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Why Reflect Clinic has Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons

Best Cosmetic Surgeons

It’s a bold statement to say that we have Manchester Best Cosmetic Surgeons at Reflect Clinic, but being referred to as a ‘Boob God’ certainly goes a long way!

Here at Reflect Clinic, our cosmetic surgery team is headed by Mr Gerard Lambe. For context, he can have so many added titles after his name you wouldn’t believe it; (to give him his full title would be Mr Gerard Lambe MB ChB MRCS MD FRCS [Plast])!

Mr Lambe’s aim has always been to become a leading light as Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons. He can count The Countess of Cheshire Hospital, Liverpool University Hospital, University Hospital Manchester, and the world-renowned The Hutt Hospital, near Wellington, as stops across his long and illustrious medical career.

Never one to shy from travel, Mr Lambe has even travelled to as far-flung places as Singapore, Taiwan and the United States to further hone his cosmetic plastic surgery skills. Before, finally, settling at Reflect Clinic. After all those air miles, we’d want to take a breather too!

However, not one to hog the limelight for himself, Mr Lambe would always point to the fact that the team around him providing outstanding care for our patients makes Reflect Clinic one of Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons.

gerard lambe reflect clinic manchester

The following are just some of many reasons why you should consider Reflect Clinic for your next cosmetic procedure:

Patient Care

Our care team offer some of the best aftercare in the world, let alone the North West!

Your care starts from your very first appointment with us through to your final recovery day. You’ll be provided with all the information, help and advice, and of course, treatment/pain management throughout your procedure with Reflect Clinic.

We also provide physical aftercare kits as well as download kits for the vast majority of our procedures.

Range of procedures

Despite the moniker of a ‘Boob God’, this isn’t the only procedure that Mr Gerard Lambe and Reflect Clinic can offer!

We offer a range of services across all areas of the body, as you’d expect from Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons; these include:


Our Team

A single man cannot accomplish incredible feats alone. Without the team working alongside him, Mr Gerard Lambe could not have put himself and Reflect Clinic on the map as one of Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons!

With Jayne and Joanna, ‘front of house’, as Clinic Manager and Marketing Manager respectively, these two ‘WonderWomen’ will often be your first point of contact at Reflect Clinic. They can provide help and advice on your proposed procedure and allay any fears you have before your first appointment with Mr Gerard Lambe.

Last but not least is Dr Patrick James Waits, Mr Lambe’s right-hand man and consultant anaesthetist on all procedures offered at Reflect Clinic.

To learn more about Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons, Reflect Clinic and start your cosmetic surgery journey, call 07434 572 794 or fill in our contact form here!

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