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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

In today’s society it seems that we are all under increasing pressure to look youthful and not age gracefully. Much of this is pressure from the media, including Social media such as Instagram, which was blamed most recently by newspapers, magazines and TV which had themselves been blamed for objectifying women’s bodies in the past!

Teenagers these days are said to have problems with their body images which is exacerbated by airbrushed images in advertisements or on the News and is in part driven by celebrities who look good in their advancing years but perhaps deny having had any help from a Plastic Surgeon!

There are good and bad examples of those in the Celebrity world who have had plastic surgery procedures and some names that immediately spring to mind are Michael Jackson who clearly underwent several nose reshapings (Rhinoplasty). By looking at a series of images over time (and after incremental surgeries) everyone will have an opinion on when he should have stopped having procedures. 

There are many celebrities these days who are very open about the fact that they have had cosmetic surgery, people like Joan Rivers and Sharon Osbourne have been very frank about their cosmetic surgery experiences and many people admire the transformation in Sharon Osbourne who is back on TV in the latest series of X Factor and despite being 64 years of age is looking amazing (for her age, or indeed any age!)

Sharon has been open about having a neck lift and two face lifts as well as operations on her arms (called a Brachipoplasty) as she lost a considerable amount of weight at one point and often the loose skin that results from this can only be removed by surgery. She has also admitted to having a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) amongst other cosmetic surgery. In fact she said

“There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether.  I don’t think I’m as bad as some women – like Jocelyn “Bride of Wildenstein” according to The Mail Online.

Looking at images from her on TV over the years it is clear that the shape of her face has changed through a combination of face lifts and neck lifts with the judicious use of fat transfer to improve the volume in areas that had lost fullness. This is the way she has achieved such good results as the philosophy in Plastic surgery has changed. We now better understand that ageing changes are driven by descent and deflation of facial tissues and so a correcting procedure involves both lifting the tissues and replacing volume to create the most natural end result.

Celebrities should not be the driver for anyone to undergo surgery, however, if you do want to go ahead, then please be aware that having a General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic is s big decision as well as having the surgery itself and before embarking on any such intervention it is very important to have a full consultation with a fully trained Surgeon who can inform you of all the potential risks and benefits as well as the likely down time before you can return to your normal life.

A good Surgeon will always give you time to think things over, ask as many questions as you need to know the answers for and provide you with full information sheets and perhaps include some Frequently Asked Question sheets (eg FAQs) which are available by clicking the FAQ box which appears on each of our Procedure pages .

It can also be helpful to provide them with pictures of you when your were younger in order for them to plan the correct combination of lifting and volume replacement to give you the most natural end result. In this way you can restore yourself, the way you used to look and how you would like to look again.

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