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The Real Housewives of Cheshire New Series

Well I don’t know about you but over lockdown, restrictions and the “new normal” I have been sitting at home a lot more and watching a lot more TV! Having devoured Tiger King (once seen, never to be forgotten!!!) I became addicted to series bingeing with a glass of the latest fruit flavoured gin and tonic and some popcorn!

I then moved on to box-sets and got to see a lot of catch-ups on BBC and ITV. One of my favourite shows is the Netflix original series “Selling Sunset” about super gorgeous and super glamorous estate agents who sell property in Los Angeles in the US.

Also had a chance to get a lot of recommendations of films and series. Some were rubbish! ha ha So I then started writing friend’s names next to their recommendations so I know who recommended what!! If there’s a great series you’d like to pass on, what’s your favourite??

Selling Sunset

This has been described by some as Real Housewives of Cheshire meets property porn as the houses around LA are so, so beautiful and so “pumped” with extras such as infinity pools, play room basements to die for and blinged up glossy kitchens which really do leave you salivating as a woman who loves decorating!

As well as THE MOST GLAMOROUS HOUSES I have ever seen, there is also the added benefit of seeing the super glamorous ladies who help sell the properties.  They have great background stories of how they have got to where they are today, my favourite of the moment is Mary Fitzgerard who married her younger model finance Romain Bonnet on the show.

There’s also the lovely Chrishell Stause who was was very brave to share the story of her childhood as she grew up in a really poor family which was very honest and showed her vulnerable side. Unfortunately in season 3 she was  publicly dumped by her husband of 2 years Justin Hartley, an actor on This is Us TV programme via text.

Standout “baddie” in the show is Christine Quinn who also got married in the show complete with a cake which oozed red “blood” when the cake was cut!

We can’t wait to see season 4!

taylor ward

The Real Housewives of Cheshire

As well as keeping us going through the Covid lockdown, last week we saw the return of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

You may remember that we have been fans of the show for a while now for its glamorous ladies and sumptuous surroundings in and around Cheshire!

Mr Lambe held a consultation with Darby Ward, her sister Taylor and their Mum, doyenne Dawn Ward at Spire Manchester, which raised the profile of Northern England plastic surgery as it is no longer the luxury of the rich and famous. They also showcased our famous 3D virtual reality breast implant software which Taylor Ward cleverly captioned as “boob goggles” on her account.

Darby Ward’s Wedding

Following the consultation, Darby Ward saw us again and had her breast enlargement surgery here at Reflect Clinic, with 240cc volume breast implants which enhanced her own petite frame and gave her the natural-looking breasts she was after.  She has since enjoyed a modelling career including modelling Victoria’s Secret underwear. No wonder, she looks fantastic in it!

We’ve been watching the new series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire this week, it’s back on Monday evenings on ITVBe and we were delighted to see Darby Ward trying on a selection of big white wedding dresses for her big day, She looks absolutely lovely and the dresses showed off her shapely figure to perfection, Absolutely loved it, although I think she will probably wear another dress (or two) for the wedding itself!

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

As well as being known locally here in Chester, Manchester and of course Cheshire, Mr Lambe has operated on many celebrities who are after a natural look. Some have chosen to go public with their surgery, including Mum Dawn Ward, who had an upper eyelift with us.

Many have chosen to keep their cosmetic surgery private, from breast enlargements, to upper eyelifts to mid facelifts and we are totally OK with that too as discretion is at the forefront of our patient care.  We take our patient’s privacy seriously, whether you’re a celebrity or not, you will be treated with the utmost care and attention at Reflect Clinic.

New Series of Real Housewives of Cheshire

It’s been so much fun appearing on the show and seeing Darby and Dawn Ward after their respective cosmetic surgery operations in Cheshire and seeing Darby Ward blossom from a young girl to a talented young lady. Take it from us she is a genuinely nice girl in real life and is a very talented singer, so with her new confidence in her shape we are sure she will go on to further success in her life and we wish her all the best for her upcoming wedding which has been postponed to 2022, again a very wise choice in the current Corona situation!

Don’t forget to watch the new series at 9pm on Mondays on ITVBe!

Top tip, if you’ve missed it, you can catch up on ITVBe Hub. I’ve even watched the next episode on this before it’s aired on Mondays if you cannot wait for the next episode! 😉

Patient Safety during Covid-19

Mr Lambe is also very concerned about patient safety, all year round and especially in Covid times. Please be assured that Spire Manchester and The Wilmslow Hospital have been hand picked for their CQC approved processes and focus on patient care. Especially during this current pandemic their scrupulous cleanliness with patient safety being always at the top of their lists.

Mr Lambe also highlights that the block on travel to many countries has had a positive effect as patients can no longer have thier cosmetic surgery abroad which carries many disadvantages including not being able to speak the language and being vulnerable, and a long way from home from the emotional and practical support of friends and family – the cost of cosmetic surgery definitely does not outweigh the risks of so-called cosmetic surgery tourism.

Patient safety, empathy, cosmetic surgery skills, training across the globe and constantly updating his skills with the latest techniques has ensured that Mr Lambe is regarded as the best cosmetic surgeon in Manchester, but don’t just take our word for it.

Breast Enlargement Patient Testimonials

As you can see on our Instagram account, we have many, many positive patient testimonials along with before and after photographs and Mr Lambe about town.

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Joanna Lambe
Marketing Director at Reflect Clinic Ltd

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