The Real Housewives of Cheshire & Rachel Lugo’s Breast Implants

The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Having watched The Real Housewives of Cheshire on Monday, one of the Housewives, Rachel Lugo mentioned her concerns about her breasts which led to her “feeling low” and having lowered her self-confidence. Having had a breast enlargement in the past, she said one was now hanging lower than the other and had changed shape so that her breasts were asymmetrical and didn’t look the same.

Gerard Lambe and the Real Housewives of Cheshire

Personal Level

This is a story we hear many times from our patients in describing their feelings about their breasts and how they feel about themselves and how it in turn affects their lives. The fact that they know their breasts don’t look “right” in their mind leads to them not feeling confident about their body which in turn affects other parts of their lives eg they can’t (or don’t) want to wear certain clothes, or beachwear which makes them avoid the places such as the beach where you would typically wear a bikini, so their lives are curtailed and for example they don’t go to the beach and consequently miss out on a holiday and the sunshine!

Practical Level

The good news is that Mr Lambe has years of experience in exchanging breast implants!

He said

Exchanging breast implants is a relatively easy operation to do.  It can be done as a day case so there is no need for an overight stay in hospital and this means that patients have to take less time out of their busy lives in order to correct one or both breasts at the same time.  I have performed hundreds of breast surgery operations so will be in safe hands.

Recovery Period

Your breast implants may have been positioned behind or in front of the muscle.  Typically a breast implant exchange which has been placed under the muscle will take longer to heal as it has involved the movement of the muscle to accommodate the breast implant. I would recommend light duties for two weeks after which means no hoovering, ironing or cooking!
A breast implant that has been placed over the muscle is a much quicker and simpler operation and therefore the road to recovery is much quicker and less uncomfortable. See All You need to Know about Breast Implants.

Breast Enlargement Before and After

This lady experienced a loss of volume in the upper part of her breasts after pregnancy and wanted to return her breasts to their former size and perkiness that she had experienced before having children.

Breast Uplift

The weight of some implants in the past have caused the breasts to drop due to the pull of gravity. If one or both breasts have dropped, then the operation will be more complicated and possibly involve moving the Nipple to a higher position.

If you are thinking about replacing one breast implant, it may be a good time to reassess both implants to see if they can both be done at the same time.  This reduces operational and recovery time as you would be in theatre and in bed afterwards for replacing either one or both implants.  The cost of replacing your breast implants would also be lower than having two separate operations.

This lady decided to have a breast reduction as over the years her large breasts had drooped so she wanted them returned to their former shape and position.

Breast Reduction

If you have decided that you would want a breast implant replacement from the ones that were inserted years ago, then fashions change in breast shape as well as clothes, so the big “headlight” style of round implants with high projections where you have a very obvious cleavage may no longer be what you want as these days most patients are in favour of a more natural look and shape (which uses teardrop shaped breast implants).

THE Best Customer Care

As you know, here at Reflect Clinic we aim to give our patients THE BEST CARE AVAILABLE, just look at our reviews to read more.  When you call, you will speak to Jayne, our Clinic Manager who has personal experience of having breast enlargement surgery and so has experienced a lot of the thoughts and emotions a lady goes through on her breast enlargement journey.

She has handled many, many enquiries for breast enlargement surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures and will be able to have a good chat to you on the phone when you first book your Consultation and Mr Lambe who will then see you at your Consultation.  He will also see you at your SECOND Consultation (if you would like one and still have any questions or concerns) and he will personally operate on you (with the best handpicked team in place).  He will then see you after your breast surgery (post-operatively) and at staged recovery appointments to check that you are progressing well and are delighted with your results.

Virtual Reality #BoobGoggles

And, of course, Mr Lambe has the famous #BoobGoggles with him which enable our patients to “see themselves” in Virtual Reality and at all angles, from either side and also from the front as if they are looking in the mirror. A recent patient said “they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING”.  The added advantage is that patients can even look down towards their “new” cleavage to see the effect of their choice of  breast implants so that they can choose the right implants for them.  Our results show that patients who have chosen to have breast enlargements with the help of the Virtual Reality Visors are delighted with their surgery as their final result matches their chosen images  on screen.

The cost of the BoobGoggles software is included in the price of your Consultation and there is no extra cost if you choose to use them as we highly recommend you do try them.

Cost of Breast Implants

We are often asked, “What is the cost of my breast enlargement surgery?” and unfortunately we cannot give an exact cost until Mr Lambe sees you personally as you may have a straight forward or more complicated surgery so it is not something that we can give a price over the telephone until we have seen what your problem is, how it can be corrected and how complicated this surgery would be to give you your dream breasts.

However, when you call Jayne she will be able to give you a “ball park” cost so that you know roughly what to expect when you book and pay for your breast surgery.  We hope you will be reassured that there will be no unexpected or hidden costs from the price you are quoted after your Consultation as we always hope to be clear and transparent with our patients.

See you soon!

If Rachel Lugo’s comments on The Real Housewives of Cheshire has resonated with you and you’d like to find out more about the type of breast surgery you would need eg the cost of your breast enlargement surgery then don’t hesitate to speak to Jayne on 0161 393 3993 or for out of hours enquiries, please complete our contact form and we will be in touch shortly. We hope to see you soon!