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Searching for Mummy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester?

Have you been searching for Mummy Makeover Manchester with little success?

Reflect Clinic is one of the leading clinics offering this type of surgery in the North West. 

We specialize in delivering natural-looking results with minimal downtime!

Mummy Makeover Surgery in Manchester can be a great way to help restore the body after pregnancy and achieve a youthful, toned appearance. 

At Reflect Clinic, we offer two types of Mummy Makeover procedures; the Mummy Makeover and the Mummy Makeover Max™, a plastic surgery procedure exclusively available at Reflect Clinic!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss the above procedures and what you can expect before, during and after your surgery with us.

Mummy Makeover in Manchester – The Procedure

The Mummy Makeover procedure typically combines multiple operations such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (more commonly known as a “tummy tuck” and liposuction.

Skin tightening treatments to improve the overall shape and contours of the body are also performed during surgery.

Here at Reflect Clinic, we understand that every patient’s needs are different, so our approach is tailored for each individual woman before treatment begins. 

This allows us to provide bespoke care with outstanding results.  

The recovery process is likely to involve some discomfort, which can easily be managed with pain relief medication our aftercare team prescribes. 

You may also experience swelling, bruising or numbness in the treated areas for several weeks following the procedure. 

In most cases, this should settle down within 6-8 weeks of surgery.

Here are some key points to consider with a Mummy Makeover procedure:

  • Treatment Time = 2-2.5hrs
  • Hospital Stay = Yes. We recommend a hospital stay of two nights to monitor your recovery post-op.
  • Time off work/annual leave = We recommend a minimum annual leave period of two weeks.

For more information, download our free Mummy Makeover FAQs by clicking here.

Why choose Reflect Clinic for Mummy Makeover Cosmetic Procedures?

Overall, Mummy Makeover Surgery with Reflect Clinic in Manchester has proven to be an extremely popular way for women to restore their shape and reclaim their pre-baby bodies!

With world-class care from expert surgeons and outstanding results, it’s no surprise that so many women opt for this procedure with Reflect Clinic to help boost their confidence and look and feel their best!

Although every surgery carries risks, the experienced surgeons at Reflect Clinic will ensure that you’re aware of any potential issues.

Together with our Aftercare team, a thorough aftercare plan to reduce these risks will be produced for your peace of mind.

Contact Reflect Clinic today!

Considering undergoing Mummy Makeover Plastic Surgery in Manchester?

Get in touch with Reflect Clinic today by calling 07434 572 794, emailing or using our online enquiry form here.

You’ll find experienced staff eager to answer any questions you may have and help you on the road to restoring your body after pregnancy.

We hope this blog has been informative for those considering Mummy Makeover Surgery in Manchester with Reflect Clinic. Good luck with your journey!

Reflect Clinic is a leading cosmetic & plastic surgery provider based across several North West locations, including Manchester, Wilmslow, Frodsham & Whiston.

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