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Cost of Your Plastic Surgery

We are so glad that you are considering us for your plastic surgery journey and that you have been able to find out about your specific plastic surgery.

At Reflect Clinic we know the costs of plastic surgery can be a financial commitment so we want to provide you with full transparency and no hidden costs.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures do Reflect Clinic provide?

Be it eyelifts to labiaplasty surgery here at Reflect, we are committed to excellence in surgery and we are constantly researching and updating our procedures so that we gain the best results for you.

Patient Image of EyeLift B&A| Costs of your Plastic Surgery

Gerard Lambe


Mr Lambe has been studying medicine since 1992 at Liverpool medical school and has travelled all over the world to fine-tune his surgical skills including training on the other side of the planet at Hutt Hospital near Wellington in New Zealand.

A little known fact is that New Zealand has some of the purest air on the planet, but alongside of this, the pollutants that are in other parts of the world can act as a protective barrier to harmful UV rays.

Without this pollutant, protective layer, the sun’s rays are extremely strong and sun damage over the years can be harsh on the skin.

Mr Lambe performed some of the most difficult and extreme cases of surgery where he excised growths that he described “looked like barnacles” and learned to reconstruct the face and the body, therefore, small procedures like eyelifts are relatively easy to do after these difficult cases.

He enjoys the challenge of complex cases and has had some fantastic results on surgery such as breast reductions, breast uplifts, mummy makeovers and labiaplasty.

Dr Gerard Lambe – Director & Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Dr Apostolos


Dr Apostolos hails from Athens in Greece and he has been through a rigorous training regime in his home country and then continued his training in the UK, including face and body reconstruction, at the world famous Christie hospital here in Manchester.

He is interested in holistic treatments to ensure that you look and feel your best from full on plastic surgery, to the latest in skin treatments including Botox, fillers and peels.

He is excellent at breast augmentation surgery with breast implants, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and liposuction.

Due to the decades of experience and the bespoke nature of your consultation and ultimate surgery and aftercare, we do not compete on price with some of the fast moving cosmetic surgery brands, so if you are comparing us on cost only, we do not offer a like for like service, hence the difference in price.

When you call us to enquire about having surgery, our Clinic Manager Jayne will have a no-pressure chat with you, to answer any questions you may have and then she will make an appointment for you to speak face to face with one of our experienced surgeons.

We offer a personalised service and this is what makes us stand out from our competition.

After you have had your consultation (Cost of £250 in April 2024), you will be sent a fully transparent quote at your chosen hospital and your preferred date and time.

Apostolos Vlachogiorgos
Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon

What exactly are you paying for?

Material Costs

The cost of Reflect Clinic’s cosmetic surgery includes your breast implants.

Hospital Fees

Additionally, our surgery fees cover the use of hospital facilities, including dedicated spaces for your care and associated medical equipment, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for you throughout your cosmetic surgery journey.

You will also have access to the services of an experienced and super skilled anaesthetist, who will administer your general anaesthetic if needed. This ensures that you are comfortable and pain-free during your procedure and that any potential risks are minimised.

Medications/Post-Surgery Bandages

We also provide all necessary medications to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery that is pain-free.

Follow-up Appointments and Aftercare

Patrick Waits – Anaesthetist

Anaesthetist’s fees

Finally, your cost includes all follow-up appointments with our team of experienced and empathetic staff, who will provide you with ongoing support and care, to ensure that your results are optimal and that you are delighted with the outcome of your cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Price

We hope that you understand that our fees reflect the specialised cosmetic surgery care we offer for you and that is what helps us stand out from our big brand competitors.

For specific costs about our various procedures check out the links below to our dedicated costs procedure pages!

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