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B-Lite New Lightweight Breast Implants

Early this year Q Medical launched a new range of lightweight breast implants called B-Lite.

b lite breast implant

Unlike other breast implants, they are white in colour (as opposed to semi-transparent) silicone.  They also feel more like natural breasts and as the name suggests, they are lighter than ordinary breast implants.

silicone gel breast implants

Benefits of B Lite Breast Implants

1 They mimic breast tissue, so feel more like natural breasts when touched.

2 They are lighter than other types of breast implants, so are less prone to the effects of gravity over time.

3 Over time, they do not cause the breasts to droop as traditional breast implants would do, especially large volume ones that would have to be replaced over about 10 years.

4 The re-do operation is not needed which saves the cost of replacement breast implants.

5 The re-do operation is not needed which saves the time out of having further replacement breast enlargement surgery.

6 The B-lites reduce further risk to the health of the patient.  As will be explained at your Consultation, every operation performed does carry an element of risk, therefore as only one cosmetic surgery operation is needed, further surgical risks are reduced.

b lite breast implants base

Types of Breast Implants

The new type of breast implants are available in both round and anatomical shapes and the range includes a variety of projections.

They are all round at their base which means that they are all as wide as they are long.

b lite breast implant profile

Round Breast Implants

These give a more pronounced effect from the side and the front and also a fully rounded cleavage if you would like a more “obvious” effect.

round breast implants profile

Anatomical Breast Implants

These shaped implants can sometimes be called tear drop shaped and if placed next to the breast itself, mimics the shape of the breast from the side as it would be in a good sized natural breast.

This type of breast implant is best if you are seeking a more “natural” looking result.

 anatomical breast implants

Breast Implants Projection

The projection of a breast implant is shown on the above images of both round breast implants and anatomical breast implants and is the distance from the chest wall and how far it projects away from this ie measurement B as shown in the image above.

Which Implants to Choose?

The information in this blog post can help you find out about the different types of breast implants that are now available to you, but in no way is it intended to replace a real-life, face to face consultation with Mr Lambe or indeed any other cosmetic surgeon who will listen carefully to your medical history, your lifestyle eg if you smoke, vape or drink excessively, which should all be avoided for a minimum of 6 weeks before your surgery, s/he will also take into account the overall effect you are hoping to achieve.

Your Consultation

A good cosmetic surgeon will not pressure you in any way to make a choice about having breast enlargement surgery or to book you in for the breast augmentation surgery itself.  The choice is yours once you have taken on board the information presented to you, your particular needs and of course your cosmetic surgery aspirations.

Background on Gerard Lambe, Cosmetic Surgeon based in Manchester, UK

Mr Lambe has been training in medicine since 1992 and has travelled the world to ensure that he is up to the minute and uses the latest cosmetic surgery techniques which ultimately benefit his patients.

He is regularly in the media, from newspapers such as The Mail, to Glamour magazine, to national TV including BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning.

You should do thorough research before any operation on

  1. The operation you would like
  2. The hospital you will be operated on
  3. The Plastic Surgeon who will be operating on you

Mr Lambe also works in the NHS and carries out complex breast reconstructions on a regular basis with patients who are recovering from breast cancer.  He leads the breast surgery unit at world-famous, The Christie Hospital in Didsbury, South Manchester.

He is known for his honest and gentle approach and creates an environment where you are confident and happy enough to discuss your cosmetic surgery, whether it is breast surgery, facial surgery or more intimate labial surgery, so that you can ask any questions you may have and address any concerns that are unique to you.

By seeing you privately and individually, we are able to carry out the best assessment of your particular needs.

Mr Lambe is happy when his patients are happy so it is in both the surgeon’s and patient’s interest to gain a full picture of the aspirations of the patient and discuss whether the result they are after is attainable for them, bearing in mind factors such as patient build, skin laxity (skin’s elasticity) and ultimately the overall effect you wish to achieve,

Booking in

If you would like to discuss your breast enlargement surgery, the types of breast implants available to you, including the new state of the art B-Lites, then please book in to see Mr Lambe by calling Jayne on 0161 393 3993.

Out of office hours, then please complete our Contact page so that we can contact you and progress your information gathering.

You will not be pressured into having any surgery and the Consultation is simply a chat to find out more about you and your needs.  We are happy to book in further consultations until you have all the facts you need to make a fully informed decision.

All good cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery companies will act in this manner. If you ever feel pressured into booking in for any surgery, with any company, then please walk away as this is a sign that you the Patient is not their number one priority.

Please be aware that if you are considering going abroad for low cost surgery then this decision will carry further risks especially if you are going alone, to a foreign country, where you will be most vulnerable and likely do not speak the language is a far from ideal situation to put yourself in to save a few pounds.

Your health and peace of mind should be paramount in any decision you make and you should make them your top priority.

We look forward to seeing you!

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