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Tummy Tucks in Cheshire

Tummy Tucks In Manchester and Cheshire

Many ladies find that after completing their family they have loose skin and fat in the lower abdomen that can be very resistant to both diet and exercise. If this excess is significant, then an Abdominoplasty is sometimes the only way to achieve a full correction of this problem.

An Abdominoplasty is an operation to remove excess skin and fat from the lower tummy area and at the same time the underlying muscles can be tightened to give you an improved waistline. Ideally you will be at the optimal weight that you wish to be post op, a non-smoker and have completed your family. It is best to have completed your family as further pregnancy can undo the good work.

A full Abdominoplasty involves a well-tailored incision to fit within your underwear or swimwear. The skin is lifted up to the rib cage after carefully freeing the belly button (umbilicus). The muscles are then tightened using a strong stitch and this really helps to shape the waist.  The wound is then closed with dissolving stitches.

I do not use any drains as I preserve a layer under the skin that helps prevent fluid (seroma) collection. The operation requires an overnight stay but after that you can go home and I encourage you to start mobilising early and gently to prevent the risk of possible blood clots. I will then review you 10-14 days later to check that the wound is healing and then again at 6-8 weeks post op. It is advisable to lift only light loads for the first 12 weeks after surgery as heavy lifting can disrupt the repair of the muscles.

There are variations on the operation known such as an Apronectomy or Mini Abdominoplasty. An Apronectomy is only for ladies who have high BMI and have a large overhang of skin and fat. It is not safe to lift the skin in these patients and so the umbilicus is not moved.

A Mini Abdominoplasty is for patients who have only a small excess of fat below the tummy button. These patients can have a smaller incision and do not require the umbilicus to be moved but also cannot have the tightening of the muscles.

A further variation is known as a Fleur de Lys and is named after the pattern of skin excision. This uses a long vertical scar as well and is usually for patients who have lots of excess skin after a massive weight loss. It is very important to have your Surgeon assess you in detail to advise you of the correct operation to achieve your goals.

It is popular to supplement an Abdominoplasty with areas of Liposuction to further tailor the result. Liposuction can be used to improve the flank area or sometime your inner and outer thighs. The benefits of this include a saving in operating and recovery times.  There is only one General Anaesthetic (GA) needed and one downtime rather than having cumulative and separate procedures.

An Abdominoplasty can also be part of a package of procedures known as a Mummy Makeover. This frequently involves Abdominoplasty plus Breast surgery such as a Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift (sometimes known as a Mastopexy) to achieve an overall harmonious effect.

Here’s an example of just one of our Patient Testimonials


Mr Lambe and his Secretary Jayne, along with the New Spire Manchester Hospital make up THE NEW DREAM TEAM in Cosmetic Procedures in my opinion. I recently had Surgery under their care and all aspects were exceptional.

The results were amazing, the pain levels for me were so minimal I did not even finish a packet of paracetamol. Mr Lambe’s quiet, calm manner leaves you feeling completely at ease, he explains what he can achieve and is very realistic. Lots and lots of literature from all concerned which is always good. I had an underlying health condition, he understood this and guided me through. He made the whole process appear effortless, it was like dealing with a good friend. I am so glad I chose this Consultant, it is very difficult to decide who to use as it’s a major event in your life and not something to be taken lightly.  I am so glad I made the decision to do this after such a long time thinking about it, I still think I am dreaming. 5 stars to Mr Lambe and his great team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
Another patient Nic from Cheadle Hulme has said


I had dreamed of a tummy tuck for a really long time.  After having 3 children I hated the way my tummy hung.
I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and have the procedure. I am thrilled with my results. I can’t praise my Surgeon Mr Lambe enough. He gave me realistic expectations and my procedure and recovery have been excellent!
We are delighted to have provided an exceptional service and helped these patients and many more like them to achieve the tummy they all wished for!
If you are thinking of having a Tummy Tuck, or know someone who hates her tummy post children or after a large amount of weight loss, then please do your research thoroughly on both the operation, it’s pros and cons and what you are hoping to achieve such as looking good is your bikini again or simply to wear fitted clothes without a “muffin top” or “roll” spoiling the line of your clothes.
Thorough research includes checking that your Surgeon is registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and will their own unique reference number, they should be fully registered on the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons websites.  These memberships ensure that the Surgeon is fully trained to practise medically and surgically in the United Kingdom.
If you would like to know more about Mr Lambe and how he could help you achieve your body goals then please call Jayne on 0161 393 3993 during office hours or simply click here for our Contact Us page.

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