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Lower Eyelift in Manchester

Whereas with the upper eye, you can be in and out of surgery, the lower eye needs a little bit more care and attention – that’s where Reflect Clinic Manchester come in! Lower Eyelift Surgery (or Lower Blepharoplasty) in Manchester at Reflect Clinic requires millimetre-level precision to avoid any complications, such as the lower eyelid “drooping” or “sagging”.

lower eyelift

With our renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr Gerard Lambe, at the helm, supported by his team of industry-leading professionals, any concerns you have regarding cosmetic surgery and its procedures should be put well and truly out of sight and out of mind! In our latest Reflect Clinic blog, we’ll discuss everything you need about lower eyelift surgery, which will help you to decide whether this is the right cosmetic surgery for you and your body.

Lower Eyelift Surgery Manchester – Everything You Need To Know


At Reflect Clinic, you’ll find no sales tactics or pushy conversations. Our team, along with Dr Gerard Lambe, will consult with you at your own pace.

It’s your decision whether cosmetic surgery is for you or not, and we fully respect that. Our consultations provide helpful advice and answer any questions you may have regarding any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Here’s all you need to know about Lower Eyelift Surgery with Reflect Clinic in Manchester:

  • How long does the surgery take, and what is involved in a lower eyelift? – The procedure takes between two and two and a half hours. A lower eyelift or lower blepharoplasty involves removing or replacing fatty skin from around the eyelid for a more youthful appearance.
  • Will I need to stay in hospital? – Yes, you’ll need to stay overnight so our team can monitor the results of your surgery. You’ll also need to arrange for transport the following day as we recommend not driving for at least three weeks.
  • Can I exercise and bathe/shower after my surgery? – We’d recommend no exercise for at least eight weeks. For bathing/showering, bathing must be avoided until your wounds are fully healed, whereas you’ll be able to shower three days after surgery.
  • Will I need to take time off work? – If your job involves sedentary work, we’d advise you to inform your employer that you’ll need two weeks away from work.


What our post-op patients say


At Reflect Clinic, we recognise that surgery can be a scary proposition for some potential patients. So, we look to our successful procedures to point the way as to why Reflect Clinic is the clinic to trust when it comes to cosmetic surgery and, in this case, Lower Eyelift Surgery in Manchester:

“I had the best experience with Gerard Lambe through my entire journey from start to finish. The best thing about him was the reassurance he gave me and the care I had. I’ve always had a fear of needles, which I shared with Ged. Whilst with the anaesthetist, I started to feel very anxious, but then out of the blue, Ged came through the door to hold my hand. He had delayed scrubbing so that I wouldn’t be alone. This personal touch is the reason I will recommend him and his clinic every day of the week. Thank you again to this amazing surgeon!”


Where do I go for more information on Lower Eyelift Surgery at Reflect Clinic Manchester?


For more information and FAQs on Lower Eyelift Surgery in Manchester at Reflect Clinic, visit our dedicated Lower Eyelift procedure page here.

To book a consultation, you can reach Reflect Clinic on 07434 572 794 or enquire online here.

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