Breast Implants by Motiva®

London Business Summit – 19 November 2019 at The Royal Society of Medicine

We were invited to attend a summit by Motiva® breast implants at Chandos House in Marylebone, London to find out about the latest innovations in international breast implants from Motiva® and to meet with the best Manchester and London plastic surgeons who specialise in breast enlargement surgery throughout the UK.


  1. Introduction by Dr Norman Waterhouse, Plastic Surgeon
  2. The Evolution of Breast Implants – Juan Jose Chacon-Qurios, Founder & CEO 
  3. How to Win – Johan Andersson, Global MIC Director 
  4. Price & Value – Juan Jose Chacon-Qurios, Founder & CEO 
  5. Breast Implant Surgeries – Johan Andersson, Global MIC Director 
  6. Our Success Story – Sarah Thomsen, Global Marketing Manager 
  7. Creating Exposure – Johan Andersson, Global MIC Director 
  8. Creating Partnerships & Next Steps – Johan Andersson, Global MIC Director 
  9. Q&A Session – Johan Andersson, Global MIC Director 


An introduction was given by top London Plastic Surgeon, Dr Norman Waterhouse about how important women’s health is when talking about breast surgery and how a mission of safety through innovation is key to both our breast enlargement patients’ and breast surgeons’ satisfaction when developing new breast implants in, London, the UK and abroad.

The key drivers for breast implant choices are mainly

  • patient preference, and
  • women’s groups which has led to the development of smooth implants such as “Smooth Silk” which has properties of the best of both worlds

Developments in Motiva Breast Implants

Most patients now prefer a natural look, natural movement and natural feel to their breast implants which help with  

  • Breast dynamics/movement of the breasts
  • Breast softness 
  • Breast naturality (acting like natural breasts)
  • Breast comfort 

Patients report that this type of implant is  

  • more comfortable 
  • has no “cold feeling” otherwise known as “cold breast syndrome”  
  • feels “part of me” 
  • sleep better 
  • are “soft like myself”
  • more comfortable when hugging

Types of Breast Implants 

Motiva® has expanded their range of breast implants (excuse the pun!) recently

Motiva® Ergonomix®

With a choice of mini, demi, full and corse shapes.  They offer different options of base width, projection, arc length and volume (see pic).

Motiva® Anatomical TrueFixation®

They offer different options of base width, projection, arc length and volume (see pic).

Motiva® Round

With a choice of mini, demi, full and corse shapes.  They offer different options of base width, projection, arc length and volume (see pic).


Developments in Breast Enlargement Surgery

New breast implants being developed have properties:-

  1. Are minimally invasive <2cm incision 
  2. Can be used with Balloon dissections  
  3. No need for General surgery 
  4. Use Local Anaesthetic
  5. Therefore only require outpatient appointments

Key Findings of Research in the US

Research in the US reported that 40m women buy a padded bra, but less than 1% of women wanted a breast enlargement

The trend was for an implant that offered one size up because of a  

  • Smaller scar
  • Local anaesthetic  

which can lead to increased confidence in social and professional situations.

There is a new group of women developing a desire in the future. 

Johan said that patients who had reported capsular contraction and had a capsulectomy now wanted photos of the removed implant and/or the breast implant itself. 

He said it was normal to gain 70% of referrals from previous patients to their sisters, mothers or friends who had been to your clinic. 

He also said that breast implants are not a commodity to be bought (like bread and milk!) but more that patients go to see their breast surgeon to see if “he understands and speaks to me!” so the right message and exposure equals both a win for the surgeon and a win for the patient. 

For breast surgery patients, photos and videos are a great way to engage with the surgeon along the breast enlargement journey where most patients are firstly looking at safety, breast enlargement results, an answer/resolution to any anxieties they may have, as well as answers to any practical issues. 

Research into a focus group of “super users” of surgery revealed that as many as 50% thought they had a 50% risk that they might die under general anaesthetic while they were being operated on which is just not the case!! 

Pains V Gains 

Typically it could take up to 4 years for a patient to decide to go ahead with their surgery.  When considering breast enlargement surgery, there are certain pains versus gains that breast surgery patients evaluate before going ahead with their surgery.


Typically, patients may think about

  • Uncertainty of  results 
  • Am I getting the right size breast implants for me? 
  • How well/quickly will I recover? 
  • Fear of possible pain
  • Fear of judgement by others 
  • Fear of ALCL cancer/illness post op 

The journey they go through is one of researching the operation, including before and after pictures of results that can be expected. They also research the operation itself such as “How long does it take to recover from breast surgery?”.  They then go on to research the Cosmetic Surgeon in their area, be it Manchester, Cheshire or London, and check patient review online as well as asking friends and family for recommendations. If they are very thorough, they will check on the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons) website for fully accredited and trained cosmetic surgeons.  Further research can be done on the hospital itself, by asking friends about their experience in the hospital. Reflect Clinic has worked with many hospitals over the years and has chosen Spire Manchester hospital as it offers the best care to their patients. 

We have tried to help patients with the question mark of uncertain results by the use of 3D Virtual Reality software where we scan a patient and then by using the software, she can see her “virtual reality” self enhanced with different sized implants and wearing different items of clothing such as a bikini or ballgown so that she can see for herself how a range of different sizes and shapes of implants would look on her. The results are then emailed to the patient so she can decide in her own time and discuss her options with friends or family members.  We have had some great feedback from patients and national press alike on this software, as it really enhances the decision making process. As a patient of Reflect Clinic, this service is included in your consultation fee.


At Reflect Clinic, patients who have had breast enlargement surgery say that they feel “more feminine” after their breast enhancement.  They are often delighted with the results and sometimes after having years of being teased for being flat chested, they can feel more “complete” and less “self conscious” especially on the beach or at the pool in the summer.

Some of our famous patients such as Darby Ward from The Real Housewives of Cheshire have gone on to gain lucrative modelling contracts such as at Boux Avenue underwear retailer.

Most of our patients say that their increased cup size has given them a “boost in confidence” in both their social and professional life which in turn makes Mr Lambe so happy to hear! If you would like to read more about how patients have benefited from breast surgery at Reflect Clinic, then please read our Reviews page.

Breast Enlargement Patient Journey

Typically, patients go through a series of stages before they finally book in to have breast augmentation surgery.  This can be shown in the following timeline:

Awareness of breast surgery > initial research and thinking time > consultation(s) > surgery > post op > loyalty

What our Patients Value  

 Women buy what is of the most value to them when they have their breast surgery which can be demonstrated in this diagram:-

         Patient                    Patient                Patient
perceived benefit   –  perceived cost   = perceived value

We like to offer our patients the following when we use Motiva® implants:-

  • A great service and experience 
  • A good warranty programme (eg 5 years against possible capsular contracture) 
  • A personalised approach (3D) = desired results 
  • Great service eg calling next day after operation and a positive experience 12 months post operatively

International Trends in Breast Surgery

In Seoul, which has been named the cosmetic capital of the world as more patients have had cosmetic surgery there than in any other city in the world,  the Korean capital reports that women are looking for natural looking breasts for real life and video, it is the cosmetic surgery capital of the world!! 

  • Virtual Reality 3D ExperienceThis is valued as the patient can take part in the decision making process.  
  • Minimal scar 
  • Mobility/softness/comfort  
  • Short procedure 
  • Give choices  = better experience 
  • Faster recovery  
  • Focus on aftercare, with friends on the journey.

Marketing Breast Implants – Sarah Thomsen

Motiva® is now on it’s 6th Generation of Breast Implants. They offer the highest standards of manufacture in return for the best prices 

Patients find out about breast surgery from the following sources:- 

  • Google 
  • Facebook Groups 
  • Instagram 
  • Before & After pictures  
  • Friends and Family

Motiva® v Other Brands

Motiva® also offer gold, silver and bronze packages that seek to educate patients on their breast enlargement. 

Motiva® Bronze – implants

Motiva® Silver – implant plus bra 

Motiva® Gold – implants plus bra plus insurance

which has seen an increase of 12% sales in the last 2 months.

Safety in Breast Implants

Our offering is the best breast implants which are high end, modern and of the highest quality.

All Motiva Implants® silicone breast implants are covered by the Always Confident Warranty® against rupture for the lifetime of the devices and by our Product Replacement policy, in the event of capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years.

Marketing Motiva® Breast Implants

Motiva® markets directly to the patient with a marketing mix of innovative and creative techniques.

Finally, Motiva® has just launched a Motiva® Surgeon Finder which lists the recommended surgeons in the area closest to the patient. Motiva® has spent a lot of money on marketing to their consumer directly to build brand awareness to potential patients.
We are looking forward to developing our relationship with this patient-centric company who puts safety at its core as do we!