Chester Cosmetic Surgeon Now at DD Clinical!

You may have seen our news recently on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts – our VIP Pop Up event is now on this Wednesday, 15th September at 2021, addressing cosmetic surgery in Chester including the following-

  • mummy makeover in Chester
  • breast enlargement (boob job, breast augmentation), breast augment with breast implants in Chester
  • labiaplasty in Chester
  • breast uplift in Chester
  • eyelift in Chester
  • mid facelift in Chester
  • breast reduction in Chester
  • tummy tuck in Chester
  • facelift in Chester

daniela dobbin dd clinical

Introducing DD Clinical Chester

You will also get a chance to meet DD Clinical’s Director, Daniela Dobbin, whose Clinic focusses on non-surgical treatments for men and women including skincare treatments (as well as her own range of wonderful creams) and complementary women’s treatments such as the Femi-Lift, laser hair removal and anti-wrinkle injections, at her luxury, non-surgical cosmetic clinic based in Chester.

Daniela impressed us with her warm, friendly and professional approach and focuses on achieving the best results for her clients – we instantly had an affinity with her and her team and knew we could work well together!

Skincare Advice

Daniela and her highly skilled team of medical professionals offer advanced, results-driven procedures.

clearskin before and after
Before and After Pictures of iPixel Laser for skin resurfacing

iPixel Laser

The iPixel Laser is a specialist skin resurfacing laser designed to dramatically improve skin without injections or surgery, helping to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation, acne scars, skin texture, tone and large pores.

This skin resurfacing treatment is fast, long lasting and safe for all skin types. The results last between 6-9 months.

Dani DD Clinical


It has been very difficult to obtain pictures for this treatment! An issue we also have for our labiaplasty treatment but please be assured that you will be treated with empathy, understanding and complete discretion.

If you have experienced childbirth, menopause or natural hormonal changes, then all of these factors have an impact on the health and anatomy of your vagina and many women go for years without seeking treatment, if at all.

But just like other muscles in your body, the vaginal walls can be restored, and you can regain your comfort and confidence, no matter what age you are.

Femilift is a non-surgical solution that helps tighten and tone the vaginal walls. If you suffer from conditions such as stress urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse or reoccurring infections.

This treatment is simple, long lasting, pain free and takes just 30 minutes

You can hear more about it on the night, or If you prefer, you can also book an appointment at DD Clinical for a discreet, complimentary consultation to discuss any intimate health concerns you have and to find out if Femilift is right for you,

the best plastic surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon in Chester

Mr Lambe trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery in and around the North West including the Plastic Surgery Department at The Countess of Chester hospital which treated patients from both Chester and North Wales and really enjoyed his training as a cosmetic surgeon in Chester.

Mr Lambe is very pleased to be able to discuss three main topics including breast enlargement (breast augment) at the Chester event, as well as answer your plastic surgery questions, here in Chester for the first time!

He is delighted to talk in the sumptuous surroundings of the Chester clinic about general cosmetic surgery with a focus on the following areas:

  • Hooded Lid Removal (sometimes called an Eyelift or Upper Blepharoplasty)
  • Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants
  • Labiaplasty surgery

You will be able to freely discuss your unique cosmetic surgery questions whether you would like an eyelift, a breast augmentation or labiaplasty and whether you are from Chester, North Wales or beyond, in a dedicated and discreet consultation room.

Come and see your favourite Chester cosmetic surgeon and there will also be an opportunity for private one to one consultations on the evening with both Mr Lambe and Daniela in which bespoke treatment plans will be discussed to meet your individual needs.

eyelift before and after

Eyelift Surgery

If this is an area you are interested in, an upper eyelift addresses the “hooded” lid look as the skin stretches and sags over the eyelids as we age over time, or sometimes it is a genetic trait of sisters and mothers, which we have seen and dealt with many times with patients complaining that they can no longer apply their eye makeup easily as the extra fold of skin gets in the way and can sometimes restrict their sight. The makeup may rub the eyelid and smudge and disperse the makeup too with dots of mascara appearing on your upper lids.

This cosmetic surgery procedure takes just 40 minutes at a fixed cost of £4100 (Sept 2021 price), under local anaesthetic with patient results truly excellent with many patients reporting they look 10 years’ younger.

Read full details here.

Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants

Mr Lambe does many breast enlargement procedures in his cosmetic surgery clinic in the surrounding areas of Chester and North Wales and he is delighted to share his many 5 * Reviews from Trustpilot here.

Mr Lambe is considered an expert in his field and has even been called a “Boob God”!  Take advantage of our 3D Virtual reality breast enhancement software. The operation is performed whilst asleep and our aim is to give you natural looking breast implants.

Read more about breast enlargement surgery here,

Read our full Guide to Breast Implants here,


We receive a huge number of enquiries from women who are unhappy with their labia, specifically their labia minora, which are the two folds of skin that surround the vagina. (The outer lips are the labia majora and the inner ones are the labia minora.) They run alongside each other but it is the labia minora that give women the most concern if they are irregular in shape, are asymmetrical or hang below the labia majora and have to be folded up to sit comfortably, when wearing underwear, bikini bottoms or tight trousers.

All are normal but if the labia make sitting, riding a horse, riding a bike, swimming or simply if you are embarrassed by their shape and size, then this problem is very easily solved by a short and simple 40-minute operation which is rather like tailoring clothes.

If you have any intimate questions about labiaplasty surgery and you are from Chester or in and around the area in North Wales and the wider Chester area, then Mr Lambe is very experienced in these procedures, sometimes doing 4 in one day, so you can rest assured that his skills are honed to perfection with constant communications during the operation so that you can achieve the results that you desire.

The surgery is relatively simple, performed whilst you are awake with pain relief, taking under an hour and at a fixed cost of just £3650.

Read more about labiaplasty surgery here.

Prices of Plastic Surgery

We like to offer clear and transparent pricing in our surgery, leaving you and Mr Lambe to discuss the important points of your cosmetic surgery procedure in our Chester pop-up event. We can complete your surgery in our Cheshire or Manchester hospitals,

We are very happy to treat patients and quote our plastic surgery prices in North Wales and Chester.

For this reason, please click here for our cosmetic surgery cost page.

Benefits of the Chester Clinic

  • Advice from a Skin Specialist
  • Advice from a Cosmetic Surgery Specialist
  • Demonstration of State of the Art Facilities
  • Demonstration of 3D Virtual Reality Breast Enlargement Software
  • FREE parking
  • Right outside the Clinic

Book Your Place

This small, private event with top beauty specialists, including an introduction to both skin specialist Dani and top plastic surgeon Mr Lambe in Chester, a tour of the luxe clinic, general cosmetic surgery advice, demonstration of our famous virtual reality “boob goggles”, fizz, goody bags and canapes, can be secured by contacting

Book now via: or call 01244 723300

But be quick as it’s only a few days away and just a few places remain! We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Further Details

Further information about this amazing clinic can be found here. You can park right outside, so perfect to visit whatever the weather!.

On: Wednesday, 15th September 2021 from 6pm until 8.00pm

The full address (sat nav friendly) is:

Frodsham Court,
Frodsham Street,

The cost of your mini-consultation with The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Chester, Manchester and Cheshire is just £125 for this event only.* Book your slot on the night.

Joanna Lambe
Reflect Clinic Ltd