Menopause and Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery

I was lucky enough to go to the first Menopauseia conference 2023 in London recently, and despite having to get up at 5am (but up before then (due to the menopause!) at 2am) I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stay awake!

I needn’t have worried as the trains and cabs ran like a dream. Three hours later, from Picadilly Station, Manchester to London, Euston station, I was dropped off at The Waldorf Hotel, with the cab door opened for me with aplomb by a diligent doorman!

Once inside the conference, delegates and I were treated to a world-class healthy breakfast of juices, fruit shots, a variety of fruits, cereal and french croissants. I was soon ready to take my place in the packed conference room – I was so lucky that a lady kindly moved along one seat so I could watch and listen in comfort and find out all about it.

Menopause and Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery are something we at Reflect Clinic are keen to learn more about, and I thought the Menopauseia Conference 2023 would be the perfect opportunity to do so!

The Menopauseia Conference

Menopauseia is a brand new event based in London, which is the medical trade event dedicated to integrating menopause support for patients into local and UK national aesthetic clinics.

The Menopause in Aesthetics (MIA) unites us aesthetic industry professionals from a broad spectrum of specialities with one common aim – to better serve women going through ‘the change’. 

As a couple of our staff, including me, are going through the menopause at the moment, I took the trip from a personal perspective and a team perspective.

I hoped we would all understand this often overlooked element of the lifecycle of the wonderful women we see all the time.

The Programme was sectioned into two parts which included a morning session, chaired by Dr Shirin Lakhani and sponsored by 5 Squirrels and Human Health and an afternoon session, chaired by Dr Mayoni Gooneratne with sponsorship by DermaFocus & Vivacy Beauty.

During the day, a host of experts in their field talked on subjects around the field of the Menopause Menopause and Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery, including the latest key research and findings on topics such as:-

Joanna and Dr Yusra

Glowing the Distance – Menopause Skin Report Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar

This talk was one of my favourites, and I even stopped to thank Dr Yusra for such an informative talk. There was so much valuable information about what the changes are over time, as well as what is the most effective products to use and what should they include, such as Collagen and Elastin.

These support the structure of the skin and also hydrate and plump it up so it looks smoother and more youthful, so our ladies feel better about themselves.

This is especially important when they probably have some issues around dryness and sensitivity, which is commonplace around this time!

“Menopause in Aesthetics Why?” Talk by Dr Shirin Lakhani

How Menopause Ages the Skin – Dr Sophie Shotter

Key Points – Menopause and Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery

Some of the key points I learned were shocking to me, especially in 2023!!

  • 80% of women were unprepared for the menopause
  • Perimenopause symptoms can be experienced up to 10 years before the menopause
  • A whole host of symptoms can build up over time, and it is often only in hindsight that women realise what has slowly been happening to them!

If you think that you going through the peri-menopause, then look at the list below and see if any of these sound familiar!!

Menopausal hormone changes and the role of HRT – Mr Vikram Talaulikar

The afternoon session was chaired by Dr Mayoni Gooneratne and sponsored by Derma Focus & Vivacy.

How we help women achieve well-being at Human Health – Dr Mayoni Gooneratne

Healthy Hair and the Menopause – Dr Bhavjit Kaur

Skincare ingredients to support menopause – Esther Fieldgrass

The Science Behind the Symptoms – Dr Clare Conlon

After a coffee break, the afternoon session continued with various well-being, aesthetic and medical talks covering the following topics:-

Nutrition and Supplementation

Menopause & Weight – Deborah Forsythe

Bio-identical Hormones – Dr Martin Kinsella

Managing GSM (Genito-urinary syndrome of menopause) – Dr Shirin Lakhani

This full-on programme was finished with an interesting debate on “How we better serve women in their journey through menopause?”

Then with a flourish, a champagne reception was enjoyed by all while chatting further with a few experts in their fields, thanking them for their informative contributions and getting some photos for our social media channels (see below for links to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn).

I felt that I had really learned a lot, personally and professionally, from other delegates who are leaders in their field who practise standards of excellence in their clinics across the UK.

I came back absolutely fired up and ready to pass on this valuable knowledge to the team and to friends on a personal basis as it is something that all women will be going through in their lifecycle, and you know what they say, “knowledge is power”!


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