Tummy Tuck Surgery, Manchester & Cheshire

 Treatment Time:

Full 2.5 hours

Hospital Stay:

1 or 2 nights


As soon as you are able


Showering only, and keep wounds dry


14 days


Gentle walking only for 1st 2 weeks, exercising after 6 weeks


Drains 24 hours after surgery

Time Off Work:

2-3 weeks

This operation involves removing skin and fat below the tummy button. At the same time the muscles beneath the tissue can be tightened up. This procedure can be combined with breast surgery for a mummy makeover and is performed on ladies once they have completed their family and at a steady weight



You will have a much flatter and more toned looking stomach area with a neat scar in the tummy button and a longer scar low down stretching from hip to hip. This is carefully designed to fit within your swimming garments or underwear.