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Our Consultations and all things Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Essex

Reflect Clinic – We Discuss all things Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Essex!

We recently linked up with the fabulous House of Skin in to discuss cosmetic and plastic surgery Essex and we met some wonderful new patients in the clinic in Great Dunmow, Essex. Due to national demand we were delighted to be invited to visit some patients in the South of the country. We are experts in Breast Surgery with Gerard Lambe on TV recently discussing issues relating to breast enlargement surgery in the UK, including Manchester, Essex and beyond.

House of Skin

Danielle, owner of The House of Skin was delighted to meet up with one of our past patients Megan, who expressed how well looked after she was as a patient of Dr Lambe and Reflect Clinic and in general we discussed how our patients are similar in wanting THE BEST Customer Service, for their faces and bodies.

Jayne said

It was great to meet up with Danielle again and talk about how we are both providing top end care for our clients and patients, be it in skin care, make up, wellbeing or cosmetic surgeries such as boob jobs, breast reductions or breast uplifts.

The clients today had a real mixture of desires in how they would want to look, whether it was improving their eyes, face or bodies and we were delighted to spend time with them, answering their questions and even showing our famous Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality #BoobGoggles which have been televised on The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Our clients in Essex are similar to Cheshire in that they are down to earth, friendly and want THE BEST TREATMENTS whether it is for their face, body or breasts!

We are very experienced in providing invidual care and attention and giving patients honest answers when they ask us what can realistically be achieved for them.

Mr Gerard Lambe

As you can imagine, it therefore, makes perfect sense for us to team up with Expert “Top Plastic Surgeon” and Spokesperson for BAAPS, Mr Gerard Lambe who has been honing his cosmetic surgery skills over the past 20 years in both his NHS and Private Practice.

Mr Lambe has over 20 years experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery in Manchester and Cheshire where he has honed his skills to perfection.  He says

I started my training in Liverpool, which has one of the best Medical Schools in the Country and spent many hours working for the NHS learning about the human body.  I have a deep interest in the sciences but also have developed an aesthetic eye by spending many hours drawing, painting and skulpting which has further honed my eye for detail and beauty which I put into practice every day when performing cosmetic surgery operations.

I’ve been promoting safe surgery through The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons so that each and every patient receives the best care possible as well as developing my communication and listening skills so that my patients can understand what can be achieved for them through my cosmetic surgery skills so that they can have the body and face that they dream about.

I love talking about cosmetic surgery and the benefits of breast surgery and breast enlargement surgery can have not only on the body, but also on the mind and how it really can affect a woman’s whole life.  This really gives me a sense of achievement and pride in knowing that my patients can go out in the world and achieve their dreams too, invigorated and motivated once again!  It really is a great job and a pleasure to be able to do this.

mummy makeover

Breast Enlargement Surgery

With two daughters of his own and far more women in his family, Mr Lambe has a special empathy for women and is a good listener as well as communicator of how to improve women’s bodies with breast implants, or a breast reduction or offering a breast reduction.

However, his reputation of having fantastic surgical skills in performing breast surgery and more specifically, Breast Enlargement surgery (more commonly known as a boob job or breast augmentation)  have travelled far and wide which is why we now offer breast enlargement surgery down South as one of Essex’ most sought after surgical procedures.

With our world famous Virtual Reality Boob Goggles – tested on The Real Housewives of Cheshire to the amazement of his patients and many viewers to being seen tested in Essex here you can even picture what you may look like after surgery before ever entering the operating theatre! They truly are an amazing addition to the Virtual Reality World and patients say that the likeness in virtual reality is virtually identical to the finished result bring breast enlargement surgery to the forefront (ahem!) of cosmetic surgery procedures being performed throughout the UK and abroad.

The Best Customer Care

As you now know, here at Reflect Clinic we aim to give our patients THE BEST CARE AVAILABLE, just look at our reviews to read more.  Jayne, our Clinic Manager, will be your first point of contact.  She has personal experience of breast enlargment surgery and so has experienced a lot of the thoughts and emotions a lady goes through when on her breast enlargement journey.  She has handled many enquiries for breast enlargements and other procedures and will be chat to you on the phone when you first book your Consultation and Mr Lambe will see you at the Consultation.  He will also see you at your second consultation if you would like one and he will personally operate on you (with the best team in place).  He will then see you post-operatively and at staged recovery appointments to check that you are progressing well and are delighted with your results.

Virtual Reality #BoobGoggles

And, of course, Mr Lambe brough his famous #BoobGoggles with him which enabled ladies to see themselves in Virtual Reality and at all angles, from either side and also from the front as they would when looking in a mirror.  One patient said “they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING”.  The added advantage is that patients can even look down towards their “new” cleavage to see the effect of breast implants.  Our results show that patients who have chosen to have breast augmentations with the help of the Virtual Reality Visors are delighted with their surgery as it is how their chosen images looked on screen.


Our consultations soon booked up and we are looking forward to our next round of consultations at The House of Skin, so thank you Danielle for looking after us so well during our time there. We will see you again soon.

If you would like to enquire about an appointment at our next clinic at

The House of Skin Clinic
Clayton House. 12 High Street  Great Dunmow  Essex CM6 1AG

Then please don’t hesitate to give Danielle a call on telephone number 01371 87566

See you soon!

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