Types of Breast Implants used in Breast Augmentations

Round Breast Implants


Breast Augmentations are most commonly performed by inserting silicone implants. Many of my patients would like to know more information about the range of implants available and which manufacturers I use, so I have put this quick guide together to provide more information for you.
I primarily use implants from two main manufacturers at present and they are Mentor, owned by Johnson and Johnson, and Polytech (who are based in Germany).
Both manufacturers offer a wide range of implants in varying volumes, sizes and textures. Polytech manufacture their implants in Dieburg, Germany and I have been out personally to visit the factory to witness the quality of the production and the sterilisation processes they use there. As expected in Germany, they have a very stringent approach to safety and quality, as well as a commitment to research, development and training of international surgeons such as myself.
At each stage of the production, the implants are inspected for quality individually by hand. The implants also have a multi layered dense shell to prevent silicone leakage. In the old days silicone implants, if left on a piece of paper, would have left an oily stain behind, but this is no longer the case with the modern implants I use.
Shaped Breast Implants


Both Mentor and Polytech offer implants with a range of different textures. Polytech are the only manufacturer to offer an implant with a polyurethane shell which is useful in both revision and primary surgery as it sticks the implants to the chest and this helps to prevent droop and rotation as well as having a very low rate of capsular contracture. (this is backed up by research).  The other surfaces are micro (small regular changes in texture) or macro (larger, more irregular) textured which are the vast majority of implants that I presently use as they have a very good safety record.


Implants generally come in  either round or anatomical shapes.

Round Shaped Implants

A round implant has the advantage that should it move it will not look any different however it rotates and for many patients it provides a very natural look as long as the implant is not too big for their frame (overall chest size and shoulder size). Round implants are first measured by their width and then each width comes in a different projection. Projection just means how far the implant sticks out when it is positioned in the chest, to give fullness to the breast. At the present time, round implants have a selection of low, moderate, moderate plus and high projections.

Tear Drop Shaped Implants

So what about the teardrop shaped implants? Both companies provide a full range of what is known as anatomical shaped implants. These implants are made of a gel that holds its shape and when viewed from the side it has a fullness in the lower part which mimics the shape of well proportioned natural breasts. The different dimensions of the implants can be adjusted so not only their width but also their height depending on whether you are particularly tall or short and also the degree of projection you desire. A shaped implant that has a high projection can be used to provide lift to a drooping nipple and can, in some cases, mean that you are able to avoid the scars associated with Breast Uplift surgery but this would have to be assessed in person at your Consultation and very much depends on which implant you choose and how much droop is present at the beginning, before surgery.

How long do Breast Implants last?

Each manufacturer supplies a warranty with their implants. The warranties differ slightly but will cover you in case of a rupture or failure of the implant and there is also cover for the cost of a re-operation if you have a severe capsular contracture. This is comforting to me and my patient in that it demonstrates the confidence that the companies have in the quality of their products.


The choice of implants available today is greater than it has ever been and the new technologies are making them safer and your results more predictable which is great news for you if you are considering having Breast Augmentation Surgery with Breast Implants.
Over the years as a Breast Surgeon I am often presented with patients who cannot remember which implants they have in their body, what shape, volume or type of implant and are unable to find out the details of the implant that they have had as it is often many years in the past.
A new development in this type of surgery is that the government is now developing a breast implant registry and this is an opt in system where you can have the details of your implant registered on a database so that if there is ever an issue with an implant you can be contacted and if you ever need the details of your implant then it can be retrieved.
If you would like further information on Breast Surgery, please take a good look at our Procedures tab and select the Breast Augmentation or Breast Uplift options.  There is also a range of Before and After pictures for you to take a look at.

You may have seen in the Press, or watched me on The Real Housewives of Cheshire show, where I have showcased our 3D Virtual Reality Breast Visors (#BoobGoggles on Social Media) which enables you to see yourself with different sized and shapes of breasts in bikinis and dresses with images that can be taken away so that you can discuss your options with family and friends and ultimately decide at your own leisure, the best implants to suit you.
Your friend may have a certain size and shape which you may be tempted to choose if they look great, but please be aware that you need to select the right size and shape for your own unique frame.  This is why we hold individual private consultations to see you. You can always bring a friend or family member (we’ve heard it’s now called Framily!) to support you, ask any questions for you that you may have forgotten to ask and help you make your own decision.

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