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What are the costs of Labiaplasty in the UK?

Are you searching for Labiaplasty in the UK? Unsure about the costs? Reflect Clinic has you covered!

Reflect Clinic have a team of experienced surgeons that are experts in this type of surgery, so you know you are getting the expert service you need.

We pride ourselves on our patient care, safety and aftercare following the procedure.

This latest Reflect Clinic blog explains all you need to know about Labiaplasty and the costs of the procedure in the UK.

What are the costs of Labiaplasty?

At Reflect Clinic, we know the costs of cosmetic surgery can be high but we provide a full service, at a fixed cost, so that our service is fully transparent to you.

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you as we all have different types of skin, unique shapes and our own individual aspirations.

However, we are pleased to offer a set price for your Labiaplasty surgery

The £4,200 fixed price includes the following:

  • Cosmetic surgeon fees
  • Material costs
  • Hospital fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Medications
  • Follow-up appointments

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a procedure for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their genitalia.

Labial reduction is a way of addressing excess or asymmetry of the outer lips of the vulva (labia minora).

After this surgery, you can expect a more neat and symmetrical appearance to the vulva with less embarrassment with underwear and sportswear.

What should I expect from Labiaplasty?

Committing to cosmetic surgery can be challenging. This is why Reflect Clinic gives you all you need to know about the Labiaplasty procedure.

  • Treatment Time: 1-2 hours
  • Hospital Stay: overnight or day case, depending on your needs
  • Walking: from day 1
  • Aftercare: Review after one and 2 weeks. Panty liners until fully healed
  • Driving: Rest for one week
  • Exercising: Gentle walking from day 5
  • Bathing: Showers from day 1 (no bathing until healed)
  • Time off work: Rest for one week/2 weeks for sedentary roles

The procedure can be done under Local Anaesthetic (LA), and we appreciate this is a sensitive and personal area. To make it easier, we use a combination of a numbing cream applied to the area and a small injection.

You do not have to put your legs into uncomfortable stirrups like when having a smear, as we prefer you to be comfortable.

You will lie on the table in a frog leg position with your heels drawn up to your bottom and knees apart, with a mirror placed between your legs so that you can say exactly what you would like tailored in real time, in an empathetic and experienced environment.

What does Reflect Clinic offer?

Reflect Clinic offers a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for you to choose from to improve your face and body.

At Reflect Clinic, we care about our patients before, during and after their cosmetic surgery.

You will see our top team of Jayne Bailey, Clinic Manager, Gerard Lambe or Apostolos V, Cosmetic Surgeons, on your cosmetic surgery journey in Manchester, Chester or Cheshire.

Jayne has over ten years of experience and will communicate with you regularly and ensure you feel relaxed, able to ask any questions and will put you at ease.

Mr Gerard Lambe is “One of The Best Plastic Surgeons In Manchester” and specialises in female surgeries.

We only operate in the best hospitals and are surrounded by excellent nursing care teams with your best interests at heart.

At Reflect Clinic, we even offer a 12-month aftercare appointment!

If you are in any doubt about the service you will receive, just read our excellent Patient Testimonials and see for yourself!

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