#BoobGoggles and the Loose Women


Following Mr Lambe’s appearance on The Real Housewives of Cheshire as “The Expert” described as “The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Cheshire” by Dawn Ward with her daughters, Darby Ward and Taylor Ward, we have received lots of enquiries and engagement on social media.
The above image shows our new hashtag, #BoobGoggles originally coined by Dawn Ward and it has caught on across Taylor Ward’s, Darby Ward’s Dawn Ward’s, Real Housewives of Cheshire official page and fan site and our audience in and around Cheshire and Manchester!

The Press

There was also LOTS of press following the show and we and #BoobGoggles have appeared in a host of local and national online and print newspapers and radio stations including:-

  • Australian Radio
  • Body Confidential
  • The Mirror
  • New York Post
  • The Sun
  • The Warrington Guardian
  • Amongst others!

With Dawn, Darby and Taylor appearing in

  • The Daily Mail
  • The Manchester Evening News

Loose Women

Since then Dawn Ward has been on ITV’s Loose Women Day Time show to share her experience of her daughters asking for Breast Surgery (otherwise known as Boob Jobs) in The Real Housewives of Cheshire.
Dawn did exactly the right thing in researching the breast surgery itself, researching the best Hospital and researching Cosmetic Surgeons in and around Cheshire and Manchester on the internet and with friends before coming to the Best Surgeon in Cheshire, Mr Gerard Lambe.

“Why I’m supporting my daughters’ Boob Jobs

Following intense Media Speculation, Dawn received some tough questioning on the show on why she let her daughters have a Consultation for breast surgery but followers of Loose Women, Dawn Ward, Darby Ward, Taylor Ward and The Real Housewives of Cheshire and their Fan Site were overwhelmingly adamant that Dawn was being a supportive Mother to her adult children who, after all, are legally of age to make their own decisions.
“Mum agrees that is you are not confident about a part of your body, then if you are able to change it, and if you are fortunate to be able to change it..”

“then if you deal with the situation properly, then you shouldn’t be unhappy about something when you don’t have to be”

Dawn Ward’s Interview

Ruth Langsford asked the question “Would YOU back your daughter’s wishes to get a boob job?”
“I would never compare breast surgery to having your hair done” said Dawn “many years ago it wasn’t acceptable to have your hair coloured, my how times have changed!
We do everything as a family, my girls often come to me for advice, and my daughters are 21 and 19, they are very mature, strong women”

Reasons for Breast Surgery

“They came to me separately and said they weren’t happy with their boobs”
“They had their own reasons, Taylor had one breast two sizes smaller than the other and she felt really body conscious about it and conscious, you know, in bikinis and just didn’t feel, felt unhappy with the way they looked..

Darby for a completely different reason, she didn’t have a lot of Boobs and was quite flat chested and she just wanted to add a bit more, make her self feel a little bit more …
The picture above was shown on screen while the discussion took place with the Loose Women remarking that Darby looked
“Really good”
“You see, to me, she has the PERFCT FIGURE there” remarked Jane Moore
“She’s got bigger boobs than me!” remarked Saira Khan
“She’s had her boobs done there, that’s why” replied Dawn
“Ah”, the Loose Women replied in chorus.

The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Cheshire

“When you go in for a surgery like this…

“At 21 I was married and had Darby… I want to be a supportive parent, we went to GET THE RIGHT ADVICE AND SEARCH FOR THE BEST SURGEON … I WILL GET YOU THE BEST SURGEON”

I look at them and think they look great but I want to be a parent that my girls can come to me with anything”
Darby Ward stuck up for her Mum and said “I would have had breast surgery whether or not Mum had agreed but she did the best thing by talking it through with me and finding me THE BEST SURGEON”
Dawn finished the show by saying “that’s all I wanted for my children,  for them to be happy” and that is something we can all agree on.
Turning to Darby, Ruth asked? “Were you very determined that this was what you were going to do?”
“Yeah, I knew 100% that I was going to have it done anyway, as long as the Medical Professional told me it was safe to do so, within the obvious concerns that you can have with surgery, but I was going to do it anyway, I went to Mum to ask would she come with me, I wanted someone to be there with me so that I could completely understand everything that I am getting into”
“Ruth asked “why DID you want to?”
“I had a really good figure, I had quite nice boobs.. but then I lost weight and when I lost my weight, I lost my boobs as well, and I struggled with bikinis and struggled with different things and I feel so conscious about this, and I go to the gym and work out 5 times a week”

The Best Cosmetic Surgery Team in the Business

“It’s my body, my Mum is supporting me”

“She is really happy now, she is very, very happy and that’s all I ever want for my girls”

Will Dawn be happy? Will Darby and Taylor be happy? Will the whole family be happy?
You will have to watch The Real Housewives of Cheshire on ITVBe at 10pm, this Monday 9th October 2017 to see the story unfold…

Do Your Research

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