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BBC Radio Bristol Interview with John Darvall

And in a double whammy, BBC Radio Bristol also rang Mr Lambe this week to ask him if would he do another live interview on 24th January on the topic of “What is Plastic Surgery?” on the Darvall Show on a listener’s question time.

Why is it called Plastic Surgery?

This is a question we are often asked when giving talks to patients and teaching about plastic surgery to prospective plastic surgeons, so when we were approached to talk about this topic, we jumped at the chance.

It’s such an interesting topic and really shows that although cosmetic surgeons are sometimes criticised for operating at a superficial level of “image” only, its roots go back a long way.

Cosmetic surgery also has a profound effect on our patients, their journey often leading them to a happier, more productive life where they often regain their body confidence and are so much more self-confident as a result, so surely this has to be a good thing for women and society as a whole?

BBC Presenter John Darvall

As well as being a BBC Radio presenter, John is a TV and Radio Journalist, Talk Show and Phone In Host, BBC Presenter and Voice Artist.

In the BBC Radio Bristol Show, John’s audience asks questions which he then puts to an expert in the field, in this case, Plastic Surgery.

The Interview – BBC Radio Interview Cosmetic Surgery Expert

John Darvall : Why is it called Plastic Surgery when it is used on the living body? It is a great question, but you don’t use plastic do you?

Gerard: It comes from the fact that all the tissues of the body are soft and mouldable and we use a lot of procedures, moving the tissue round and perhaps making a new breast out of a tummy, these are all referring to the fact that that you can mould the body

Hear the BBC Radio (Bristol) Interview Cosmetic Surgery Expert clip here

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