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Review of recent breast augmentation surgery in Manchester

We received this wonderful review after Mr Lambe carried out breast augmentation surgery at Spire Manchester this Summer. Here is the full story from our patient, in her own words, however, we have used a model’s picture to keep her anonymity and kept her name private at her request.

The Journey that led mTReflect Clinic for Breast Augmentation in Manchester

“The decision to have a breast augmentation started years before I had the operation. During school I was very conscious of having such small breasts and I constantly lived in a push-up bra. Thank god for Victoria’s secret ‘ultra-boost’ bras! I lived in push up bras all day and all night. I was constantly covered up. I wore a bra with my pyjamas, I would wear “chicken fillets” whenever I went on a night out and I even found some amazing push-up bikinis. To everyone else, I had good sized boobs, little did they know!  

I had always wanted a “boob job” but I just didn’t have the funds available so didn’t think it was possible. The turning point for me was one Sunday night lay in bed, of course, in my bra because it never came off, when I was so upset about my body, something had to change. I knew that if I had to exhaust every possible pathway in order to have this operation. Surely there was a way! The following morning, I made an enquiry at ‘MYA’. That Tuesday I had my first consultation. I wasn’t overly impressed with the level of service I receivedHowever, I didn’t know any different. I completed the finance form and awaited a response. My finance was declined… and later I was to realise what a godsend that was! Next, I tried ‘Transform.’ There was a much better level of customer service and this time I spoke to a plastic surgeon during my consultation. This was a second failed attempt as they stopped offering finance due to issues with their finance provider. Having two failed attempts I really was becoming frustrated and even more miserable with my body.  

I took the decision to tell my parents about my issues. My boyfriend and best friends knew about my issues as I struggled to hide it from them, but my parents were totally unaware. My mum totally understood but my dad took some more convincing. He was very concerned about the related risks. However, he knew that whether he approved or not, I would find a way to have the op. My dad was adamant that if I was to have the op, it must be done properly. He told me to look into cosmetic surgery consultants at Spire hospital, find the best one and go and see them, aopposed to just googling surgeons and picking any that offered a good finance deal.  

My Initial Consultation  

Having done some lengthy research, I came across Mr Gerard Lambe. I was clinging on to every last bit of hope for the op so I tried to book an appointment online that evening but his clinic was full. The following day, I rang the clinic and asked if there was any way he could fit me in. Gerard extended his clinic to get me in that evening, immediately I was impressed. I didn’t feel like ‘another number’ I felt like somebody was actually interested in helping me.  

I went to the initial consultation on my own. I preferred not to take anyone with me for 2 reasons 

  1. I was embarrassed and the last thing that I wanted to do was to get my boobs out in front of my mum or best friend!
  2. I planned to keep my cosmetic surgery a secret. As a 25 year old, my social media is flooded with stereotypical ‘boob job’ girls and I was adamant I did not want to be one of those. I did not want to be judged just because I was getting my boobs done. People would not and did not understand the mental impact it had on me, therefore, I didn’t want to waste time trying to convince them. I knew that this would make me happy so no one else needed to know.  

I gave Gerard a bit of background about my situation and he then asked to see my breasts. When I took my top off, the first thing he said was ‘there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!’ To hear this was a welcome relief and such a lovely thing to say. I hated taking my bra off but he ensured I felt at ease and didn’t make the process as uncomfortable as I imagined it would be. We discussed size and shape and I used the ‘crisalix’ boob googles to see what the different breast implants would look like on my body. It was hugely important to me that I had a natural look. The last thing I wanted was to have two big footballs stuck onto my chest. It was also important that my breasts didn’t look drastically different in clothes. Due to constantly living in a push up bra, I wanted to be able to wear a normal bra and people not notice that I’ve suddenly got boobs of my own rather than mountains of padding.  

Gerard was so helpful and gave me a variety of options to go away and have a think about. He did not rush me into any decision and his main concern was my wellbeing, not how quickly he could get me booked in which was the impression I got at other clinics.  

My second consultation  

My second consultation was 2 days prior to the op. I confirmed the size and shape of the breast implants and signed all of the relevant documents. I was pleased with the shape and size and couldn’t wait for the surgery.  

Breast augmentation operation 

On the day of the op, my mum took me to the Spire Manchester hospital. The room was gorgeous, I felt like I was at a 5* hotel rather than a hospital. Unfortunately, I am terrible on no food and having not eaten for hours, I was most looking forward to just eating after the op. Mr Lambe came to see me before the surgery and he insisted I was in safe hands and that it would be absolutely fine. Again, I felt at ease and was so pleased that he would be the person performing the surgery. The surgery went to plan and I woke up with a lovely new pair of boobs! I stayed overnight at Spire and the nurses did a great job of looking after me. I left the following day with a bag full of painkillers and went home to rest. Having seen my new boobs in the mirror, I was instantly pleased with the results but knew they needed time to settle before I could see the final effect.  

Post op – 4 days later

I experienced a fair amount of discomfort postop but nothing that was unmanageable. Provided I stayed on top of my pain killers, it was okay. However, on day 4 I started to experience a burning sensation in my nipple. Unsure of what to do, I rang Spire and messaged Gerard on his Instagram page. He replied immediately and told me how to settle the pain. He also said that if it didn’t settle, he would meet me in clinic later that day. This was on a Sunday. He was prepared to come out in his own time on a Sunday. This was most surprising to me but once again confirmed how invested he is in the health and wellbeing of his patients. He truly is a remarkable man and nothing is more important than making sure his patients are okay.  

How I feel after the operation

I cannot put into words the impact that this op has had on my life, probably more mentally and physically. I constantly lived with this dread and this hatred for boobs. It was always hanging over me or at the back of my mind. Yet after a 45-minute op, an issue that had encompassed my life had been removed, forever. 

I knew that I would feel better about myself after the op but I did not expect to be as happy as I am. I wish that I would have found Mr Lambe sooner to prevent feeling so low for such a long period of time. This man has changed my life in ways that I did not think were possible. I now absolutely love being naked and get my boobs out at every single opportunity! It isn’t the obvious things that I appreciate now, I’ve found that it’s the smaller things that have made a huge difference. For example, I am now comfortable enough to sleep with no bra or pyjama top on. When I get out of the shower, I’m not rushing to find my bra to put it on quickly before I’m seen. I’m also thoroughly enjoying embracing braless life! Who needs bras anyway, its far more comfortable without! And that is coming from someone who would have been mortified at the thought of not wearing a bra prior to my op.  

Post Op – 9 weeks later

My boobs have settled and look absolutely amazing.  My friends who know about the op have seen them and can’t believe they aren’t real. They have dropped a little to form a beautiful teardrop shape and suit my body shape perfectly. They feel amazing and the scars are barely noticeable. I could not have wished for better results.  

spire manchester event

After care

As unusual as it may seem, I almost feel like Gerard and Jayne are my little Spire family. I have loved going back for my follow up appointments and updating them on my new life with boobs. I have one remaining follow up appointment in January and I will be devastated when I don’t have to go back anymore! It will be like I have lost a little piece of my life. I fully intend on keeping in touch with them as they’ve made such a huge difference to my life and my happiness. From day one, I was in the best hands at Spire and undoubtedly will go to Gerard and Jayne if and when I need my breast implants replacing. I will also be highly recommending them both to anyone who is contemplating cosmetic surgery.

My experience was unbelievable, almost to the point where I’ve been wondering what else I could have done just so that I can spend some more time with Gerard and Jayne! 

The story above is completely in the patient’s own words after we asked her would she please write us a post surgery review.  We didn’t expect her to spend so much of her valuable time singing our praises but are so touched that she did!

Breast Issues

If this story strikes a chord with you, or you are suffering at home because of issues with your breasts, either they are too large and you are considering a breast reduction or too small, like our patient here and you are thinking about having a breast augmentation (breast enlargement), or you think yours could do with a lift, then please ring Jayne today for an initial chat to see how we can help you.



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