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Facelifts with Mr Gerard Lambe at Reflect Clinic

Have you been searching for Facelift Manchester and not been able to find the right clinic for you and your needs?

Well, now’s the time to stop searching as you’ve found the North West’s premier destination for cosmetic surgery – Reflect Clinic!

Under the care of Mr Gerard Lambe, you’re in the safest hands possible for your full Facelift or mid Facelift in Manchester.

In our latest Reflect Clinic blog, we’re going to discuss a full range of topics regarding Facelifts in Manchester, including:

  • Full Facelift Manchester
  • Mid Facelift Manchester
  • When is the right time to get a Facelift?
  • What results can I expect from a Facelift with Reflect Clinic?

So without further ado, let’s get started with Full Facelifts in Manchester…

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Full Facelifts in Manchester

A full Facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that aims to recreate a youthful appearance in the face by restoring facial shape and removing “jowls”.

“Jowls” are areas of skin around the cheek and neck area that have sagged or are sagging as part of the natural ageing process.

There are many options and variations available for a Full Facelift Manchester, and Mr Lambe will discuss the best procedure for you during the consultation process with Reflect Clinic.

The results of a full Facelift will be clear for you and your family and friends to see!

Your face will have a more youthful complexion, with skin looking refreshed and full of life.


Any sagging skin that was prevalent before will now be a thing of the past, giving you the confidence to be the most beautiful you, now and into the future!

Here’s all the key info you need to know about Full Facelifts in Manchester with Mr Gerard Lambe at Reflect Clinic:

  • Treatment time;

The treatment time for a full facelift can be anything from half an hour to four hours, depending on the extent of the procedure.

  • Hospital stay;

We’ll need to keep you overnight in our state-of-the-art clinic in under to monitor your initial recovery post-op.

  • Bathing;

Of course, you will need to keep your wounds dry initially to aid the healing process. This can be discussed at more length with Mr Gerard Lambe, post-op.

  • Time off work;

Each individual heals differently; depending on your body’s healing process, you may need to ask your employer for a maximum of three weeks annual leave.

full facelift


Mid Facelifts in Manchester –

A Mid Facelifts is a surgical procedure to lift the cheek; this is done by a small incision in the lower eyelid.

Mid Facelifts in Manchester are performed to rejuvenate the central third of the face. This consists of the area under the eyes and improves the lines that run from the side of your nose to the corners of your mouth.

Your cheeks will appear lifted, and your face will look totally refreshed! The results of a Mid Facelift will give harmonious contours to your lower eye towards your cheek.

These results will give you back your self-esteem and confidence to be the most beautiful you every day!

Some key info to consider when exploring Mid Facelift Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Treatment Time;

A Mid Facelift typically sees a patient under general anaesthetic for two hours, but procedure times can vary.

  • Hospital Stay;

We’ll need to keep you in overnight to monitor your initial recovery post-op. We recommend being picked up by a close friend or family member the following morning, where possible.

  • Bathing;

As mentioned previously, wounds will need to be kept dry during the early days of your recovery. This, as well as all your aftercare questions, can be discussed in length with Mr Gerard Lambe and the aftercare team post-op.

  • Time off work;

Every body heals differently, so there’s no magic number for recovery time! However, most patients typically need 7-10 days to allow their wounds to heal and make a full recovery.

When to get a facelift

A good facelift will turn back the clock, but it won’t stop it indefinitely!

The best time to get a facelift is when the signs of ageing start to become more prominent in your face.

Further surgery and/or fillers can be undertaken to optimise the effect, e.g. dermal fillers can be started 1-2 years after surgery. This, along with good skincare, no smoking, sunscreen and avoiding the sun, will maximise how long the effect lasts.


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To find out more about Facelifts in Manchester with Reflect Clinic and the award-winning Mr Gerard Lambe, get in touch by calling 07434572794 (during office hours) or use our online contact form here!

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