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Real Housewives of Cheshire Appearance

The Real Housewives of Cheshire – Dawn’s 45th Birthday Party

Real Housewives of Cheshire Series 8

We were recently invited to Dawn Ward’s birthday 45th party at her home in Alderley Edge, Cheshire where she was celebrating with some close friends and family including the other Real Housewives of Cheshire ladies such as Ester Dee, Seema Mulhotra with her husband and sons, Lauren Stone, Darby Ward, Taylor Ward, Ashley Ward and his parents as well as Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko.

Real Housewives Teaser

It is now in its 8th series and Episode One showed a teaser about Dawn’s Party at Warford Hall. If you look closely at the party scenes, you will see us there in the background either drinking cocktails, dancing or chatting. It was a great party and we were delighted to be able to celebrate with her.

Breast Surgery Consultation

Having been operating in Manchester and Cheshire for many years now, Gerard was brought to the attention of the Housewives team after being recommended by a friend and a very happy patient and it wasn’t long before Mr Lambe was invited to meet The Real Housewives of Cheshire Doyenne, Dawn Ward, to talk to her about the possibility of seeing to her daughter, Darby Ward, about breast enlargement surgery (sometimes known as breast augmentation or a Boob Job). When the team heard that Mr Lambe has a brand new Breast Enlargement technology called Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality software which enables breast surgery patients to see themselves at all angles in “Virtual Reality” as if they were looking in the mirror, the team couldn’t wait to see them in operation!!

Subsequently, the meeting appeared in the last series (Series 7) with teasers throughout, showing Mr Lambe giving a Consultation to the Wards.  The actual screening of the meeting with Darby Ward, Dawn Ward and Taylor Ward was shown on 26th September 2017. The girls were amazed and literally open-mouthed, at the technology, so much so that Taylor posted the meeting on her snapchat and coined the phrase “Boob Goggles” and the #BoobGoggles took off!

At the time Mr Lambe said

Darby Ward was very mature at the Consultation and asked very good questions such as how long would it take to recover and what were the risks involved?

Breast Enlargement Surgery

After the Breast Enlargement Consultation, Darby’s questions and concerns were specifically answered and she chose to go ahead with having her Breast Augmentation surgery using breast implants.

Having been sufficiently wowwed with our world famous Virtual Reality Boob Goggles – tested to the amazement of patients and many viewers from Cheshire to Essex, you can see here the reaction of a patient as she tries them herself so she could picture herself with her longed for breast enlargement surgery, without even entering the operating theatre! As you can see, she is truly amazed!

The Best Customer Care

As you now know, here at Reflect Clinic we aim to give our patients THE BEST CARE AVAILABLE, just look at our reviews to read more.  Jayne, our Clinic Manager, will be your first point of contact.  She has personal experience of breast enlargement surgery and so has experienced a lot of the thoughts and emotions a lady goes through when on her breast enlargement journey.  She has handled many enquiries for breast enlargements and other procedures and will be chat to you on the phone when you first book your Consultation and Mr Lambe will see you at the Consultation.  He will also see you at your second consultation if you would like one and he will personally operate on you (with the best team in place).  He will then see you post-operatively and at staged recovery appointments to check that you are progressing well and are delighted with your results.

Virtual Reality #BoobGoggles

And, of course, Mr Lambe brought his famous #BoobGoggles with him which enabled ladies to see themselves in Virtual Reality and at all angles, from either side and also from the front as they would when looking in a mirror.  One patient said, “they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING”.  The added advantage is that patients can even look down towards their “new” cleavage to see the effect of breast implants.  Our results show that patients who have chosen to have breast augmentations with the help of the Virtual Reality Visors are delighted with their surgery as it is how their chosen images looked on screen.

See you soon!

We hope to see you soon, so please call Jayne on 0161 393 3993 to arrange to see Mr Lambe and have all your questions answered.

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