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Trends in Cosmetic Surgery During Coronavirus Times

Here in Manchester, we are currently on alert for the possible resurgence of lockdown after hearing today that lockdown is to be reinstated in the North East and in the Midlands.  It has been mentally tough on a lot of people and it’s also totally rearranged our lives which has led to a lot of people (our patients included) totally reassessing and resetting their values and needs in life.

We have not been able to be with our loved ones, be it friends or family, and this has led to a lot of us looking in the mirror and thinking, you know what, life’s too short to be miserable about my breasts and calling us for breast enlargement surgery.

Ladies have had to pivot to meetings on zoom (sometimes for hours per day) which has the effect of looking in the mirror for a lot more each day so many ladies have contacted us about their baggy or hooded eyes which makes them look older than their years and so have had a further zoom consultation with Mr Lambe about the possibility of an eyelift.

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“The Zoom Boom”

Mr Lambe was interviewed in Revive Magazine recently, quoted as

I am calling it the ‘ZoomBoom’, and we are now way past the numbers we usually see in January, typically our busiest month, when everyone is considering a fresh start. Technology has helped enormously for us all to keep in touch, and it is now possible to consult with people safely.

Without having to travel a long distance as when patients are considering surgery, it is essential to them that they find a surgeon they connect with. I have many patients who say they have had 3 or 4 consultations for the same procedure but never progressed because it just didn’t feel right.

Eyelift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This is one of our most popular treatments and one that reaps the best results.

If you look above you can see one of our happy patients after her upper eyelift surgery. As you can see she looks at least 10 years younger and so much happier.

The cost of eyelift surgery here in Manchester is relatively quick and simple so is available for a fixed cost of £4100. If you’d like to see the list of costs for other cosmetic surgery treatments in and around Cheshire, click here.

Mini Facelift Surgery

Obviously, people focus on our eyes and faces when facetiming on a call or a zoom call usually for training or a work meeting.  It follows, therefore, that one of the most popular enquiries as been for mini facelift surgery.

Mr Lambe says a lot of women were having non-surgical treatment with the promise of a tighter jawline which just wasn’t giving them the results they desired, after a certain time surgery is the only option to deliver these results.

This was the reason why I started performing a mini facelift which is for these patients who are seeing decreasing returns from non-surgical treatments but don’t want a full facelift.

The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic and takes only an hour in the chair, producing a subtle but noticeable change that is all healed in 10 days. It can be safely repeated in 2 years when it usually has worn off.

Many patients combine this with an upper eyelift which is one of my most popular procedures. I have even seen enquires from a lady in LA after a personal recommendation (thank god for virtual consulting!)

The Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

On top of all this we have not been able to go on holiday therefore a lot of women have been able to use the holiday money they have put aside for hotels, flight and spending money, and transfer it to their cosmetic surgery fund for their own needs and we have certainly experienced this trend here in Manchester when we have spoken to our many new patients.  It has been on their “to do” list for months, if not years and they finally got their chance to take action to give themselves the permission and means to have their own facelift, eyelift, breast enlargement or even the more intimate labiaplasty.  You are not alone if this is you too!

If you would like to know the cost of breast surgery, be it a breast enlargement, breast uplift or even a breast reduction, then please rest assured you are in the safest hands possible as Mr Lambe is considered one of the best breast surgeons in the World.

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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Thankfully, the corona virus has had some positive effects because patients who were looking to have their breast enlargement, facelift or eyelift abroad, perhaps in Turkey have been unable to travel there due to government restrictions.

Cheap surgery is available abroad, however, it carries with it inherent risks: you might not meet the cosmetic surgeon who is giving you your breast enlargement before you go for your surgery, s/he may not speak English very well and you may not understand them if they have a strong accent.  It is very difficult to tell someone exactly what you want from your surgery with a language barrier in normal circumstances, however, this is a very stressful situation to be going into before having any surgery!

Added to this, your aftercare may be hit and miss as they may not be around after your surgery for questions on how the operation went, as typically some surgeries abroad fly in their surgeons who do the operation and then fly back home, which may not be in the same country.  They are therefore not available should something go wrong!

You don’t even have to travel now, but you can progress your wishes by having an on-line consultation face to face with your surgeon.  Just call Jayne on 07434 572794 to book yours. There is no obligation to have cosmetic surgery and you will not experience any hard sell so you can be confident that you will not be put under any pressure in any way.

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Safe Cosmetic Surgery

We at Reflect Clinic are pleased to advise our patients who come and see us for a consultation that we are not the cheapest cosmetic surgery company if you compare us with cosmetic surgery tourism, however, we are the safest! Mr Lambe is nearby before your surgery so that you can be sure that he will have your best interests at heart and be on-call close by so that your wellbeing is maintained.

You may not have the support of a close friend or family member with you to support you practically or emotionally while you are there.  If you are alone, abroad and can’t speak the language, I should imagine this would be a very frustrating, stressful and possibly dangerous situation.

Your health is priceless, so the saving of a couple of hundred pounds when you include your flight, transfers and hotel may not be that much of a difference in cost between your cosmetic surgery abroad or here in Manchester, Cheshire or Chester.  The possible cost to your wellbeing and your health is, however, too high in our opinion.

This is why he is called The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Manchester.

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