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Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester Spire Hospital

Wow, here we are in March already! How did that happen? I honestly cannot believe we are in month 3 of 2020!

As you may have read at the end of last year when we did a review of our most popular cosmetic surgery operations, the top 3 were

  1. Breast enlargement
  2. Upper eyelift (Blepharoplasty)
  3. Labiaplasty

Breast Enlargement surgery

We have noticed a steady rise in breast enlargement surgery over the years.  It is sometimes still called a “boob job” and many of our patients are happy to show off their boob jobs in and around Manchester!

We offer breast enlargement surgery with a range of breast implants here at Reflect Clinic. It is quite a big topic, so if you’d like to read about the many types available, then please click here to go in to some detail.

Here we have an example of a young lady who had naturally small breasts. The top photographs is the before breast enlargement surgery and the bottom one is the same lady after her breast augmentaton.  As you can see on the photo below she was so confident with her body after her breast surgery, that she decided to ho on holiday and had a fantastic time!

Women’s surgery is Mr Lambe’s speciality so as you can imagine, his spring and summer diary is booking up fast ready for the holiday season, so if you are thinking about this particular surgery, the please make an appointment with Jayne our Clinic Manager to discuss the surgery or book a consultation with Mr Lambe here at Spire Manchester hospital.

Breast Enlargements and The Real Housewives of Cheshire

We are often asked about our experience on The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Mr Lambe appeared on the show to give a consultation to Darby Ward, Taylor Ward and their Mum, Dawn Ward as the girls were thinking of having breast enlargement surgery.

On the show Mr Lambe gave them a consultation and they had a chance to try on our world famous Crisalix 3D virtual reality software which shows the patient her breasts as they are today and how they could look in various clothes and in various angles such as from the side, from the front and most surprisingly downwards to see how their cleavage could look after having a choice of different sizes of breast implants.  This really helps show the patient how they could look and gets rid of a lot of the guesswork that happens when you used to choose your ideal breast size.  It wasn’t so long ago that surgeons used rice in tights to show the patient how their breasts would look on their chest wall and in their bras!!  This was the only way in the past that surgeons and patients could discuss and see what the finished result would probably look like!!

Upper Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)

Upper Eyelift surgery has really increased over the past 2 years in general across the UK and of course, at Reflect Clinic here in south Manchester. We see many women and men, aged between 40-65 who have noticed a steady and gradual increase in heaviness in their upper eyelids giving them a tired look when otherwise they feel quite lively.  They say that they feel active, but when they look in the mirror the image they see does not match with how they feel in the outside,

There are a number of reasons for the popularity in this type of cosmetic surgery according to our patients and these are:-

1 It is relatively quick operation (usually over in around 40 mins)

2 There is no overnight stay required in hospital, so patients can easily go back to the comfort and familiarity of their own home

3 The cost for blepharoplasty surgery is fixed so no surprises.  Please see our cost page to find out more.

4 Results are usually excellent. See our instagram and facebook pages to see our many before and after images of ladies like you.


As you can imagine, we don’t print images on our website of imtimate ladies’ areas but if you are interested in this type of surgery, rest assured that Mr Lambe and his team are very experienced and empathetic and would be happy to discuss your body with you and how you think it would be improved.

Again, our patients are usually delighted with their labiaplasty surgery as it is entirely tailored to their own individual wishes.

Unfortunately, many of our patients have suffered in silence for a long time before they come and see us.  This pain may come in the form of avoiding relationships with potential partners as they may suffer from physical discomfort or emotional distress as they don’t like their appearance and their confidence suffers a lot because of it.

Thankfully, treatment is quick, easy and relatively painless so that patients can recover quickly (resting for a week) and can then quickly go back to their new, improved social lives.  We are so happy to be able to perform this intimate surgery for our patients.

Cost of Labiaplasty Surgery

The operation is very straight forward with the patient looking at every step of the way and deciding on what trim she would like. It may be that she would like both sides to be symmetrical or to reduce both sides.  It is entirely up to the patient and each individual has their own bespoke treatment.

As of March 2020 the cost is here.

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If you’d like to have a confidential and empathetic chat with Jayne and go though some questions you may have or to book a consultation, then please call Jayne direct on the number above. She will be happy to calm any fears you may have so that you can go on and enjoy your life without any further embarrassment or discomfort.

Our many patients are usually delighted with the results of their cosmetic surgery.

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