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What are the costs of Mummy Makeover in the UK?


Are you looking for the costs of Mummy Makeover in the UK? Look no further than Reflect Clinic!

Reflect Clinic has a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures available to patients throughout the UK.

This latest blog will explain the costs of Mummy Makeover and how you can get started with Reflect Clinic today!


Costs of Mummy Makeover UK

The cost of a Mummy Makeover in the UK ranges from £13,000 to £19,000. It’s important to understand that at Reflect Clinic, this final price is determined by a variety of factors that contribute to the total cost.

This quoted price includes all expenses related to the surgery, ensuring that patients face no hidden fees. The fees at Reflect Clinic include the usage of hospital facilities, specialized spaces, medical equipment, and the professional services of an experienced anaesthetist.

Following your procedure, we provide all the necessary medications and post-operative bandages to facilitate a smooth recovery.

Additionally, we offer follow-up consultations with our expert team to guarantee that you are satisfied with the results and to ensure that your recovery and the outcomes of your cosmetic surgery are optimal.

Various factors can indicate the cost of a Mummy Makeover in the UK. They include:

  • Extent – The extent of the surgery significantly determines its cost, as each woman’s body requires a unique combination of procedures, affecting the number and types needed.
  • Medication – anaesthesia and medication costs during surgery can elevate the total expense.
  • Hospital Fees – The facility fees from the hospital or clinic performing the surgery also contribute to the overall cost.

Mummy Makeover

A mummy makeover is a term given to a combination of procedures designed to rejuvenate a woman’s body after she has completed her family. The goal of a mummy makeover is to improve physical appearance and boost confidence.

The results of a Mummy Makeover are typically excellent, with most women finding joy in their new body. Post-operative swelling of the breasts is common, and the ultimate results may take several months to manifest fully.

Extensive research has shown that silicone implants are not linked to any diseases. We ensure the use of high-quality implants sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Mummy Makeover Max

A “Mummy Makeover Max” refers to a range of cosmetic procedures aimed at restoring or enhancing a woman’s figure to its pre-pregnancy state—or even improving upon it.

This typically involves a tailored combination of breast surgery—augmentation, reduction, or lift—a mini or full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and liposuction targeting resistant areas like “saddlebags” that diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle alone may not address.

Breast augmentation, often referred to as a ‘boob job’, entails the insertion of breast implants to increase size, correct asymmetry, or replenish lost volume—particularly in the upper breast area—a common post-pregnancy concern.

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