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Real Housewives of Cheshire Experience

The Real Housewives of Cheshire

We are often asked about our experience appearing on the Real Housewives of Cheshire TV programme which details the life and times of affluent women who live in the golden triangle of Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Wilmslow, with some arguing it continues on to Hale in Altrincham, and surrounding areas and we would most definitely agree.

In our experience, the word “housewife” is a bit of a misnomer as all the ladies are independent businesswomen in their own right from high profile careers in modelling, selling high-end fashionable dresses, promoting positive thinking, selling underwear and swimwear ranges, managing property portfolios, dentistry and launching top perfume brands, they certainly don’t stay in the house very much!!

We’ve had some dresses from Seema Unique’s range of clothes and they have been beautiful to wear and very flattering on a woman’s figure (Joanna, not Gerard!) and of good quality materials too.  When it was launched in Selfridges, the staff were excellent in their customer service and couldn’t do enough to help us get the right dress for the occasion and the best fit too.

real housewives of cheshire ascot day

We’ve also bought Lauren Stone’s perfume (aptly named Number One) for Jayne and for me.  I can honestly say it is now my favourite perfume and I was delighted to get another one at Christmas. It has a density of aroma, is slightly spicy and really stays on a long time which I take as a real quality perfume. It really makes me feel special before I go out on a night out with Mr Lambe or my girlfriends, but of course, it needs to be accessorized with a glass of fizz and a glamorous outfit!

As for filming, we’ve been lucky enough to be asked to go to some really exciting events as well as being filmed for the show including a Polo event (unfortunately we didn’t see much of the horses! Lol) where Lauren launched her line of perfume, in a number one event in Tarporley, Cheshire, as well as a ladies charity lunch for the children’s adventure farm trust, a host of launches and charity events which the ladies are very active in so we duly lent our support for those less fortunate.

One of the best do’s has been at Dawn Ward’s annual charity ball at Warford Hall in Alderley Edge which attracts many glamorous and talented individuals who join together to support the CAFT charity.  It is always a fun and rewarding evening.

And the answer is that it was a blast, the girls are all up for fun and are very direct in their approach (we think that’s a Northern thing!) but we like that, so it’s all good!

Darby Ward after her breast enlargement surgery

Breast Enlargement on RHOC

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Darby Ward when she had her live consultation on the show, together with her Mum, Dawn Ward and her sister Taylor Ward to which Taylor coined the phrase “Boob Goggles” when she tried our famous Virtual Reality Boob Job visors on as part of the consultation so that she could see what her breasts would look like after a boob job with breast implants with us at Spire Manchester Hospital.

Gerard Lambe appeared on the show, giving his advice to the ladies on the best course of action for them as the sisters were both considering having boob jobs in Manchester.  He tells me he treated the ladies the same as any of his other patients, firstly listening intently to what they wanted to achieve, together with calming any fears or concerns they may have about the surgery. Once they have time to go away and think about the pros and cons of the surgery carefully, then he will either book them in for a second consultation to make sure they are sure and happy with what he is going to do and to book the patient in for her elective surgery.

A lot of patients say that they want to increase their body confidence before and after having children, which in turn boosts their self-confidence which ensures they go on to achieve great things in their lives.  Darby Ward even got a modelling contract for underwear brand Victoria’s Secret shortly afterwards…

More info on breast enlargement surgery is available here.

upper eyelift one week after

RHOC Dawn Ward Eyelift

You may have seen all the coverage about Dawn Ward’s eyelift surgery in the papers and online and Mr Lambe was personally delighted with the before and after results. The inimitable Mrs Ward was very quick to heal and had her makeup back on  care of Nick and Royston within a few days of her surgery.

As far as cosmetic surgery goes, an upper eyelift is a relatively straightforward operation. It is quick and low risk and the results seem to knock off about 10 to 20 years on some patients!

Benefits of Eyelift Surgery

Some of our patients can be nervous about having a general anaesthetic which effectively puts them to sleep while they have a cosmetic surgery procedure, however, with upper eyelift surgery, the patient has their treatment under local anaesthetic which means they don’t have to go “asleep” for the operation and they don’t have to stay overnight in hospital, even if Spire Manchester hospital is amazing!

The actual operation will take only 40 minutes to be performed with Mr Lambe’s outstanding surgical skills with a fine line being drawn on your upper eyelids beforehand to outline where the excess skin will be removed from which helps give you that wide-eyed, more youthful look!

Recovery time is also fast and within 1-2 weeks you should be able to cover any bruising with makeup so you can carry on with your life as normal. You may prefer to go celeb style and wear some dark sunglasses in the interim until you are ready to face the world again with a whole new rejuvenated and of course A More Beautiful You.

Another benefit of having this procedure, of course, is the fantastic results enjoyed by our past patients, below you can see Dawn Ward, before and after her surgery.

          dawn ward eyelift
Before upper eyelift surgery                                            After upper eyelift surgery

More details on upper eyelift surgery can be found by clicking here.

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