out for with a good SPF product and it needs to be easily absorbed by the body, not leave a greasy residue and therefore provide a good base to your makeup routine.

After this chat, I tried Rodial’s own SPF 50 which comes in a bottle with a pipette in the lid (rather like in the laboratory) and you just squeeze the lid to release the right amount of product. It is very white with a milky consistency so is easily absorbed by your skin. I’ve used it every day since buying it and have integrated it into my skincare routine to achieve the best results long term. I am pleased to report that I would highly recommend it.

Click here to buy online

Summer Style Tips

We had a talk from John Lewis’ Personal Shoppers on the latest fashion looks of the season and how to wear them including the new mid blue stretchy and flared jeans from Reiss which you can dress down with a cotton t-shirt or dress up by adding a blazer in green or pink to make it pop, if you want to go for the casual but professional look!

You can only see a bit of Mia Malthouse’s green blazer in this picture, but believe me it looked fantastic with a plain t-shirt and jeans! She was there to learn some fashion tips and to promote Tropic skincare – weirdly we also bought the same jeans!!

Anna Barker from Flair Boutique is a good friend and I have known her for a few years now. She has a great boutique in the M33 Emporium in the centre of Sale in Cheshire and always has a friendly face! She supports and enhances the local community by getting all types of women involved in her fashion shows that she puts on around Cheshire, offering the latest styles in the latest colours! I often pop in for an outfit or a chat!

Behind the scenes shot: Marcia Grose of Rodial, Anna Barker of Flair Boutique, me and Joanna Scott-Aspray of Cheshire Socialites

Hair Styling Demonstration

We also received a demonstration on the latest Dyson supersonic hair styling product which not only dries your hair in seconds, but helps to style it in looser waves to add volume and bounce! Or if you like a sleeker, straighter style, then with it’s 5 attachments, it can do that too!

Teana Lynne, who is the current Miss Classic British Isles is here in the photo and she often models for Anna at her fashion shows too. It was great to meet her on the day.

Marcia Grose, Anna Barker of Flair Boutique, myself, Joanna Scott-Aspray and Teana Lynne, Classic Miss British Isles

Goody Bags

No event would be complete without some goody bags!! I was very pleased to receive some items from Rodial with the latest skin care samples in them as well as buying the SPF 50 bottle which sits on my dressing table to ensure I remember to put it on!

I’ve also trialled the sample of Rodial’s Dragon’s blood sculpting gel (which comes in a gorgeous orange squeezy tube) and found it very effective for reducing fine lines in the under eye area! It’s also very light and easily absorbs into the skin.

A big thank you to Marcia Grose, Joanna Scott-Aspray and John Lewis for a wonderful evening!

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