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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Costs – Price to See a Plastic Surgeon

When you decide on cosmetic surgery, may that be a small one-day procedure such as the upper eyelift procedure or more extensive surgery like our mummy makeovers, the cost of surgery and consultation plays a part in your decision making.

Whilst at Reflect Clinic we strongly advise opting for the most qualified and trained surgeons that you can we can often be tempted by cut price deals and complicated finance options. That might not always mean, however, that you’re getting the best plastic surgeon to deal with your cosmetic surgery procedure.

If my Cosmetic Surgeon charges a fee does that mean that he is The Best Plastic Surgeon for me?

The cost for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon does not necessarily mean that the surgeon that you are meeting is the best for you and whilst this might be the case, it’s often reassuring to know that a surgeon’s time is exclusive and that your appointment will be useful and organised. If a surgeon was not charging for a consultation then you may wonder why they are too available and why they are not more in demand. The best surgeons see a consultation with a new patient as a time to establish a relationship, understand your specific needs as an individual and make time to decide on what surgery (if any) is best for you based on your needs. A great cosmetic surgeon sees this as the best use of their professional time and therefore a fee is charged, based on their time and years of training and experience.

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How Much is a Consultation fee with a Plastic Surgeon?

A fee for your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon may change depending on the reputation of the surgeon and the regional or national location. Here in Manchester the average cost for a leading cosmetic surgeon is around £250. This is actually what Reflect Clinic charge for meeting our leading cosmetic surgeon, Mr Gerard Lambe. Less experienced cosmetic surgeons in the Manchester region may charge less as they don’t have the experience to back up a higher charge. If you were to deal with a plastic surgeon in the London area then you may be charged as much as £500 to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon!

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Should a Consultation Fee Impact my Decision on Which Surgeon I should Use?

Whilst it depends on which cosmetic surgery procedure that you decide on as to what you will pay. Cosmetic surgery generally is an expensive investment and it is life changing. We wouldn’t suggest that a couple of hundred pounds is not a lot of money but to make a decision on a surgeon based just on their consultation fee would probably be a mistake. After all if you’re going to spend thousands of pounds on surgery, a couple of hundred pounds to plan and organise this surgery is most likely the right thing to do.

If you are interested in a consultation for cosmetic surgery in Chester, Cheshire or Manchester, then you can chat with our Clinic Manager, Jayne completely free of charge, and she will talk you through your options and if you are a suitable candidate for a consultation with Mr Lambe.

Please see our procedure pages to read more about our specialist procedures.

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